Analyst: Apple likely prepping bigger iPad – and an even bigger iPhone than iPhone 6 Plus

“Apple Inc. has been rumored to be working on a larger iPad for more than 18 months,” Louis Bedigian reports for Benzinga.

“Sean Udall, CIO of Quantum Trading Strategies and author of The TechStrat Report, thinks a large iPad is headed to retail,” Bedigian reports. “Udall told Benzinga that business users ‘want a product [with] a bigger display.’ Udall said he wouldn’t want to work all day on the current iPad, but there are many individuals who use it instead of a laptop or some other device. ‘There are millions of people, like drug reps, who basically do their entire job on an iPad,’ he said. ‘I think anybody using the iPad, especially if you use it all day for business purposes, a bigger iPad would just make more sense. It would give more functionality, a bigger screen. If you want to show a group of people the screen to display something, it’s just easier to see.'”

“In time, Udall believes Apple will eliminate the iPad mini. When the 12-inch iPad arrives, the standard, 10-inch model would become the smaller unit, minus the “Mini” branding,” Bedigian reports. “He also speculated that Apple may release a phone that is one size bigger in the next year or two, which would be another blow to the iPad mini.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Would you be interested in a larger (12.2- to 12.9-inch) “iPad Pro?”

How about a 6-inch or larger “iPhone Mega?”


  1. I was never a fan of the mini and thought of it as a tweener — neither a phone, nor a tablet. Others apparently disagree, as the mini seems to sell quite well. Eliminating it would give the competition a large opening to fill.

    Mini stays. If a larger iPad than the current standard is viable, then there’ll be three sizes. It worked well for the iPod, so it should for the iPad.

        1. And that alone will keep them selling…for anyone who carries a purse or similar small bag most of the time, the Mini is VERY appealing.

          For nearly everyone else, a bigger screen will win out most of the time.

    1. Not having the mini allowed the opposition to gain the toehold they needed in tablets, to drop it now would likely help them again. However if a larger phone came out to do most of the job of the mini then I guess that might be enough for Apple to drop it. That would be sad though as I would love a mini, my full size iPad never leave my home and the mini would and as wifi only at a much cheaper price point than a super sized iPhone with a smaller screen which wouldn’t be on my buy list as it would be too big to be convenient as an ever present phone yet too small to do what I want on a tablet when i want to take a larger device out.

  2. Apple adds ~0.7″ to iPhone screen size to add a row of icons. So if there will be even bigger iPhone ++, it has to be 6.2-6.3″ (4″ –> 4.7″ –> 5.5″ — 6.2-6.3″). I doubt this is going to happen.

    If Apple will release bigger iPad, then ~12-13″ diagonal would suggest 12.5″ screen size, if Apple follows similar scheme as with sizing iPhone. Such bigger screen would add two more rows of icons (about ~1.4″ each in vertical view).

    Considering the fact that device of such size will be way heavier than iPad 9,7″, if it will be ever released, it most probably will have to go to some professional markets, not consumer.

    Hence the name will be not iPad Plus (unlike giant iPhone), but iPad Pro.

    1. I am waiting for the larger wrist computer that Apple will release once people get over the idea/expectation that wrist devices need to look like watches.

      This is similar to how people got over the idea that smartphones should be sized based on “phone” ergonomics once they started thinking of them as computers.

  3. I think there is a need for a larger iPad. The iPad mini has a lot of potential. The main problem with the iPad is it has little use in the tech world. The mobile workforce has not experienced one enough to see its potential. Unfortunately there is little crossover between the two worlds. IBM is the best solution to combining them right now. Once the mobile world sees the cost benefit of the iPad then it will become mainstream. If you cannot easily hold a phablet to your head then it’s useless. Android phablets are not getting bigger for a reason. So no on a lager size phone. The only reason I could see one is because of Apple Watch integration.

  4. I bought the original mini and then a Retina mini. I don’t want a larger iPad as the mini is the perfect size for me. It’s easy to hold propped on a pillow with my feet up and the screen size is great.

  5. An iPad “Pro” would only be an interesting device if it was a true hybrid device, dare I say it, similarly to a Surface. Or, more precisely, similar to how Windows 10 conforms to the device (supposedly)…. but without the bloat, if possible.

    Giving me a shit ton of screen real estate but the ability to view one app at a time… makes no sense.

    Then again, I’m making the quintessential anti-Apple blunder…. I’m assuming they haven’t thought about how this device should work.

    So, I’ll just close with… If Apple can *make* me want one, I’ll get one. 😛

  6. Our miniPad gets as much or more use than the standard iPad. Part of that is ownership – the standard size is technically owned by the school where my wife teaches – but it just doesn’t add enough to draw us to the bigger size.

    With that said, I can’t wait for the maxiPad. It will become my go-to machine for songwriting. Even the standard doesn’t quite replace a desktop computer for me right now in just that one category of my computing life. But the Pro will do that.

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