Apple+IBM: Enterprise apps go wearable on Apple Watch

“IBM and Apple’s mobile business apps have come to the Apple Watch at last, and while only three apps are compatible with the Apple Watch thus far, Apple and IBM’s visions of delivering timely business and other information and notifications to users direct to the wrist, beyond the smartphone and tablet, are now a reality,” Alex Zaharov-Reutt reports for iTWire.

“The ‘Apple + IBM’ page at Apple’s site lists a selection of apps Apple and IBM deem are part of a ‘new class – entirely reimagined for the mobile enterprise, made for iOS, and designed to empower employees wherever their work takes them,'” Zaharov-Reutt reports. “The three Apple Watch compatible apps thus far are Hospital RN, Field Connect and Incident Aware.”

Zaharov-Reutt reports, “Clearly, Apple Watch is serving as a way to get the most important information directly to users, without them needing to reach for iPhones and iPads first, and it’s just the beginning of how wearables will augment our lives.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Behold: The future.

The Apple Watch saves us so much time each day, we laugh at our antiquated, time-wasting, bare-wristed selves of 5 weeks ago. Quelle démodé!

Already with Apple Watch, we cannot live without it.


  1. As far as I can tell, Wall Street is rather evenly divided on whether AppleWatch is going to be a useful product or not. I think it’s too early to tell. I think six months would be a minimum time to draw any conclusions about how consumers, in general, will take to it. Meanwhile, Apple will get plenty of feedback and make whatever changes are necessary to make it more useful. AppleWatch seems to be a high-quality well-designed product and that goes a long way to being accepted. Maybe all that is needed is a killer app or two to tip the scales in AppleWatch’s favor.

  2. “Already with Apple Watch, we cannot live without it.”

    Seriously? It’s a device, and not in the league of, let’s say, an artificial heart, lung or limb.

    I get that you guys support Apple, I feel the same way myself often, but you have to cognizant that you’re putting Apple Watch on too high a pedestal.

  3. “…at last”? The watch has only been on the market for a month. “At last” makes it sound like we’ve been waiting years for IBM apps on Apple Watch.

    1. Yes, and it’s annoying how writers subtly diss Apple, using adverbs like “finally” and “at last”, especially within headlines … As if they are exposing “yet another” sign of a haughty enterprise’s maddening indifference to a world languishing hollow-eyed from hunger.

      I think these writers have an anti-Apple fixation that has become as instinctive to them as revulsion to snakes and spiders are to the rest of us.

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