Nike CEO: More from Apple and Nike to come

“CEO Mark Parker said in an interview on CNBC’s ‘Squawk on the Street’… that although Nike wasn’t in the business of making wearables anymore, the company continues to build digital connections with consumers,” Nana Sidibe reports for CNBC.

“For instance, the app Nike + Running is available on the Apple Watch,” Sidibe reports.

“‘We are continuing to develop apps and experiences so we are working with Apple and other partners as well,’ he said,” Sidibe reports. “Apple CEO Tim Cook is a member of Nike’s board of directors.”

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Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Does this mean that NikeFuel tracking is coming to Apple Watch and we will therefore someday be able to take off our Nike+ FuelBands? Because it’s ridiculous that we have to wear both right now. We’re about to just give up on NikeFuel tracking. We look like cyborgs with Apple Watches and FuelBands on our wrists.

Why hasn’t the Nike+ Fuel app already been updated to support Apple Watch’s motion sensors?!

Did Nike drop the ball here, did Apple not allow it, or what’s going on exactly? If anyone knows, please let us know. Neither company has responded to numerous requests.


    1. I’ve been tracking NikeFuel for over three years now. I’d like to be able to continue doing so.

      I’m in the same situation as MDN. I have an Apple Watch on my wrist that’s capable of tracking NikeFuel, but the Nike Fuel app only works with FuelBands or, stupidly, iPhone. Who carries their iPhone around on them 24/7?

      I want to be able to take off my FuelBand SE now that I have my Apple Watch. WTF can’t I?

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        2. It gives me a unit of measure that I can use to compare to years’ of past performance data. That would seem obvious to most people. So, why is that not obvious to you?

          1. Im not familiar with nikefuel ! Never used it.
            I read a bit about it on the web …and from what i gatter it is an arbitrary unit…and does not really refect calories burned ..etc.
            So i was wondering what benifit you get from it over actual calorie counts !

            Now i understand that by converting to calories on applewatch and its other health tracking parameters you will loose the continuity you already have with the nickfuel.

            I was just curious to see if there is something that i dont know about it… And how it relates to how applewatch tracks health information !
            Thanks for the clarification .

    2. It isn’t here yet, but the day will come when everyone is wearing something on each wrist. The devices will become extraordinarily useful, and the wrist is a very good place to put them.

  1. IF you’d explore the tech press a bit AND the Nike web site, you’d realuze that the Nike Fuel wrist band has been DISCONTINUED and is NOT RECOMMENED FOR USE -BY NIKE !! Why ?? You can do everything that the fuel band does, and more, on the iPhone you have sewn onto your skin. You’ll also see that the Nike+ Fuel app has been ‘updated and discontinued’ (for the now defunct wrist band) in lieu of the iPhone 6….. I use the Nike+ Fuel app everyday, on my phone, in concert with Nike+ Running app and it works fine. The wrist band is now landfill material…. Sorry Ms. Sidibe , you really need to catch up….

  2. Nike hung onto using Flash for years on their website before the success of the iPhone finally forced them to drop that bug-ridden, crash-prone, energy-hogging, awful software. Don’t expect them to move fast in adapting their “platform” unless there’s no way back from the Apple Watch …

  3. Apple has not allowed 3rd party developers access to the heart rate monitor and possibly other sensors so for the time being we’re stuck with the mediocre Workout app.
    No GPS map, no “time in the zone”, no max heart rate, no analysis of course position and pace…

  4. I have worked at Nike HQ lately, and based on what I’ve seen and heard, I think Nike is actually developing their own new and better hardware. It seems crazy to me. But I would guess that’s why there isn’t fuel support, or they just haven’t figured it out yet.

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