Apple Retail Store gets evacuated by hazmat team after mysterious package sickens employees

“Monterey firefighters have evacuated a portion of a shopping center this afternoon after employees at an Apple electronics store said they felt sick after receiving a package with an unknown substance, the city’s fire chief said,” CBS SF reports.

“Employees at the store in the Del Monte Shopping Center called 911 at 12:25 p.m. after some employees began feeling dizzy and nauseous after handling a package that was delivered to the store, according to Monterey Fire Chief Gaudenz Panholzer,” CBS SF reports. “Firefighters and the Monterey County regional hazardous materials team evacuated three stores, including the Apple store, as well as an outdoor eating area.”

CBS SF reports, “After an initial investigation, fire and hazmat officials determined the package was contaminated in transit when an unknown substance most likely leaked onto the package’s exterior, Panholzer said.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Dizzy and nauseous? Sounds like classic case of Bud Light spillage. Hope everyone’s feeling better today!

UPDATE: 2:15pm EDT: Ana Ceballos reports for Monterey Herald that Bud Light was not the culprit:

The “clear liquid” that made a dozen people feel nauseated was determined to be organic peroxide, Monterey Fire Chief Gaundenz Panholzer said. The chemical spilled on an Apple Store package being delivered to Del Monte Center from Apple headquarters, Panholzer said.

Panholzer said the package was contaminated at a FedEx distribution center and was then put on a FedEx truck. FedEx spokeswoman Connie Avery said an event like this is “very unusual.”


    1. I personally prefer the ≠ symbol, but I’m not coding.

      The word ‘organic’ is profoundly abused these days. To a scientist, ‘organic’ only means its got some carbon in it somewhere, such as the wonderful organic compound that can kill you: Benzene. I suspect this is the ‘organic’ meant in the phrase ‘organic peroxide’. It’s some peroxide compound hooked to a carbon atom.

      1. Well in think programmers would write. as in not exactly equal to. But I digress. The whole public image of organic, is that it’s safe and wholesome, meaning, better for you adding health benefits. This is false. Non organic labeled foods are just as healthy and are positioned to better feed the world. Organic labels, are okay, cost more to produce and distribute, but unnecessary for the benefit of society.

        1. There are mixed levels of viable concern over modern agriculture. I think you and I could toss various foods onto either the ‘healthy’ or ‘unhealthy’ pile. There are plenty of questionable chemicals thrown into processed foods that will not be found in actual ‘organically grown’ foods.

          Beyond that, we have issues like the idiotic bee industry in the USA that has done it’s best to screw up the native bee populations. This growing real catastrophe is entirely evident where I live. Adding to this particular mess is the use of both neonicotinoide and glyphosate pesticides on everything, again deadly to bees. Theoretically, ‘organically grown’ foods don’t use deadly pesticides.

          1. Organics still use pesticides, but by definition from pre 1950s or so. The notion needs to be updated. Either teach the public that organic is misused, or make it as people think it is, safe, ethical, sustainable. I know, I know, it isn’t going to happen. However

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