Apple Watch’s Milanese Loop comes with significant downsides

“I decided on the Apple Watch with stainless steel Milanese Loop band for a few reasons, but not before considering the benefits and drawbacks of Apple’s entire collection of straps and bands for Apple Watch,” Jordan Kahn reports for 9to5Mac. “There are a few downsides of the band compared to others.”

Kahn reports, “Here are a few observations I’ve made after wearing it for the last couple weeks…”

It looks a bit different than in Apple’s press shots. I was a bit surprised that the link of the Milanese Loop doesn’t look like it does in a lot of Apple’s press shots, especially its overall presence once on the wrirst. To be fair, it looks closer to the shots Apple has on the product’s purchase page, but this is what it looks like in reality compared to Apple’s closeup shots that are used in some of the Apple Watch’s most prominent imagery:

Apple's Milanese Loop looks a bit different than in Apple’s press shots (photo: 9to5Mac)
Apple’s Milanese Loop looks a bit different than in Apple’s press shots (photo: 9to5Mac)

Pulling hairs. I did experience the tiny links of the band catching and pulling out hairs on my wrist from time to time, which likely won’t be an issue with the other bands.

It becomes loose throughout the day. I found myself adjusting the strap to make it tighter several times throughout the day, especially during any physical activity.

It’s not super comfortable.

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple Watch Milanese Loop owners, how do you like it? Do you have a Sport or other Band for working out/high activity days?


    1. Dear male Milanese Loop wearers

      Your Watch band is for The Gays™. Lots of male ass being boned in Apple Inc. bathrooms for sure. Approved behavior from the Queen himself. “Not that there’s anything wrong with that.” (wink, wink)

      That band looks far too lightweight for the rather portly gen-1 AW, as anyone with an actual eye for design can see immediately. Big, fat, heavy, bulbous Watch with a thin, slinky, ill-fitting, feminine loop. Obviously, the Milanese Loop is for women, not men (Bruce Jenner would love it). No wonder it comes loose several times per day with even moderate activity.

      Likely the actual factor for your poor band choice: Your strict adherence to Judaistic principles forbade you from buying the proper band for your Watch, the $449 Link Bracelet, so you settled for the $149 knob-jockey special “loop” (yes, you fell for Apple’s misleading advertising photos) and “saved” yourself $300 like a cheapskate Fragtard, you pickle-sniffing, pillow-biting, ring-raiding, shit-stabbing bone-smuggler.

      Meanwhile, your Watch falls off on the concrete daily and instantly scratches because it’s the heavy, easily-scratched steel version. That’s right, you’re not a genius.



      1. Ron’s juvenile diatribe is not worthy of a response.

        I would like to point out that the Milanese band has to slide on and off over your hand. The magnet on the Milanese band cannot pass through the watch lug; therefore, your Apple Watch cannot “fall off” unless the band or the lug breaks, which seems unlikely. The construction and materials of the Milanese band and the watch, itself, seem quite sturdy.

        1. Well okay, if you don’t think we should respond to that ignorant fuktard’s imbecilec rant then I won’t make any comments about his being inbred from crack addicts and Microsoft employees. I’ll just let it slide this time.

        2. Are you saying that the loop does not actually separate, but merely opens widely enough to fit over the hand? That’s good to know. That hadn’t occurred to me, and I thought it it was possible to lose the watch with it.

      2. ron’s amusing (and alarming) post, explained:

        1 9 to 5’s Jordan Kahn has a fat wrist. true.
        2 his arm is hairy. true.
        3 he did not want to shell out more money for the better band. true.
        4 he obviously didn’t understand or mr. google the purchase beforehand to understand the inherent loosening of this type of band. true.

        summary: Jordan Kahn is not able to just simply admit that he made a wrong purchase. and he is simply not bright enough to understand that his “report”s readers can spot buyer’s remorse when they read it.

        1. Actually, not everyone buying an Apple watch will be well versed in the ins and outs of different types of watch bands, so mentioning this can pull out hairs is very helpful to some people with a lot of arm hair. This may not apply to you, but I do think the article brings up legitimate points.

          You say he made a “wrong purchase”, maybe so but he’s a journalist and it is helpful when a journalist doesn’t like something that they buy and can explain why, that they write about it and share it.

  1. I have the Milanese Loop and I haven’t had any of the problems described. I’ve worn it every waking moment for three weeks. I’ve recommended it to several friends. I loved Mickey for a few days, but am gradually trying the other faces. Right now my favorite is Modular with blue!

    1. I tried on the Milanese loop in the Apple Store, as well as a Sport band. Frankly the Sport band was the most comfortable thing I had ever strapped on my wrist, which was surprising. Within a few seconds you didn’t even realize you were wearing a watch. After that, the Milanese loop was not as comfortable, and strangely enough I had difficulty getting it adjusted just right, sort of like trying to adjust a power seat in a car which has 15 different electric adjustments and you can never get it just right. It was pretty cool, though.

  2. Yes it doesn’t look like the one on the website and that did made me a bit disappointed when I saw it for the first time.

    It does pull up hairs, especially if I had rubbed my hand on my head.

    Mine doesn’t loosen up during the day or sport activity. I play squash and run with it and it’s perfectly fine.

    I’m not getting a sport band, but maybe a modern leather buckle.

  3. I tried on the Milanese loop at the Apple Store, and immediately decided against ever owning it because putting it on and taking it off, the magnet too easily snapped against the end of the band, like just folded over and was challenging to keep from clasping to itself to get it on. Maybe adding to the frustration was while I was trying to get it undone the Apple Store employee was awkwardly trying to stick his fingers in there and work with it at the same time.

    To further complain about that whole experience it all felt tooooo personal, like they had not also been trained on personal space and letting the customer experience the product themselves. Why was he putting the watch on me, gross I don’t want you touching me. I am fully capable of strapping a watch onto my own wrist. I’m not your child.

        1. I have a small problem with the included WATCH SPORT floroastomer (sp?) band. My 160mm wrist circumference is between the second and third hole of the S/M band. So it’s either a little too tight or a little too loose. Will the black leather loop solve this cunnundrum?👀⌚️💥😕

          1. The leather loop seems to have more flexibility in sizing. I would recommend the medium size one, although you may wish to try it on in the store first, but I think it’s the best band they offer honestly, for function, fit, comfort, reliability, and style.

  4. Haven’t noticed any arm hair pulling. But I did notice it loosen up on me a few times yesterday while I was doing a lot of activity. Once Apple has the bands in store, I’ll likely go with an alternate two piece band for normal use and keep the ML for dressier occasions. Reason being, as a one piece band, I have to loosen the ML as far as it will go to get the watch to slide over my hand. Granted, I do have fairly large hands so that may not be a problem for others, but there is no ‘larger’ ML size, it’s one size fits all.

  5. I’m not seeing the differences. The band has 32 strands of links and is attached by a loop at one end and directly to the sliding thingie at the other. I have yet to experience any slippage and quite obviously if it did slip, it would be a trivial matter to adjust. Indeed, the ability to adjust quickly and without increments like bands with holes in the clasp is the best feature of the band, IMHO.

  6. I have both the milanese loop and black sport band… the milanese does loosen throughout the day and I believe between then time the demo store units hit the store and the milanese loops started shipping they changed the magnet clasp. I remembered the magnet clasp being much MUCH stronger during tryons… now comparing mine side by side, I’m sure of it. This I believe is why it loosens during the day – I think they reduced the magnet strength.

  7. I really like mine . . . not saying it’s the most attractive band because that’s subjective but to me it is most at home with the majority of my outfits.

    And as far as loosening? I don’t know, I suppose I adjust it a few times a day (usually because I’ve got it a little too tight) and that takes all of a 1/10th of a second . . . . I give it high scores.

    Also, lots of people have commented on how cool it looks, so it must be doing something right!

    1. How about this; whatever you might lose in the “the band slips a little during long wear” is probably gained in the “the band is infinitely sizable.”

      In fact, I think the fact that the band is infinitely sizable is what exacerbates the previous issues. You are allowed to size is so perfectly (compared to bands with set holes) that you notice when it’s a little looser or tighter.

  8. I ordered the Milanese loop at the Apple store when I tested out the watches. In my opinion, the band looked better in person than in photos, because originally I had been thinking of getting a different band. In my limited testing it didn’t seem to catch on my arm hair, but we’ll see. I also got a black sport band since I’d rather have that when I’m hiking, etc. Hopefully the watch will be here soon and I can see what real life with it is like.

  9. I bought it with the Milanese loop, and a spare sport band. Milanese loop is the bomb. Haven’t even tried the sport band on yet – the one I tried in the store did feel great though. Haven’t experienced any of the issues listed in the article.

  10. I have the Watch with the Milanese Loop and the Blue Leather Loop. Both are very comfortable and both are better than any watch band I have ever worn. The hair pulling for me is insignificant. I swap bands often over the course of a few days. I give a slight edge to the Milanese Loop.

  11. I like mine, except my wrist is small enough that the band almost wraps all the way around to the other side. I ordered a black sport band and will probably use that for “everyday” use and switch to the Milanese Loop for special occasions / change of pace.

  12. I love my band! It doesn’t loosen during the day, in fact the magnet is so strong that I have a little trouble sometimes detaching it! It doesn’t pull arm hairs either. And it looks exactly as I expected it to look from the pictures I’d seen before ordering it. Some people just something to bitch about.

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