Apple iPhone is No. 1 smartphone in China

“During Apple’s latest Financial Conference Call last month [Apple CEO Tim Cook] had a lot to report on regarding Greater China,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple. “For instance, the iPhone experienced 71% year-over-year growth with 1$6.8 billion worth of sales; Mac sales in China were up a whopping 31% and the App Store in China had grown 100%. The key to China thus far has been Apple’s telecom partnerships with China Mobile being the most important.”

“By the end of 2014, China gained almost 100 million LTE subscriptions in the first year of full LTE commercialization, demonstrating an accelerating growth momentum,” Purcher reports. “ABI Research further states in their report that “Thanks to the first-mover advantages, China Mobile seized almost 90% share of the total LTE market in China.”

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  1. No one on Wall Street expects it to stay that way. They’re already plotting Apple’s demise because they feel the Android smartphone competition is better than what Apple can offer for a lot less money. I remember Tim Cook saying that Apple stood a very good chance in China when they got the China Mobile deal. Wall Street said BS because iPhones were too expensive and hardly any of those 760 million subscribers would be buying them. Yearly iPhone sales projections were going to be in the ten million range for the Chinese consumer. Many were saying the China Mobile deal wasn’t going to bear much fruit at all. I remember that very well.

    I can say one thing. From the looks of Apple’s share price movement I’d never have known that Apple was making a killing in China if I didn’t try to closely follow iPhone sales. Miniscule share price gains make it look as though Apple is barely selling anything in China and that’s just freaking odd. Each quarter analysts claim Apple will be selling less iPhones the next quarter and they keep saying this over and over.

  2. Well, but Windows Phone is still in the king in China. People in china not interested buying overhyped and overpriced phone. They like low price but perform high performance, that’s windows phone.

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