Heart health app seeing big usage on Apple Watch

“As a health and fitness measurement device, the Apple Watch is largely unproven,” Stephanie M. Lee reports for BuzzFeed. “Released to the public April 24, the wearable is far too new to make any definitive pronouncements about whether it can actually prompt people to adopt healthy behaviors. But preliminary data from one app, Hello Heart, offers an interesting first look at how health-conscious individuals are using the device relative to the iPhone.”

“Hello Heart’s iOS app lets users wirelessly sync or manually input blood-pressure readings from external monitors, as well as sync other kinds of health data from hospitals’ and clinics’ electronic medical records,” Lee reports. “For two weeks — from April 27 to May 11 — the company tracked the usage patterns of 3,000 of its users, split evenly between those with Apple Watches and iPhones, and those with iPhones alone.”

“People with both an iPhone and the Watch turned out to be surprisingly likely to log their blood pressure reading on one or both of the devices, Maayan Cohen, co-founder and CEO of Hello Heart, told BuzzFeed News,” Lee reports. “The number of users was 52% higher than those who only had an iPhone. Watch users also added 67% more overall medical data to the Hello Heart app than iPhone-only users.”

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MacDailyNews Take: This makes sense because innovators and early adopters are more likely to understand their new devices’ full capabilities and to utilize them, or at least test them, than early majority, late majority and laggards.


  1. Since receiving my Apple Watch, I’ve gone to the gym 21 days in a row. I was going 5 days a week before the Apple Watch, but because I feel so much satisfaction for meeting the exercise, move, and stand goals, I’ve been going every day. And I see no reason to stop. I’m careful not to do too much resistance training, and I make sure to get enough rest.

      1. Yes. I got a sport. The battery life has been great. After a full day, I’m usually down to 35-40% battery left. It will go about a day and a half. The sport band is very comfortable. I barely feel it on my wrist.

  2. It’s great for running, walking and even activities like trend mills or ellipticals. Checking your heart rate tells you how hard your exertion is.
    I trying to fulfill the daily goals but work sometimes gets in the way. But it really helps you stay motivated and provides the information to help you understand how your body is reacting to the exercise.

  3. I started to collect health data as soon as HealthKit became a reality. I used Withings scale, and BP device as well as my FitnessPal, and Wahoo chest strap. I even got a glucose test device from iHealth but they have a scam where the test strips times out for those of us who only need to test one every few weeks.

    I have more or less stopped using the Wahoo as AppleWatch is doing a fine job there. AppleWatch calorie data is not transferring consistently to HealthKit and I end up having to manually add it to MyFitnessPal (not a big deal at all).

    Withings scale and BP devices work just great.

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