Apple Watch tips and tricks: Handoff, AirPlay, and more

“The Apple Watch is a brand new product platform for Apple, offering a significantly different experience compared to Apple’s already established platforms, iOS and Mac OS,” Husain Sumra reports for MacRumors.

“As the device is getting onto more and more wrists over the coming days, weeks and months, we’ve collected a bunch of helpful tips to help users acclimating to Apple’s brand new platform in this video [below],” Sumra reports. “If you’ve just got your Apple Watch and need help setting it up we’ve got a guide to help you get it up and running.”

Sumra reports, “Additionally, you can head over to our forums, where new Apple Watch users are discussing Apple’s newest device and sharing their home screens and watch face customizations.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple Watch users should check out as many Apple Watch user discussions as possible. We’re always finding out new things about this new platform. Exciting days!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. He didn’t say anything about airplay, did he?
    Also, how do you remote control the camera in your iphone? I hear somewhere it can do that (the android stupid watches even give you the viewfinder of what is the phone focusing).
    I can’t believe they didn’t put that feature on the Apple Watch, there must be somewhere.

        1. I am not speculating or trolling. I AM ASKING. English language does not have the initial question mark like you have In your Mexican language, just the last one (“?”). So if you just see the closing question mark, you have to look for the beginning of the sentence and there you have the question.
          If I’m trolling some one is the stupid android watches, just so you know, even if you listen to the world “stupid” that much, it is not a real brand.

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