Home Depot to become largest retailer to accept Apple Pay

“Home Depot Inc. plans to enable Apple Inc.’s mobile-payment platform at its more than 2,000 stores, making it the largest retailer to accept Apple Pay,” Matt Townsend reports for Bloomberg.

“The retailer is updating its systems and intends to offer Apple Pay after the upgrade is complete, Home Depot spokesman Steve Holmes said, without providing a timetable for the rollout,” Townsend reports. “Customers already were able to use Apple Pay at some of Home Depot’s stores, although an agreement with Apple wasn’t in place. The world’s largest home-improvement retailer could accept mobile payments because its checkout terminals have near-field communication readers. Those devices have been turned off during the upgrade.”

Townsend reports, “Home Depot will join chains like Macy’s Inc. and Whole Foods Market Inc. in accepting Apple Pay at stores.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Okay, so — whew! — let’s all patronize Home Depot as soon as they activate Apple Pay!

In the future, Home Depot might want to consider making such announcements before they turn things off unexpectedly.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Dan K.” and “Rainy Day” for the heads up.]

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      1. So you think the backlash got to them, so they came up with a lame reason those NFC terminals were shut off? Yeah, I think that too. Home Depot is an outfit I patronize a lot. I was sorry to have to put ’em on my shit list , and now I am happy to take ’em off th list. As long as the suits running the company realize who’s really in charge, the consumer, I won’t hold a grudge.

        1. They got rid of the guy who didn’t understand the consumer was in charge. Nardelli is now out ruining other companys, you know because he is a Jack (off) Welch disciple.

        2. More, I’m surprised, but maybe not, that Warren Buffett doesn’t get a lot more heat to being in a partnership with that cut throat outfit 3G Capital.

          They are the 2015 version of robber barons. At Heinz they just gutted everyone older than 50, and replaced them with 20 somethings at 1/2 or 1/4 the pay. They are working those people like slaves. They don’t even have cubes, they work at round tables. Every day you get to pick what table you work (slave) at. Man, that’s just a nasty legacy he’s leaving. He’s trying to buy his way into heaven with little Billy Gates.

    1. As I’ve been chattering with lobomac:
      A) Maybe the source information about HD dumping Pay was wrong.
      B) Maybe this is HD PR mandating that dumping Pay be reversed after the likes of us made a loud noise about it.
      C) Maybe this is HD further fumbling and bumbling. (Which is how they managed to have customer credit card accounts stolen last year, after LOADS of warning about the ongoing problem starting with the very public Target account robbery fiasco.

  1. You fools! This is just a ruse. THD announce they are cutting Apple Pay and then on the same day relent and announce they are going to support Apple Pay “some time in the future”. This “future” may never come.

    Here’s what just happened:
    a) They cut off Apple Pay
    b) Backlash from people who say they will not shop at THD knee-capped before it got out of hand.
    Job done.

    Don’t bee fooled until they “actually” enable Apple Pay.

    1. Where/when did they “announce” anything?………………………

      Oh wait, they just turned ALL contactless payments off for a few days and people like YOU assumed they made some announcement about abandoning apple pay.

      I was in jack in the box the other day and their credit card reader was down, they abandoned apple pay!!!!!!!!

      I swear that so many Apple fanboys take everything remotely connected to Apple way to seriously, and every action by any company for any reason.. Is either to work with Apple or to attack Apple.
      Maybe things happen that have nothing to do with Apple…

      Here is what really happened:

      And guess what? Absolutely nothing to do with Apple, directly anyway.

  2. Now I know why android douches call you sheep. Apple shops where they get the best value because they’re not idiots—profit is king. “Oh no! Let’s boycott! Oh wait, it’s ok now!” Yinz should be be ashamed.

    1. It’s like what MDN is fond of saying ‘..If a retailer wants to antagonize their most well-heeled customers’ they are the ones that will end-up losing the battle.

  3. That article does not say that Home Depot IS going to put Apple Pay in all of their stores … just that they would like to. I would like to be 6′ 2″ tall …

    1st sentence, 4th paragraph –

    “IF it pushes ahead with the plan, Home Depot would join chains like Macy’s Inc. and Whole Foods Market Inc. in embracing Apple Pay at stores.” (emphasis on IF)

  4. I was surprised, pleasantly, to find that Big 5, that great sports store, you know, they accept Apple Pay. She said I was the first person to use it. haha
    I use it wherever I can as I wish it to catch on as fast as possible.

  5. If ain’t broked, don’t fix it.
    This is all suspicious. Looks more like “quickly, tell the PA guy to say something before we lose more customer because our stu pid decisions “

    1. All retailers have to upgrade their systems by the end of the year… Guess what HD just did?

      Upgrade. I know it’s hard to read beyond the headlines and the BS in the comments section.

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