Tesla hires head Apple recruiter after losing own recruiter to Apple Car team

“Tesla has taken its recruiting of Apple employees to the next level: the electric car and energy company has hired away Apple’s Senior Director of Corporate Recruiting, Cindy Nicola, to become Tesla’s new Vice President of Global Recruiting,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac. “Nicola has already noted her now role and start month of May on her LinkedIn profile.”

Tesla Model S
Tesla Model S

“Notably, Apple actually hired away Tesla’s Lead Recruiter in 2014 for its own electric car project, as we noted in our extensive profile of Apple’s automotive related hires,” Gurman reports “Interestingly, that former Tesla recruiter Lauren Ciminera has already left Apple to work on a new ‘confidential’ project, according to her own LinkedIn page and confirmation from a source.”

MacDailyNews Take: Nicola works for Tesla. Funny!

The recruiting war between Apple and Tesla continues.

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  1. See… this is why Steve and Eric made their little deal. This is chaos. How much gets done with the revolving doors spinning at this rate? I *Do* like the Nicola Tesla connection.

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