Apple highlights environmentally-friendly projects with new video

“Apple, following last year’s Earth Day, again has highlighted the achievements it’s made in improving the environment,” Chris Ciaccia reports forTheStreet.

“In an update to the company’s Web site,” Ciaccia reports, “Apple changed the environmental responsibility page, noting some of the company’s recent announcement’s including the partnership with The Conservation Fund to buy 36,000 acres of land.”

“In addition to the updated Web page,” Ciaccia reports, “Apple also posted a video on YouTube to highlight its achievements.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: Apple’s video description via the company’s YouTube Channel:

Apple’s commitment to the environment starts from the ground up. We strive to create not only the best products in the world, but the best products for the world. And over the past year, we’ve made significant progress through projects that focus on renewable energy and forest preservation. Learn how we are leaving the world better than we found it.

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  1. Amazing isn’t it? Yet mainstream media rarely talks about Apple’s efforts in this area. You hear HP, Microsoft, DELL and so on, yet no mention of Apple…

  2. Apple is becoming a company with a commitment to religious fundamentalism. It is increasingly taking rigid positions based not on economic benefit to the company and shareholders but based on adherence to a new religion which believes in the Earth god and sexual libertinism. These things are not just private beliefs of the executives but are becoming the public policy positions of the company, with the executive team actively promoting the idea that customers and shareholders who don’t share in the orthodoxy of this new faith are not welcome. It is a sort of religious cleansing Apple is now involved with, placing its religious beliefs in Mother Earth and unrestricted sex as core beliefs that now trump basic economic justification (for environmental initiatives for example) and customer sensitivity and openness (where now other faiths are told in clear terms they are not welcome. For some reason, Muslim adherents who advocate execution of homosexuals are deemed to be good customers and they are not required to adopt the New Apple Faith.

    1. I think you might be well served checking out the work “oikos” at Wikipedia or some other reference system. The concept behind this work unites the ideas of ecology and economy being inexorably connected and the realization that both are important.

      I don’t see any examples of Apple dictating that other faiths are not welcome to purchase their products. Insofar as I know anyone, be it muslims, hindus, christians, buddhists, agnostics and atheists are welcome to purchase Apple products.

    2. I’m going to bet you have no access to Apples cost/benefit analysis on any of this. It could be you’re just clueless about how to actually run a business. Some people focus on the avoidance of spending a visible penny now, while missing the greater savings associated with spending the penny and avoiding future costs.

      “Penny wise and pound foolish” is the term for that.

      As for your general anguish, be calmed. Rush says it’s OK to use Apple products.

    3. Wow, just when I think that kent has blathered his worst…

      kent, you should be very careful about conflating Apple with religion and faith. There is a long and unpleasant history of identifying Apple fans as brainwashed religious zealots. When you use that approach, you automatically alienate a large percentage of your intended audience. That should be of some concern to you, because your previous posts on this forum have probably already alienated the rest of your intended audience. I do not understand why you seem to believe that the rest of us are incapable of logical and reasoned judgment when it comes to Apple.

      You have a point about the viewpoints of corporate management becoming the public policies of the corporation. Even when I agree with those viewpoints, I do not necessarily want the corporation to be used as a bully pulpit. In this case, however, I am comfortable with the positions that Apple and Apple management has taken. Regarding your snide comments about Mother Earth and the Earth God, I freely admit to being a tree hugger. In my opinion, it is the people who are not tree huggers who should be embarrassed.

      I do not see how the viewpoints of Apple management are adversely impacting the consumer to any degree. There may be an indirect cost impact, at least in the short term, but Apple is so efficient in other ways that I do not perceive Apple’s environmental and renewable energy initiatives to be a serious issue in terms of costs passed on to consumers. In the long term, those initiatives may actually reduce costs. In the end, consumers can choose to buy Apple products or those of its competitors, as they see fit. If these viewpoints cause a significant number of consumers to turn away from Apple, then you may have an argument.

      Management viewpoints as expressed in terms of corporate policies can have an impact on the performance of Apple and, thus, AAPL shareholders. But shareholders can buy or sell the stock at their discretion. Shareholders can also take the initiative to engage the BoD at the annual meetings. So the control remains with consumers and shareholders.

      kent, I have often thought that you need some professional help. It certainly could not hurt.

  3. Lisa Jackson, the completely unqualified Democrat hack EPA administrator and Al Gore syncope any who now heads up the environmental initiatives at Apple is taking Apple into projects which are popular among leftists but do not withstand economic analysis. These projects are now used to brand Apple as environmentally virtuous without rigorous cost benefit analysis. The huge solar field has obviously marred an otherwise pristine desert setting as much or more that a pipeline would have effected ANWR in Alaska but this is not even given consideration. The damage to the desert is being done by Apple so it is not open to debate. But these precious projects have serious negative consequences just like ANWR or Keystone but no criticism is allowed because Apple is now a spiritual entity and it cannot be questioned. This truth is evident from the comments on this board where any serious debate is not permitted. Religious intolerance at its best

  4. When solar farms start springing leaks and contaminating groundwater and surface water, come back. Who pays you, anyway? I know good examples by business leaders are an embarrassment for the real polluters and environmental pillagers, but give everyone a break. Don’t waste our time too.

    1. First, the lack of Keystone means our oil is now transported from Canada by trains owned by Warren Buffett and this year their have been several derailments with much oil spilled. So you know nothing of pipelines. Second the solar arrays destroy the acreage on which they sit and kill many birds, as do windmills. Entire traditional energy source projects have been scrapped for this level of damage. And solar is not a consistent source so it requires added capacity of traditional coal or other energy to meet nighttime needs. It costs more than the other sources in a full cost evaluation,

  5. Pipelines in 2015:

    On January 14, during work to free a trapped inline inspection unit, a leak was discovered on the Evangeline Pipeline, near Cameron Parish, Louisiana. This pipeline had been given a Corrective Action Order in October 2014, due to a number of leaks.[490][491][492]
    Also on January 14, a gas pipeline exploded and burned, near the Ross Barnett Reservoir in Brandon, Mississippi, creating a sizable crater in the ground and burning 6 acres of vegetation, before the fire was extinguished. No injuries were reported. The failure was due to a “hard spot” from manufacturing, that already had a repair sleeve on it. There are 788 sleeves on the Index 129 pipeline from Edna, Texas, to Sterlington, Louisiana; and, 726 sleeves on the Index 130 pipeline from Marchand Junction, Louisiana to Kosciusko, Mississippi. Both were built from pipe made in 1952.[493][494][495]
    On January 19, oil from a broken pipeline seeped into the Yellowstone River, and contaminated the water supply 10 miles south of Glendive, Montana. The release was from Bridger Pipeline LLC’s 12-inch Poplar line, which can carry 42,000 barrels a day of crude from the Bakken formation and runs from Canada south to Baker, Montana. Bridger Pipeline is a subsidiary of True Cos., a privately held Wyoming-based company. The company said in a statement that the pipeline was shut down within an hour of the leak.[496][497]
    On January 21, a crude oil pipeline pump station caught fire northwest of Texas City, Texas. Texas City fire officials said that company officials reported that there had been issues with the pump station over the weekend.[498]
    On January 26, a 20-inch ATEX pipeline carrying ethane exploded and burned in Brooke County, West Virginia. Despite snow in the area, five acres of woodlands burned, and 24,000 gallons of ethane were consumed. Initial reports suspect a girth weld failure, with the pipeline being less than two years old. There were no injuries.[499]
    On February 25, a 26 inch crude oil pipeline in Navarro County near the Town of Dawson, Texas, failed, spill about 50 barrels of crude oil. Near the failure, investigation showed that the pipe had lost about 80% of it’s thickness, due to external corrosion. This anomaly was not seen in a 2011 test of this pipeline.[500]
    A pipeline Patrol pilot identified an oil sheen on a pond near Tehuacana Creek, Texas, which was then linked to a leaking 10 inch petroleum products pipeline on March 13. About 50 barrels of diesel fuel were spilled.[501]
    On April 9, 2 Williams Companies pipelines broke within hours of each other in Marshall County, West Virginia. A 4 inch condensate pipeline broke at 8 pm local time, spilling about 132 barrels of condensate into a creek. Around 10:50 pm local time, a 12 inch gas pipeline ruptured. There was no fire or injuries. Heavy rains were said to be the cause of the failures.[502][503]
    On April 13, a Kinder Morgan gas pipeline exploded and burned near Borger, Texas. One home was evacuated, but, there were no injuries or serious damage.[504]

    Pipelines are no mystery. That trains are not a suitable substitute is pretty self evident.

    Glad you were able to identify Warren Buffett as the evil behind the overloaded trains and failure of the ND oil industry to properly condition the crude for rail transit. I thought it might be the oil industry, failing at responsible behavior once again.

    Still trying to figure out what is lost when desert land starts producing useable energy. Nice thing about solar is that its peak production aligns so nicely with peak demand. I take my key from the legacy energy industry here. If they’re against something, it’s a warning they’re up to no good.

    1. Yes. so what. DO you drive a car? Do you use gas? Then you use pipelines. And pipeline are an order of magnitude safer that train transport of oil. Train spills of which there have been many this year usually drain right into major rivers.

      I have no problem with any energy as long as it is not government subsidized or given a level of scrutiny different from other forms. Windmills routinely kill bald eagles and other birds on the endangered lists in large numbers but for some reason windmills are OK but a power plant is not. Apple chooses to locate its HQ in one of the driest states in the country which right now is in a drought. It will consume large quantities of water in a state where there is not enough water to meet every day needs. Some of this is because California has chosen to destroy perfectly good dams and reservoirs and also to drain fresh water into the San Francisco Bay. Still, the state is in a drought and now Apple is adding the demand for water that is not there. That is very bad from an environmental standpoint but I have not heard any complaint about the “evil corporation” destroying the environment. Well, Apple should be thinking about relocating to a non-arid climate if it is so sensitive about these things.

      1. Kent – my neighbour uses Apple’s products and drives a huge Dodge RAM 3500 pick-up truck as a daily commute with himself as the only passenger, spewing out circa 10x the CO2 level of any normally sized commute car, apparently giving shit about climate change. Maybe that will help you feel better so you can get a good night’s sleep. You sure seem to need it!

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