Apple stock target raised as Android to iPhone upgrades surge

“An unprecedented number of customer switches to Apple Inc.’s iPhone from [phones running] Google Inc.’s Android may help boost the iPhone installed base 26% year-over-year to 505 million users in 2015, according to Canaccord Genuity analysts, who raised their price target on Apple to $160 from $155 Monday morning,” Jennifer Booton reports for MarketWatch.

“They also estimate that only 20% of the current iPhone installed base had upgraded to iPhone 6 smartphones by the end of the second quarter,” Booton reports, “leaving more room for growth among Apple’s existing customer base.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: As predicted long before iPhone 6/Plus were unveiled.


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    1. Android is just keeping the non Apple share of the market ( sub $300) warm for Apple. When Apple starts to go down the price food chain below $300 then it’s overall total smartphone market share will rise sharply. Because there are little or no profits to be made below $300 Apple will not play in that landfill.

      You can think of the sub $300 phone market as training wheels for future Apple devices or maybe even future iphones if Moore’s
      Law continues to be valid. The Bill of Materials plus assembly labor for a real smartphone is now $200+. Consider Samsung with an average selling price of $198 as opposed to Apple’s $665. No wonder Samsung’s earnings have declined for 6 quarters in a row and Apple’s earnings keep increasing.

      There are two separate and distinct smartphone markets $300 ( profitable) and sub $300 ( for losers only).

  1. Hate it when analysts says smartphone market is saturated. It is saturated for Android not iphone! Iphone only has less than 20% market share world with 80% on cheap android. Which means plenty room growth with switchers for users who want better experience, higher aspirations.

  2. It’s always odd when Apple gets a target price upgrade and the share price either doesn’t move or drops but any price target upgrade for Netflix makes the stock shoot up on afterburners. There’s no guarantee any company has to be equal to an analyst price target upgrade. There are things at play that never quite make any sense to me.

    I have noticed how Microsoft now has a P/E of 20 and Apple has a P/E of 15.5 and I’m at a loss as to why that gap has grown so large in a matter of weeks with Apple doing as well as it is.

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