Tim Cook teases a major new Apple product

“Apple’s earnings call was full of interesting numbers and nuggets,” Matt Vella reports for TIME Magazine. “The company is on a tear, with massive iPhone and Mac sales.”

During Apple’s conference call with analysts last evening, Cook said: “It’s about giving customer something they want. Giving it with Apple’s classic ease of use. I think HBO in particular has some great content. We are marrying their great content and our great ecosystem. There is a lot [of] traction in there. And so where could it go? I don’t want to speculate, but you can speculate probably as good as I can about where that can go. I think we’re on the early stages of just major, major changes in media that are going to be really great for consumers, and I think Apple could be a part of that.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We so hope to see some major, major movement on Apple TV at WWDC 2015 in June!

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  1. Members of the cartel of companies (Disney in the guise of ESPN, Comcast in the guise of NBC, Murdoch in the guise of Fox) that control TV content are suing Verizon over thin packages with optional bundles as a violation of their contracts.

    That kind of signals the attitude of the cartel toward unbundling channels- as most of the worthless bullshit channels we all subsidize with out outrageous cable or satellite TV bills are theirs. I hope Apple can force a change, but I am not that confident.

    1. Already ditched $100/month cable for $15/month Hulu + Netflix. Never looked back.

      If I can’t find something to watch between Hulu, Netflix and Youtube, then I don’t really want to watch TV.

      (With the caveat that I don’t give a F*** about televised sports. Never watched them, never cared to. But if that’s your thing, enjoy your $100/month cable bill for a while longer, because I don’t see live sports being unbundled anytime soon. The cartels know full well that’s the only thing keeping young to middle-aged males subscribing.)

      1. Yea, haven’t done it yet, but going to sit down with the wife and review the channel list and see what we can drop down to.
        I finally created a Youtube account and started adding channels that interest me. The other free source that many forget about is Podcasts & iTunes U. Both free. Just need an easier way to have a TV guide like interface when wanting to see “what’s on”.

      2. i feel sorry for the elderly crowd, like my mother. they are used to switching channels and finding something on by clicking up & down. they also trust comcast too much. you wouldn’t believe how many elderly people are paying over $200+ per month for comcast triple play, cause when they call for cable thats what the jerk on the line sells them. they accept order cause they think that is what is needed.

        My mother convinced her friend to cancel everything except basic cable. now she pays $25 per month. she didn’t even use the phone or internet service

      3. When I called DirecTV to cancel, they offered me a non-advertised package that eliminated ESPN and other sports channels at a savings of $10 or $15 off the normal “standard” package. With other “specials,” they cut my bill by about a third. It’s amazing what happens when you threaten to quit.

      4. I do Netflix + HBO Now. I am loving HBO Now.

        I have not had cable or local channels for over a decade. No commercials or dumbed-and-biased-for-TV “news” makes me a happy sane person.

      5. Hulu has commercials.. (So does Hulu Plus). So I’d never use it as a regular means of getting shows (as a backup for a very very rare missed/corrupted recording, it’s useful).

        I don’t care about sports, but live news is useful.

    2. The incentive for these antiquated approaches to the media business are already there. What we’re watching is intransigence, inertia, laziness, tech-ignorance and the usual ‘spirit of the age’ in biznizz: Screw Thy Customer, aka parasitism. With time, this bad old BS will have to corrode and die as the decrepit bundle model is gradually rejected, as cables are cut, as Internet streaming takes over the general revenue stream.

      It’s confounding to watch nasty old antiquated biznizz practices attempt to continue standing on creaky old legs. But taking one look at Murdoch makes it clear that the old guard is intrenched and is going to have to die off before they let loose the future from their boney old hands.

      So old guard: Start dying off please! 😘🔪🔪🔪

    3. This is what happens when five companies control virtually all of the media content in this country — and two of those five own most of the cable franchises. We need to break up these massive companies, but neither political party is going to go there…

      1. A nice thing about Net Neutrality is that eventually that will become TV neutrality, etc., as the Internet becomes the only information intermediary the ability to bundle TV for geographically trapped audiences is going away.

        I look forward to the day when new TV channels or isolated shows can get introduced to customers ala cart in a level playing field.

  2. To access the shows I want to see – I have to pay $130/mo at this time. Or I could pay $0 and become a criminal.

    Some of what I want, is available, online. Now that we have HBO Now, it helps, a little bit. But there’s quite a few shows I like, which only come in cable packages, and that sucks, big time.

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