Apple being ‘bombarded’ with inquiries on Apple Watch arrival

“The Apple Watch, which officially goes on sale April 24, won’t initially be available for purchase in stores, a break from how the tech company has introduced past products,” Tim Higgins reports for Bloomberg. “Instead Apple will continue to accept purchases only online, as it has since pre-orders began earlier this month, according to Angela Ahrendts, senior vice president of retail and online stores.”

“‘We know you’re being bombarded by questions from customers,’ Ahrendts said in a company video Tuesday. ‘Will you have product in the store for purchase on the 24th? This is why last week we announced that due to the high global interest and the initial supply, that we would only be taking orders online right now,'” Higgins reports. “‘This is just a very unique situation,’ Ahrendts said in the video, which was first reported by French enthusiast website Mac4Ever. ‘The Watch is an entirely new category. It’s much more personal with all of the different options. We really wanted the customer to work with you so you could guide them, take the time to get the one they wanted and by doing it online we could make sure that we get them the best service and the one they want the most efficiently.'”

Higgins reports, “‘We love our iconic, blockbuster launches that we do in the stores and have absolutely no fear you will see those’ again, Ahrendts said.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Will these iconic, blockbuster launches com with or without scalpers blocking actual customers from buying products on launch days? If it’s the former, as it was for the iPhone 6/Plus launch, count us out.

When demand vastly exceeds supply, there’s only so much the shopkeep can do. Good luck, Angela and good luck, Apple, at ramping up production!


  1. Idunno. Maybe I’m reading into this video, but I thought Ahrendts looked very nervous and unrepared throughout. This video appeared to me as a sort-of clusterfsck CYA presentation. It just looked very odd and unpolished. I don’t think it even looked believable in the context of a management-to-team presentation. I know I’m wrong, but, hey, that’s just how I saw it.

      1. Based on Ahrendt’s performance thus far, and her horrible presentation skills, she needs to be held far away from any official Apple presentations. I remain completely unimpressed with her excuses for lack of preparation.

  2. This seems like a more unique personal product than usual hobbled with slow takeoff yields. All of this will shake out quickly. By Christmas this year I anticipate few will hardly remember.

    It’s not as though there’s another “killer” watch alternative out there besides Apple’s. And I think people, while they may be essentially impatient entitled spoiled children prone to tech tantrums, also understand the problems of a new product that a lot of people want all at once.

    Personally while I’m looking forward to getting mine in “June” sometime, it doesn’t keep me up nights. When it DOES arrive it will probably be part of your life for a very long time. Maybe you need to actually look at it whenever you receive one it will make you glad – as an EARLY Christmas gift. (Playing the Glad Game here.) 🙂

  3. Do not deny us the grass roots aspect of our communal activity in Appledom: Standing in line with like-minded individuals.

    Do not transform Apple’s enthusiasm into a solitary, mechanical online purchase.

  4. So what makes pre-ordering different from ordering starting April 24 if the method of purchase is still only online? Will other retailers be taking online orders for Apple Watch starting April 24? If not shouldn’t the online ordering continue to be called pre-ordering till there are some for sale at least at the Apple Store?

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