Apple Watch’s best watch face: Utility

“For years I wore a Swiss Army watch with clear, readable sans-serif numbers on the face and not much else, so using the Utility face on the Apple Watch feels a bit like coming home,” Jason Snell writes for Six Colors. “It’s an analog watch face with room for a few complications and a dash of color — but only a dash.”

“I appreciate Utility’s small bursts of highlight color and the flexibility of its complications. I love the analog watch style of the day and date complication inside the circle,” Snell writes. “On the face I use every day, I have most of the complications turned off. Utility works for me as a more minimal face, but it also works as an information-dense one. It’s adaptable and beautiful. What I’m saying is, Utility has quickly settled in to be my favorite Apple Watch face. It’s a winner.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Likewise, our Apple Watches all sport the Utility face, with a blue highlight, and battery (upper left), temperature (upper right), day/date (mid-right), and activity (bottom). As these were the first we set, weeks ago, we’ll likely change these complications over time as we’ve found that battery life isn’t as an important factor as we initially anticipated (we can check it very quickly in Glances anyway).

What’s your favorite Apple Watch face and how is it set up?


  1. I used the Simple watch face with the battery in there left, temp in the upper right, next appt in the lower left and day/date in the lower right Monday through Friday and Mickey on the weekends.

  2. Simple here: no dial and only handeks . Four corners.. International time, stop watch, activity, battery .

    Very elegant imho .

    Love this thing !

  3. I use the MODULAR face –

    Day/Date (upper left) TIME (upper right)

    Calendar (middle)

    Battery (lower left) Weather (middle) Activity (right)

    I agree with MDN’s take – battery life has not been an issue since Day 2, need to find something else to put in lower left on mine.

    1. Settled on this layout instead …

      Activity (upper left) TIME

      Calendar (middle)

      Day/Date (lower left) Weather (middle) Sunrise/Sunset (right)

    2. Modular is by far the most usable. The calendar is brilliant in the middle.

      Time -upper right
      Date- upper left
      Calendar- middle
      Temp – lower left
      Battery – lower middle
      Time in Mumbai – lower right (work with a remote dev team in India)

      Hands down the most usable watch face by far. However, when dressed up and heading out on a date, then use Simple with no detail or other indicators.

  4. I use Utility face as well, but with the details rolled all the way down to minimum. It’s the most minimalistic face that does not lose functionality. I have battery in upper-right, activity in upper-left, weather along the bottom (as this has the greatest benefit for added detail), and the date in the center. Highlighted in green, it’s perfect and the one I’ve settled on happily after many revisions and trials with other faces.

  5. I prefer Modular, although Utility is a close second. I like the extra data spaces in Modular.

    The battery complication isn’t really useful for me. I’ve never been able to run the battery out in a day, and it charges on my nightstand, so after the first couple of weeks, it just reinforced the notion that I could usually go 2 days on a charge, but will always be able to make it at least 1 day.

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