Details many might miss in Apple’s new MacBook Pro and iMac

Jony Evans writes for Computerworld, “Twitter is ablaze on news that Apple has introduced new 15-inch models of MacBook Pro and a lower price version of its critically acclaimed 5K iMac, but while we read heavily reprised versions of the press release everywhere here’s a few details you may not have seen anywhere.”

“Faster flash: The new 15-inch MacBook Pro is full of improvements, but one that’s going to make a big difference to professional users will be the hugely impressive improvement in throughput,” Evans writes. “Faster flash in the new 15-inch ‘Pros is matched by the disappearance of flash in the new lower cost iMac model. You see, while you can now enjoy the delights of the 5K iMac display for a lower cost of entry ($1,999), Apple has had to make one compromise to keep costs low – in this case the lower cost model uses a conventional 1TB hard drive, rather than the SSD-based Fusion Drive.”

More details many might miss in the full article here.

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  1. Do the flash drives in Mac-stuff lose their minds in the heat when the power is off, or the battery is dead like was reported last week? Or was that just a specific brand/model of flash drives?

    1. It’s inherent in current SSD technology, and the faster the speed, the faster it’ll degrade if stored without power (so data on a good quality USB thumb drive, though not quite the same storage tech as regular SSDs, will last far longer than a good quality SSD or PCIe flash drive).

      But they have to be powered off for a long time in typical household temperature before data starts getting compromised. The chart they showed said that at storage environment of 30°C, a consumer SSD that’s 40°C when powered and running will maintain data integrity for 52 weeks. Most people’s homes are kept at 25°C or lower though, at that temperature integrity lasts twice as long.

  2. I’m disappointed by the switch to AMD GPU’s. Many of the tools I use rely on CUDA technology, which is (sadly) proprietary to NVIDIA. If Apple hadn’t all but abandoned Open CL development, maybe some of these tools would utilize that tech…

    It saddens me to say this, but Apple is making it harder and harder to do professional-level motion graphics work on their hardware.

    1. The better question is: what’s with Apple?

      These are disappointing CPU & GPU updates, Apple is falling behind.

      And there’s more, the trashcan Mac Pro is really showing its limitations too. When is Apple going to supersede that can with a real workstation? And TB displays — those are what, like 5 years old already? Why not more sizes and higher Retina resolutions, Apple ????

      Cook doesn’t seem to care about the Mac. He ruined the software and is spending no resources really improving the hardware for his users. Apple can do so much better.

  3. The best unmentioned details are that (a) it’s not a Dell and (b) doesn’t come with Zune OS 8 preinstalled. And (c) you won’t get gorilla arm from using it.

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