Russian legislator accuses Apple, U2 of violating Russian law against gay propaganda among minors

“A Russian legislator has accused Apple and the band U2 of violating the Russian law ‘against gay propaganda among minors’ by uploading U2’s latest album, Songs of Innocence, to iTunes customers worldwide, including Russia, in September 2014,” Vladimir Kozlov reports for Billboard. “Alexander Starovoitov, a member of the Russian State Duma, the lower chamber of Parliament, asked the Prosecutor’s Office to investigate the incident.”

“‘Just like many citizens of the Russian Federation, I am an iPhone owner,’ Starovoitov said in the address to the Prosecutor’s Office, quoted by the Russian daily Izvestia. ‘In 2014, tracks by U2 were uploaded in a viral way to my Music folder in iTunes, with the album cover featuring what I believe to be two men engaged in a manifestation of non-traditional sexual relations,'” Kozlov reports. “Starovoitov apparently referred to the album’s cover photo featuring the band’s drummer Larry Mullen, Jr. embracing his 18-year-old son, Elvis, while both are shirtless.”

Kozlov reports, “Back in September 2014, U2 explained on its web site that the image was supposed to show ‘in the visual language, how ‘holding on to your own innocence is a lot harder than holding on to someone else’s.'”

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MacDailyNews Note: Below are two Songs of Innocence album covers from our iTunes music library (the free giveaway cover on the left and the album cover currently on sale in the iTunes Store on the right):

U2's Songs of Innocence album covers via Apple's iTunes
U2’s Songs of Innocence album covers via Apple’s iTunes


  1. Wow. Just… wow.

    It isn’t a popular stance, but I, too, am against the usual gay agenda/propaganda.

    But this… This is so obviously not gay men in “sexual relations”. There’s innocence (thanks, U2!), and then there’s obliviousness. Russia is obviously the latter.

    1. This legislator from Russia has stopped short from right-wing legislators in US who say gays should be gunned or killed by any convenient way, but obviously all right-wingers in the world are not too far from each other.

      What is ironic is that the same right-wing legislators around the world (not only in USA and Russia) are so alarmed by Islamist fundamentalist radicals, but yet they want to install their own Sharia law and kill all kinds of “morally wrong” people.

      1. Uhhhh huh? What “legislator” in the US is saying we should “Gun Down” gays. Theres a “slight difference” in “we should’t allow same sex marriage” to “gunning down” people. A little less hyperbole goes a long way way….

      2. The fact that your horrendously facetious post that claims a US legislator wants to “gun down” gays has so many up votes shows how horribly bias and ignorant the voters are at this site. Hopeless brainless idiots.

    2. That’s a somewhat balanced view, although I am always lost when people get worked up about a “gay agenda/propaganda”.

      The much fewer gay messages only stand out because we are so used to a norm of constant heterosexual sexual messaging. TV shows, books, music, plays, news and other culture bombard us with heterosexual sex, references to affairs, prostitutes, strippers and above all else, a constant visual stream of girls showing skin and posing sexually.

      As someone who appreciates the opposite sex, I am fine with all the sexualization.

      As someone who wants everyone else to be happy too, I support any group speaking up about their particular issues or being in the open about their own feelings. That is not “propaganda”.

    1. This particular legislator is definitely latent homosexual; there are even photos of him from his younger years where he wears a wig and fake bust.

      Yet now he is so eager to deny his of nature that he goes through incredible lengths to prove he is “so not gay”.

      The reality, of course, is actual “not gays” do not care about those issues much at all, whether they are in Russia or in USA.

  2. Why can’t Apple change the cover? If the album is stuck in my playlist, just change the picture on the cover.

    This is an easy fix. Just do it now Apple!

    1. It isn’t Apple’s to change. Apple is just a store; cover belongs to U2 and only U2 can make that decision. Somehow I feel that isn’t happening.

  3. It’s not Russia, it’s one Russian legislator. In America, I can name more than a few American legislators (of the “nutjobs and kooks variety) that would agree with this complaint.

      1. And there is this law in some American states that you need not serve anyone or hire anyone that looks gay.

        …and that ones a queer, he don’t look right to me, Get em up against the wall. Pink Floyd.

  4. I can’t believe I actually tried to listen to that album…. I will never get that time back – every song s the same ole drone… Horrible boring music..

  5. In the words of the immortal Tom Lehrer:

    “For filth, I’m glad to say, is in the mind of the beholder!”

    This assumes, of course, that there is a mind and it is working, even if dysfunctionally.

  6. “In 2014, tracks by U2 were uploaded in a viral way to my Music folder in iTunes, with the {White Album} cover featuring what I believe to be two men engaged in a manifestation of non-traditional sexual relations,”

    White album cover aside, this was way back in September of 2014 and you waited till now to do something about it?!?!?

    I guess grandstanding is more important to you than protecting what you consider to be your morality.

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