Apple’s iPhone 6 beats Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 in gaming performance

“Our latest report, “Battle of the Sixes,” has just been published and it offers something pretty interesting: The first objective comparison of the Apple iPhone 6 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 on the basis of real-world gaming performance,” GameBench reports.

“We’re able to do this thanks to the iOS version of GameBench, which, in concert with the Android version, means we can test the same games according to the same criteria (namely, graphical smoothness) across both platforms,” GameBench reports. “We’ve picked a sample of ten high-end games for this purpose, including titles like GTA: San Andreas, Monument Valley and Marvel: Contest of Champions. For some added context, we’ve also included performance data for the Google Nexus 6 and the HTC One M9.”

“You can see a snapshot of our results in in the graphs below, which reveal a 10 percent average lead for the iPhone 6 across the ten high-end games that we tested,” GameBench reports. “The iPhone 6 tended to run games more smoothly, with a higher average frame rate that was very stable and rarely dropped below 30fps. The Galaxy S6 came a pretty close second, with a greater frequency of performance bottlenecks that pushed the framerate below the 30fps threshold. The HTC One M9 and Nexus 6 came third of and fourth respectively, showing serious performance slow-downs in some games.”

GameBench iPhone 6 vs. Galaxy S6 benchmarks

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote back in October:

Apple, the only smartphone maker who’s not saddled with off-the-shelf processors and an off-the-shelf operating system, tailors the hardware to the software and vice versa. The wannabes simply have no hope to match Apple’s iPhone with their mismatched, off-the-rack commodity hardware and lowest common denominator software.

The gulf between Apple’s revolutionary iPhone and the consumer-grade knockoffs only grows wider with each successive iPhone generation.

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[Attribution: BGR. Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Brawndo Drinker” and “John Burroughs” for the heads up.]


    1. Oh man, someone 1-stared a post that’s pro-Apple. I guess now I’ll sell my Apple stock and tens of thousands of dollars of Apple equipment, digital content, and migrate all my digital life into lower-tier hundred dollar pieces of shite and praise Samsung for leading the way.

      1. I don’t know whether you are sarcastic or what or did you see the other articles on MDN where any pro apple posts gets like SEVERAL HUNDRED one stars?
        these are not trolls?

        interestingly not many Apple fans troll sites for android. We don’t think there are worth the bother or as aapl investors as any real threat.

        1. Yes was being fully sarcastic. I’ve seen the troll 1-stars, and don’t understand their undying compulsions to do that for days, weeks, months. Makes no sense that they put in that effort, and my sarcasm was simply my best guess at what they are hoping to achieve from it, which is complete unfathomable nonsense.

    2. just for fun i searched other articles on the same subject of S6’s dismal performance, and the trolls are there too!

      Many of them have fake “I love my s6 so much … ” they even use roughly the same words, paid trolls…..

    1. Unfortunately it won’t make it a difference, reading all the android wankers comments at BGR they say the S6 beats the iphone 6 in every way. Even when pointing out how much scamscum has copied the iphone you just get the typical ‘no Apple copied samsung blather’.

  1. Examining the minimum FPS graph, all phones list more than 24 FPS. Since smooth playback would be perceived at anything above 24 FPS, this is kinda moot. I mean, sure the iPhone is best in class, but it also suggests the Android phones aren’t crappy either, but just barely for the Nexus 6.

    Oh, and the iPhone 6, is not last years phone, it is very current. Apple just happens to give us next years phone, at launch. 🙂 Sometimes they come up with something 2 years before everyone else.

    I just wish they put better video cards in their rMBP. I have the latest 15″ rMBP, fully stocked. It came with nvidia GT 750m… I have a hard time getting full frame FPS greater than 17… Kinda disappointed. nvidia is already up to the 900 series, but Apple sticks with 2/3 year old cards.

    1. It really doesn’t make sense why Apple uses far older graphics cards in Macs than the competition except it likely produces greater profit margins for Apple. Apple may also be making an assumption that there aren’t enough gamers on the Mac platform to complain about antiquated hardware. I’m sure it can’t be Apple is unable to code up-to-date graphics drivers. A company with as much money and resources as Apple has on call should have no excuse for something like that. I can only think It must be for some cost-cutting reason. I wish there was a way to find out from some Apple source as to not draw incorrect conclusions.

      As far as Apple’s iPhone graphic processors being able to outpace the competition it probably matters very little because the anti-Apple media snobs are still going to say the iPhone is trailing behind the competition because that’s what they want to say, facts be damned.

    2. “Sometimes they come up with something 2 years before everyone else.”

      When Apple launches any new innovation, at always takes at least two years for others to make a useable copy of it – sometimes longer.

      1. This is precisely why I am “freaking excited” about the iPhone 7… They are going Thermo-Nuclear on the rest of the phone industry. I hope Samsung has strong toilets and in-house laundry.

  2. They shove 8 processors and lots of ram but don’t have software that can use it in a way that makes it work well and also doesn’t kill the battery in 10 minutes. Apple has the full widget and optimizes both the hardware and software which is how the iPhone 6 with half the processors and ram can easily beat the Samsung. There’s a lot more to do then shoving big processors to make it run fast and efficiently.

  3. Hahahahahahahaha! Android guys think of themselves as tech heads, yet even their hardware pales in comparison, despite having higher numbers.

    It’s like guys with 10″ cocks boasting about their 10″ cocks that need Viagra to function.

  4. Good design is all about balancing trade-offs. For instance a brighter screen draws more power, or having more camera pixels makes the image noisier. Simply going for bigger numbers can introduce a downside. One of Apple’s strengths is the ability to carefully consider all these trade-offs so that you get a balanced solution that works well when judged as a whole.

    These sorts of things will never appear on specification check lists, so are rarely considered by reviewers, but users soon discover that some products work well while others are less useable. They may not understand the technicalities that make it better, but they certainly know that it’s better.

  5. I believe this has to do with 64bit. Not sure if the others use it as it’s new to Android and no one will talk about it. They can’t admit they are now over 2 years behind. Are the apps rewritten for 64bit too? I am actually surprised how downplayed this is in Android. Now with the large screens and larger batteries that come with them Android has lost their biggest advantage.

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