Tim Bajarin: Apple likely to see serious iPhone growth through 2016

“Right after Apple announced record-breaking, first quarter iPhone sales, Wall Street analysts were wringing their hands over the future growth of Apple’s iPhone,” Tim Bajarin writes for PC Magazine. “They reasoned that Apple could not continue to break sales records, and some even suggested that iPhone sales had peaked.”

“I am as pragmatic as the next guy when it comes to forecasting iPhone growth records, but our research shows that Apple will see serious iPhone growth with the iPhone 6 models through 2015 and very likely into next year, too,” Bajarin writes. “After the first of the year and well before Apple’s calendar Q4 earnings report, we predicted Apple sold 72.5 million iPhones in that quarter, even though the highest Wall Street estimate was around 69 million. Apple sold 74.5 million. Our prediction for the first quarter was 61 million even though the highest Wall Street estimate was 58.5 million, and Apple sold 61.2 million last quarter.”

“My own personal mantra is to never underestimate Apple’s ability to surprise us,” Bajarin writes. “But there are three reasons I am optimistic about iPhone growth into 2018.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yes, the iPhone userbase is nowhere near saturated with some 80% still to upgrade to iPhone 6/Plus, with iPhone 6s/Plus (7/Plus?) looming right around the corner. Millions of new-to-iPhone users being added each quarter, particularly in China. In addition, Apple Watch requires an iPhone, not a pretend iPhone.

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    As for iPhone growth, Apple will never get Wall Street’s benefit of the doubt no matter what anyone says. One analyst out of ten believes Apple will be around in 2018 relying on iPhone sales or anything else for that matter. What I’ve always found amazing about Apple as the company becomes wealthier, the cries for Apple’s death grow louder and stronger. Compare it to Netflix. As Netflix picks up subscribers, Wall Street concludes its growth is unlimited. With Apple, even as it grows market share, Wall Street says its growth will most definitely slow. It’s all a matter of perception. They believe Apple will fail because they hope the company will fail.

    My opinion is as with most things. The future isn’t written in stone and I don’t see why people don’t realize that. Just one new discovery along the way can drastically change the future. Apple has the cash to practically change its own fortunes certainly far more than Netflix can. Just take one glance at the BlackBerry story and one can see how fleeting domination and market share can be. In 2007, all the Wall Street analysts swore nothing could touch the BlackBerry for the next ten years and we all know how that theory turned out. Same with the Windows netbook which succumbed even faster. Never say forever because the future has a mind of its own.

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