OS X pro tip: How to create a Fusion Drive for your Mac using any SSD and HDD

“Storage is and, for the foreseeable future, will continue to be a large concern for end users and businesses alike,” Jesus Vigo writes for TechRepublic. “Despite the significantly lowered cost per GB of Solid State Drives (SSDs) and the outright dive in prices for old-school mechanical hard disk drives (HDD), users are always clamoring for more space and faster speeds.”

“Ideally, SSDs are great for increased performance, and when they’re configured in a RAID array, the storage limits are only the available ports and your pocketbook,” Vigo writes. “But still, a 2, 4, or 6 TB HDD presents more storage at a much lower price point than an SSD equivalent.”

“However, what if you could have speed and storage benefits by merging both?” Vigo writes. “This can be achieved by leveraging OS X’s Core Storage technology to create a DIY Fusion Drive of your own, using any SSD and HDD you wish.”

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  1. “outright dive in prices for old-school mechanical hard disk drives (HDD)”

    .?? How old is this article? Hard disk prices have gone up quite a bit over the last few months …

  2. I have a Mac mini that has a DIY Fusion drive that I created over two years ago and it is still going great through two OS upgrades. I think this hybrid approach makes a lot of sense, so long as it is married to fast spinning drives. I’d also recommend OWC SSDs – they cost a bit more, but they make the TRIM issues moot.

    1. Agreed. OWC has very good solutions for Fusion on Mac Minis, from adding an internal second drive to stacking an SSD with the Mac Mini. Gradually the SSD prices are coming down. The speed difference is remarkable. OR, when the Mac Mini’s original HDD hits that age when flakiness sets in and it’s time for a new drive…

      [I do not and have not worked for OWC…]

      1. If you are running on a battery (laptop) then running just SSD (dismount your HD if you have two volumes in your laptop like me) and your battery will last a LOT longer.
        I only mount my HD on battery when I need it for a short time, then I dismount the thing.

        That said, I LOVE Apple’s fusion drive on my desktop.

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