​iOS 8 now on 81 percent of all Apple devices

“iOS 8 is now powering 81 percent of all Apple smartphones, its share continuing to climb steadily since its release eight months ago,” Liam Tung reports for ZDNet.

The latest iOS version distribution figures come from Apple’s developer page, which gives a snapshot based on the iPhone and iPad devices that connected to the App Store on April 27,” Tung reports. “According to the stats, iOS 7 runs 17 percent of iOS devices, while the remaining two percent are on older versions of the operating system.”

“While Google has been addressing Android version fragmentation through Google Play Services, its distribution figures for the week leading to April 6 show a wildly different picture to Apple’s orderly transition,” Tung reports. “Last month, the latest version of Android, Lollipop, climbed to just over five percent, despite being released six months ago.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Thinking of all of those indestructible original iPads that have been handed down to kids and grandparents that are stuck on iOS 5.1.1.

Google’s BlackBerry clone hastily turned iPhone clone, Fragmandroid, remains – as Karma dictates- an unholy mess.


  1. Does anyone realize how amazing 81% is?? That has to kill in Google boardrooms. That is a huge deal for product advancement without worrying about leaving a base behind or backwards compatibility. It also says Apple customers are smart/techie and are hungry for the latest. The only problem with my iPad 2 is that I’m not convinced I need a faster one…it works just fine and appears will last an even longer time. I think that is the real iPad problem.

    1. The reason so many people moved to iOS 8 is because iOS 7 sucked big time. Apple wouldn’t have to release a major update every year if it had better quality out of the gate. Or maybe the rushed schedules are causing the the quality issues, who knows. Point is, Apple OS quality has not been where it used to be. iOS8 gets the stability back to where iOS 6 was. On the Mac front, Yosemite remains less stable and poor at memory management than Mavericks or even Snow Leopard. Apple needs to stop obsessing about incrementing the number every year and spend more time getting it clean and user-friendly. With font and color options please.

  2. I used to have a Galaxy Ace that is stuck on gingerbread 2.3, i can only used it for a year. OS experience is even worse than expected. Costs me RM700.

    in 2013, I bought the iPhone 5 that can be used for up to 5 years thanks to the OS upgrade and it costs me RM2499. It might look expensive but worth every cents. The OS experience is better than excellent.

    Some people don’t have the capacity to think about after the purchase and only think about the moment of purchase. Apple is about long term investment, a product you can use for a long time, and have superb user experience.

  3. But still only very minimal customisation allowed. For example, my eyesight is not so great, I’d like to be able to resize the app icons and the app name. I probably only use six apps most of the time, so why cannot I have my front page just six big icons? I don’t care if the default stays the same, but Apple is missing some interface tricks.

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