Apple releases Safari 8.0.6

Apple today released Safari 8.0.6 which is recommended for all OS X Yosemite users.

Safari 8.0.6 contains improvements to security.

Apple today also released Safari 7.1.6 and Safari 6.2.6 for users of earlier OS X versions.

For detailed information on the security content of the Safari updates, visit:


  1. The actual security document for this Safari update is here:

    I note two whopping security holes that could PWN a Mac if exploited. This is, therefore, a critical update.

    Also, I would never use Safari 5 at this point in time due to the above noted whopping security holes and others. Use something still being updated that is backwards compatible with older versions of OS X, such as Leopard Webkit or Firefox, which still runs on OS X 10.6.

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