iPhone flash saved my son’s life

“A mother has revealed how browsing through a set of family photographs helped save her son’s life,” Katie Davies reports for The Mirror.

“As Zak Sutherland’s mum Stacey looked at pictures of her four children on board the Polar Express she noticed a white pupil in her youngest’s eye,” Davies reports. “Concerned by what she saw, the mum-of-four contacted medics and the 20-moth-old was later diagnosed with retinoblastoma – a rare type of eye cancer that affects children under five.”

“The youngster is now undergoing laser eye treatment and a gruelling course of chemotherapy to reduce the size of the tumour. And medics have praised Stacey – who could have saved Zak’s eye and his life,” Davies reports. “Zak’s parents originally noticed a twitch in his eye but after taking the pictures on the iPhone Stacey pushed for an earlier appointment at the hospital.”

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MacDailyNews Take: There’s no substitute for smart, attentive parents.


        1. You are correct. So, as a nation, we have three choices. 1 No health insurance, every man for himself, so sorry if you breated that asbestos in your workplace, you can’t pay, no treatment for you. 2 For profit health insurance. They will game the system to collect as much in premiums as they can and pay as little in claims as possible, excluding people with debilitating conditions whenever possible. If you happen to be a member of a group (Union, Congress, large company, etc.), the group may pay the premium for you and be able to negotiate a reasonable, inclusive rate for the group. Congress chooses this path for themselves and the taxpayers pick up the tab. Or 3, there is a system in which all citizens participate, paying the taxes they can afford in accordance with their fortunes in the economy and receive the care they need, in accordance with their fortunes in wellbeing. In this system, the Government, with no billionaire executives and no need to produce a profit, is the Single Payer to all providers of healthcare services. We’re not there for everybody, but could be.

          So, yes, individuals ultimately pay for all healthcare. But the system Congress has put into place ensures we, the taxpayers, pay their bills and also contribute to billionaire executive salaries and outstanding profits in the health insurance industry.

          You see, there are no free bonuses or profits either.

  1. Another reason it is important to have regular eye exams. My wife is an optometrist, and she has caught serious diseases people did not know they had during routine eye exams, including several cases of brain cancer.

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