It’s not too late to jump on the Apple bandwagon

“Apple Inc. is the king of Wall Street right now,” Jeff Reeves writes for MarketWatch. “And to some, that’s a sign the tech icon’s best days are behind it; Apparently, popularity is always equal to ‘irrational exuberance’ in the eyes of some investors.”

“But if you’re an Apple bear, it’s worth remembering that Apple didn’t just magically turn into a $725 billion company with $230 billion in projected sales,” Reeves writes. “It got to be huge and hugely popular because it’s a wildly successful company, and perhaps the biggest success story of the last 25 years.”

“So don’t hate Apple stock simply because it’s popular, or because you missed the party,” Reeves writes. “In fact, considering the lack of alternatives and the proven growth of the iPhone giant, it may be profitable to jump in on the bandwagon and enjoy the ride while there’s still time… In a sideways market where there aren’t a lot of alternatives, Apple is one of the few bets in town that continues to offer a decent return potential.”

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  1. Although Carl Icahn believes the company should be worth more than it is, the reality of the situation has had Apple’s P/E shrink from around 19.5 to 15.5 in a matter of weeks while Microsoft’s P/E is expanding above 20. I would say there is a great difference of opinion about Apple’s obvious value. To me that indicates Wall Street is saying that Microsoft is a far better value than Apple. I would think those positions should be reversed based on pure fundamentals.

    However, I’m in it for the long haul and it goes without saying Apple looks very attractive to me. Not so sure about Icahn’s lofty view but I believe Apple has a lot more to go as far as the share price is concerned. $145 by the end of the year seems doable. Of course, Wall Street can easily find reasons to continue to pressure Apple’s share price (just like they squashed Apple’s P/E upon earnings) and I’ll have to settle for the dividends.

    1. You have to remember that’s AAPL’s JAM coefficients have never been less than 50% of PLUM adjusted for inflation.

      Not that I’m saying Carl Icahn isn’t inclined to inject a little showmanship from time to time!

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