“Facing slowing growth for the first time since the iPad’s 2010 debut, Apple is working on several significant software and hardware updates to reinvigorate the tablet over the next year,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac.

“Apple is developing a dual-app viewing mode, 12-inch iPads codenamed ‘J98’ and ‘J99,’ as well as support for multi-user logins, according to sources briefed on the plans,” Gurman reports. “First planned for debut last year, the split-screen applications feature for the iPad could be introduced as soon as June at Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference, while multi-user login support and the 12-inch iPads will apparently arrive later.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Sometimes, it’s painful how long some things take with a company the size of Apple.

Multiple user support we can see being delayed in part because Apple has enough problems with iPad sales that making one or two iPads work for the entire family obviously wouldn’t exactly be conducive to promoting iPad sales.

But, just as with properly-sized iPhone displays, Apple is at least a year, and likely two, (and counting) behind with dual-screen support as well as with larger iPads, both of which could spur and already should have spurred significant sales, especially in the enterprise arena upon which Apple now seems focused along with IBM.

Sometimes, it seems that although Apple has 98,000 employees worldwide, only 98 of them do (or are authorized to do) any of the real work.

Gurman reports that “Apple reprioritized its software engineering resources to finish up the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and Apple Watch, opting to cut the split-screen app feature for the time being, and reassign the majority of the engineers who were working on it.”

Why would such a thing be necessary with a company of Apple’s size in 2015? This isn’t 1997, it only feels that way sometimes.