Sweet! Apple Watch just helped you jump the line

“Your plane landed two hours ago, you rented a car, and drove to your hotel. You’ve been traveling all day and you’re tired,” Steffan Berelowitz writes for CNBC. “You pull into the hotel parking lot and you see a tour bus by the entrance. There are about 50 people mulling around and bags everywhere. You know what’s in store for you: a long wait at the front desk while a crowd people ahead of you check in and wait for their room keys.”

“But wait, you feel a little nudge on your wrist (haptic feedback) and you remember you have an Apple Watch,” Berelowitz writes. “When you glance at your watch, you see a message telling you that you’re already checked in and your room number is 925. You grab your bags and as you walk into the lobby completely bypassing the crowd at the reception desk. You head directly to the elevator which takes you to the 9th floor without pressing a button. The door at your room unlocks automatically when you reach for the handle. As you walk in, another nudge on the watch displays a message asking you whether you want room service and enabling you to select from a list of dinner and drink choices.”

Berelowitz writes, “This may sound far-fetched, but much of this functionality is already available today at 150 Starwood hotels that support SPG’s new app.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: As SPG members, we can hardly wait to try this out. Especially the “drinks” part. And, the cool thing is that this is only the beginning!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Rainy Day” for the heads up.]


  1. Anyone who has tried Disney World’s Magic Bands has gotten a taste of what the world will look like in a few years. Apple Watch will be just like those Magic Bands, except about a thousand times better and more functional, and out in the real world.

  2. Jumping ahead of the line is already good enough, but knowing that you’ll be jumping mostly ahead of the Android crowd makes it even more fun.

    The Apple ecosystem vs. Android is our new modern day class structure.

    Apple people are the nobility, while Android trash are the peasants.

  3. Out of interest from those who have used this SPG app how, or to be precise when would the watch recieve the message automatically, would this be triggered through iBeacon or the phone gps, some other trigger, or purely through the writer’s imagination.

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