Jeb Bush promotes Apple Watch as a tool that could help replace Obamacare

“In the Republican search for alternatives to Obamacare, Jeb Bush thinks he has found an ally: the Apple Watch,” David Knowles reports for Bloomberg. “After calling for the repeal of the Affordable Healthcare Act during a Thursday stop at a brewery in Tempe, Ariz., Bush touted the potential of the health apps on his new Apple Watch.”

On this device in five years will be applications that will allow me to manage my healthcare in ways that five years ago were not even possible… We’ll be able to guide our own healthcare decisions in a way that will make us healthy. Ultimately, we have to get to a health system, away from a disease system. — Jeb Bush

“The Apple Watch is not the only tool, however, that Bush would use to ‘think different’ than Obamacare,” Knowles reports. “[Bush said], ‘To unravel this I think we need to push power back to the states. I think that we should repeal Obamacare, if given the opportunity, and replace it with a consumer directed model where people are engaged in making healthcare decisions for themselves and where they’re given the tools to do so.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: More free advertising for Apple’s amazing Apple Watch!

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  1. Once again, MDN is a dumb as a box of rocks.

    If u feel like doing some research into health care with the same diligence that you look at AAPL balance sheet, you might have a prayer of knowing 1/10 as much as I do on insurance companies, health care systems of the USA as well as other countries.

    In other words, why don’t you shut down the website and give it to people who can and will do math.

    1. The full extent of MacDailyNews comment:

      “More free advertising for Apple’s amazing Apple Watch!”

      Period. Full stop. That’s all, folks.

      So why are you criticizing MDN? Are they wrong that this is “more free advertising for Apple’s amazing Apple Watch?” Of course not.

      Perhaps you should be aiming your criticism, however facile it may be, at Jeb Bush or even Bloomberg, but certainly not MDN, Mr. “Dumb as a Box of Rocks.”

      BTW, genius, ObamaCare only really cares about making insurance companies richer. It’s an ill-conceived, highly-inefficient scam.

        1. The problem with the U.S. healthcare system is government intrusion, not a lack of government intrusion. It’s even worse in other countries, since they’ve been socialized much longer than we have.

          It is hoped by we who understand human dynamics, free markets, and economic principles, that soon after the current slime exits the White House in which he never belonged, that we can finally put on our big boy pants and flush Obamacare down the toilet. I, for one, never gave this preening trash permission to interfere in my life.

          If there were any justice in the here and now, Obama, his family, everyone that ever worked for him, and everyone that ever voted for him, would be kicked out of this country in which they do not belong, and never allowed to return.

          1. bereanbob – please crawl back into whatever neoNazi hole you crawled out of.

            An an American, you absolutely gave permission for the President and Congress to make the laws and policies that govern us all. That’s what a Republic is all about. And if we had to endure Nixon, Reagan and the Bush father and son, you can certain endure Obama.

            The only one who doesn’t belong here is you. And by “here” I mean this site. World Net Daily and InfoWars want you back.

            1. Nope!

              As an American I recognize that the preeminent law of the land is the United States Constitution. This Constitution places LIMITS on the Federal government, a separation of powers, and a delineation of jurisdiction between the Federal government and the State government. These limits have been violated over and over again for a very long time now to the point where hardly anyone brings it up anymore. The reason you don’t know this is because you’re stupid.

              My business is my business, and it’s none of your’s, Barack Obama’s, or anyone else’s. The reason you don’t know this is because you’re stupid.

              Your argument about enduring Nixon et al commits the Two-Wrongs-Make-Right fallacy. The reason you don’t know this is because you’re stupid.

              I do not like ANY unconstitutional violations regardless of political party.

              The rest of your post is typical low-IQ internet guy territory (“neo-nazi,” “go back to such and such a site,” etc.). The reason you don’t know this is because you’re stupid.

    2. Do you understand what quotation marks are? Do you grasp which parts of the article above were written by Bloomberg, spoken by Jeb Bush, and which part is MacDailyNews’ comment?

      It doesn’t seem that you do.

      1. I see you do not know the methodology of product placement.

        Here the product is not the Watch. The product is Jeb Bush.

        MDN is using the Watch to promote Jeb Bush.

    3. Apple Watch is not so much an instrument for telling time as it is a personal interactive device that is attached to your body. One of the critical Apple Watch differentiators is its capacity to become the first commercial data-gathering and synthesis system for personal health metrics. By default, Apple Watch capabilities will automatically lead to healthcare monitoring modalities that, until now, have only been the stuff of science fiction.

      Apple Watch could deliver event or monitor-driven, ultra-personalized medical data to you, your doctor, to another system that evaluates and adjusts treatment to meet changing circumstances, or to emergency contacts if you are incapacitated. The responsibility for reporting new or changed medical conditions will shift from the patient to an automatic reporting system, assuring more frequent and more accurate data. The result will be better and less costly healthcare.

      Cost is a major factor in healthcare. The cost of healthcare in the U.S. today is $2.8 trillion a year and growing. Economic experts have predicted that unless healthcare costs can be brought under control, they will be unsustainable. Monitoring lifestyle choices and people with healthcare risks could help hold down the growth of healthcare costs. An overweight and out-of-shape population has led to most of the 21st century maladies like heart disease, diabetes and other medical problems that are expensive to treat and lead to poor quality of life.

      The deadliest disease in the world and the U.S. is coronary artery disease. In the U.S., 26.6 million people suffer from heart disease. Many people die of “silent heart attacks” and others from first-time cardiac events. Fast reporting and response is crucial to minimizing damage and saving lives. More than 10% of people with heart attacks have another attack within three years and 14% of them die.

      Wearable technology could become a much more powerful tool for patients with continual heart rate and blood pressure monitoring that would automatically report anomalies to a diagnostic center or an emergency service could become a powerful tool in monitoring heart attack patients once they get home, quickly detecting cardiac events and immediately responding to them. It could provide doctors with more precise information about the patient and immediately summon an ambulance if there is a life-threatening cardiac event. The device could be especially beneficial in monitoring patients who have just been released from the hospital after suffering from a heart attack.

      The Centers for Disease Control reports that 29 million people in the U.S. have diabetes. Each of them needs to monitor their blood sugar level several times a day to keep it within the normal range. Too much blood sugar can lead to heart attacks, blindness, limb amputations and other gruesome outcomes. Today, Aetna, Inc. (AET), the fourth largest insurance company in the U.S. with 23.5 million medical members and 2014 revenue of $58 billion, considers continuous glucose monitoring experimental under several circumstances. Devices like the Apple Watch could consume the large-scale sales of glucose sensors and consumables, radically changing the status quo. By continuously monitoring blood sugar and warning both the patient and caregivers of the need to adjust diet and exercise or medication, morbidity and mortality from diabetes could be reduced.

      End-stage kidney disease is another expensive and growing malady in the U.S. As of 2010, close to 400,000 people were receiving dialysis, which for most requires three trips a week to a dialysis center for a four-hour stay. Such treatment is necessary to save lives, but it is expensive, negatively affects quality of life and poses harsh side effects. DaVita HealthCare Partners, Inc. (DVA) is a leading provider of dialysis services with 2,152 outpatient dialysis centers in the U.S. serving approximately 170,000 patients. Development of a remote monitor for kidney patients through a wearable like the Apple Watch could reduce the frequency of emergencies, improve patients’ quality of life and potentially extend life expectancy.

      The applications of the Apple Watch and other wearable computing systems seem limitless. It is difficult to imagine at this time what applications creative minds and the needs of society will cause to be created by the Apple Watch or other smart watch devices. What is certain is that wearable technology, especially in the realm of health monitoring, could have significant impact on maintaining good health, intervening in emergencies, monitoring chronic conditions and potentially holding down the overall cost of healthcare. This will become especially so as companies like HCA, Aetna, and DaVita HealthCare begin to develop their own apps for their clients on the Apple Watch.

      We will see future generations of Apple Watches that are even more sophisticated and revolutionary, allowing them to become more integrated in our lives.

      Steve Brozak, Forbes, April 9, 2015

      1. You want cost effective healthcare?

        Medicare for all. Lowest cost, highest results. Vote to replace Private Insurance with Universal Medicare and I will gladly support ending the exchanges, taxes and tax credits.

        1. Highest results? Doctors are dropping Medicare patients. If you have Medicare, you may have trouble finding any doctor, let alone the best doctors.

        2. If government takeover of free markets really works wonders, I vote that the government take over Apple.

          No, what we who understand economic principles understand is that we need to get government out of it, rather than increase its Godzilla-like destruction of the free market.

          Private insurance ALREADY REGULATED by the government for decades now is what drove up prices to begin with. Take the shackles off and let the free market do its thing.

          Sheesh, some of you people don’t know much at all!

          If not, then again, let’s have Barack Obama take over Apple.

      2. Apple Watch EULA:(h) Apple Watch, the heart rate sensor and its data and included Apple Watch apps are not medical devices and are intended for fitness purposes only. They are not designed or intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease.

      3. “The deadliest disease in the world and the U.S. is coronary artery disease. In the U.S., 26.6 million people suffer from heart disease.”

        The deadliest disease in the U.S. is its refusal to treat health as a universal right for its citizens. In the U.S., 26.6 million people suffer from no health insurance. The right wing attitude seems to be that health care is for the rich and this attitude entirely ignores the fact that germs will attack everyone regardless of income and that the financial cost of the common diseases in the US rob the entire country of a lot of productivity. Health care is not a charity for a few rich people to ‘give’ to the odd poor person to assuage your guilty consciences.

        1. No, the “right wing attitude” is that you cannot force others to give you free goods and services. Be responsible for yourself. Do not expect others to pay for you moochers and leaches.

          There is no “universall right” to free goods and services. We are not your slaves. Drop your entitlement attitude and go climb back under your rock.

          1. “Be responsible for yourself.”

            This is such a bullshit mantra. We live in an enormously complex society and are all interdependent. Nobody is here is responsible for themselves except for a few homesteaders who built their shelters in the forests and live by hunting, foraging or cultivation.

            If you want to be really responsible for yourself, go live in Somalia, where there is no government.

          2. Wow! When you take a headache pill to deal with your headache, do you apply a tourniquet to your arms and legs to stop the medicine from ‘feeding those leaches’? The health of the nation is affected by the flu every year and costs billions to the economy. The poor and rich just keep reinfecting each other.
            We need to measure the advancement of a civilization or country by the way we treat its weakest members. Our feeling of security is enhanced when we don’t have to fear being at the bottom of society. Yes, we all need to pull on the ‘oars’ of the boat to move forward but at some time, it is comforting to know that when we are injured or sick that someone will take over for us without resentment while we heal.

            1. You, as an individual, have every right allocate the resources of your time, industry, and coin in whatever way it pleases you.

              But I, too, am an individual, and you have NO right to decided for me how MY resources of time, industry, and coin should be allocated.

              This concept of is real stumbling block for liberals.

            2. Selfishness is not a virtue. With your attitude, I can hardly wait until you are in need and must rely on your fellow man to help you get well. Although I cannot engage in vengeance, sometimes I am sorely tested by people like you. You are, in deed a pitiful human being.

            3. Dear Reality Check,

              Your opinion of me or of anything else is worthless. As it turns out, I don’t really answer to you, which must come as a brutal shock to monumental self regard.

              Claiming my perfect right to allocate MY resources as I SEE FIT is not selfish, you friggin’ moron.


              What is it with you hell-bound liberals that prevents you from understanding such fundamental principles?

              Liberals want to allocate MY MONEY, and when I resists….I’M THE SELFISH ONE!!!

              Scum like you is so pleased to parade their compassion by spending OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY!

              Now THAT is what I’d call selfish.

              Are you out of your ever-loving mind?

              Have you honestly never heard of private charity?

              I’m a Christian, and Christians are the most charitable people on the planet, bar none.

              MY MONEY is not yours to spend.

              It’s MINE to spend, and how I spend it is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!

              Get it?


              This really should not be difficult at all to understand, but your being a godless liberal moron renders you incapable.

              Jeez, but the slimy arrogance that oozes from your pores is astonishing.

              And if you should ever wish to “seek vengeance” upon me, to assuage your moral indignation, you be sure and let me know here on this forum, and if you’re ever in the L.A. area we can meet up and see if you’re as much of a hotshot as you imagine yourself to be.

            1. “not suffering from an infantile mentality.”

              When someone doesn’t have the brain power to recognize their own shortcomings, it is likely that they don’t perceive the suffering they are going through. Keep your ignorance, it is a protection for you not to feel the pain.

    4. FYI. I moved to North Alabama in 2010. As I am self employed, my wife and I bought Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama policies. Each policy cost $313 a month. We are in our early 60’s and we were pleased with the coverage. In 2012 an increase drove the individual premium to $329. Still a good deal with a modest increase.
      The “Affordable Health Care Act” was passed and we were offered a similar policy from BCBSA with the added coverage. The new individual premium was $662 ($1324/month for both of us). We qualified for a subsidy (and needed it). That brought our premium for both of us down to $185.96 per month.

      Bottom line:
      Premiums $658/month to BCBSA which I could afford.
      Amount government paid $0.00
      Premiums $1324/month to BCBSA which I could NOT afford.
      Amount government paid $1138.04/month

      I went from affording health insurance to being forced to receive assistance I didn’t need before.
      The health Insurance company has received a 100% increase in revenue from my family.
      The government is paying out $1138.04/month it did not have to before, because of me. Multiply that out by others on assistance.

      Something to think about.

    1. If someone could make healthcare affordable to all citizens they should be a billionaire.

      Here is my plan for making healthcare affordable: make it completely tax free. Every penny you spend on healthcare should be pretax. Every dollar earned in health care should be tax-free. Doctors, Nurses, hospitals, drug companies and health equipment companies should pay no taxes on their health care earnings. This would reduce the cost of health care almost immediately by 25-35%. 🙂

      1. Health care is so expensive in the US for one main reason: law suits. Lawyers have challenged nearly every less than ideal medical outcome which has forced the doctor to use more unnecessary expensive diagnostic equipment to back up their legal defence and the medical equipment companies have had to charge huge prices to cover their legal defence costs.

        The solution is obvious to anyone who looks objectively at the US medical/legal system: get rid of the legal part and focus on the health of the population. There are no guarantees in the medical treatments and are all the best that this nascent field can offer. Quit suing everyone when things don’t turn out the way you want. You won’t live forever.

        1. Bzzt! Wrong. At most, only about 8% of diagnostic procedures are likely to be caused by defensive medicine according to the CTO, and other studies put it lower.
          Lawsuits are a small part of health care costs. A good study by Harvard puts it at some 2.4% of total costs and that includes cases where Doctors have engaged in malpractice and were justifiably sued.

          1. Please explain why Canadian Healthcare can be delivered to the entire population at a fraction of the cost of the US ‘system’?

            Explain how physicians wages are not higher because up to a third of their earnings must be paid into malpractice insurance?

            Explain how medical equipment manufacturers don’t have to charge over 100% of their costs to cover legal insurance and frivolous law suits?

            Explain how physicians are not required to order more diagnostic tests and more expensive tests just to ‘cover their asses’ from malpractice suits? Physicians can generally diagnose most every illness with simple tests and investigations but are forced to back those up with expensive medical diagnostic machines.

            Explain why hospitals charge more than 5 star hotels for substandard rooms for a simple stay in the hospital.?

  2. I surely hope that MDN isn’t agreeing with this asinine assertion. Jeb Bush is clearly an idiot for saying that, just as he is when asked who is his major advisor on the Middle East, as he has no experience in that whatsoever, and he said that it was his brother George.

  3. The government and doctors in the USA didn’t cause the current situation that resulted in the the health care act. The insurance companies did. The huge money spent in this country isn’t going to the doctors, it’s going to the insurance companies and hospital administration costs.

  4. “in five years will be applications that will allow me to manage my healthcare in ways that five years ago were not even possible”

    By Golly… The man’s a genius! A real chip off the Bush block!

  5. As a physician and apple watch owner, I can’t see my apple watch performing surgery on the broken leg of someone who doesn’t have insurance.

    1. See my excerpt from Forbes above and stop being intentionally obtuse, “doc.”

      Jeb Bush is 100% correct: Apple Watch can help deliver better and less costly healthcare.

      1. Jeb Bush is a pandering idiot.

        A medical device is nothing but a tool and in the hands of a fool is a very dangerous thing. Last time I looked up fool in the dictionary I saw a class picture of the Republican National Committee.

    2. I don’t think anyone with a brain took that comment literally that the Apple Watch could do EVERYTHING. But it may be able to contribute in many useful ways to a health system.

  6. In almost 30 years as a Licensed Professional in healthcare I have never seen a GSW, MI or CVA patient burst in to an ER saying “Quick, get me an Apple Watch”, nor do I expect to ever witness such asinine behavior. Never have seen a Watch give CPR, insert a chest tube, debride and suture a wound, reduce a fracture or dislocation and never comfort a dying individual.

    Jeb Bush is a tool who wants to be President and thinks we need his brand of crazy, Right Wing Bullshit. He has previously tried to paint himself a moderate, more touchy-feely Republican like his Brother Dubya Bush The Idiot. Remember how well that worked out?

    The ACA is a Frankenstein Law that is the fault more of Republican intransigence than anything else. Despite it’s problems it has allowed millions to gain health coverage that otherwise would not have had it- many of whom are the working poor. If Republicans would have worked with Democrats during the markup of the ACA we could have had a much better bill and a better end result. Jeb is just pandering to the extreme Right Wing base that dominates voting in Republican Primaries.

    We need a choice between candidates that are 1- serious 2- qualified and 3- not named Clinton or Bush. It is well past time to stop this 3rd world nonsense and stop electing people based upon family names.

  7. Obamacare or not, healthcare for most people is getting treatment, Apple watch is not going to replace that. It may help to make people healthier and manage treatment, but that’s going to be the same whatever system you have in place.

    1. Apple Watch is largely about PREVENTATIVE MEDICINE, i.e. creating health by changing our behaviour and giving us feedback about when we are doing something beneficial or harmful to our health. Anyone who studies medicine can trace back nearly all of our diseases to human behaviour. Apple Watch is starting this awareness in a substantial proportion of the population.

      Most people think of a physician as someone to go to when something is wrong and merely want a ‘bandaid’ solution or quick fix ‘pill’ while they keep on with their previous behaviour that caused the problem in the first place.

  8. The take is right on, IMHO. The question is “Does Apple want free advertising from this particular sector?”

    Bush is clearly a clueless, pandering politician who will do what he is paid to do and say anything to get the chance. Our problem is we are not the ones writing his paycheck. And he is a multimillionaire. Multimillionaires view of guiding their healthcare decisions, aided by an Watch or not, is considerably different than the view of a bottom income quartile family, trying to feed everyone and keep a roof over their heads. Sometimes that familys’ decision has to be wrapping the broken leg between two sticks and hoping it heals straight. Mr Bush never has no access to healthcare and he cannot grasp that possibility. That he doesn’t understand the role of public policy in that situation makes him poorly suited to be the leader of the country.

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