Why you won’t be able to swap that extra Apple Watch Sport Band

“Apple had said that the sport band, available for the Apple Watch, comes in two sizes: S/M and M/L,” Kirk McElhearn explains for Kirkville.

“This led people to think that there were two bands in the package,” McElhearn writes. “This led at least one person to set up a website where people could swap their extra bands.”

McElhearn reports, “This is not the case, however, and Apple has updated the way they present the Apple Watch sport band, on their online store, to reflect this.”

Sport Band (includes 3 pieces to make either a S/M or M/L band)Apple Online Store

before the change, Apple’s description said: “Two bands.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Yes, this first came up in our reader comments on Tuesday and it’s good to see Apple clarify this.


  1. Well that changes everything. When I buy your discontinued Apple watch in 3 years to put next to my Newton Message Pad 1000, I will only pay $20 if all three pieces for the band are in the original packaging.

    1. To correct and update ramiuseng,
      was “I will only pay $20 if all three pieces for the band are in the original packaging.”
      S/b I will only pay 300$ for the watch if its functional and it has at least a band, I will pay 320$ if all three parts of the band are present.
      Should add,,,, if its still like new, and in the box, in 10 years someone will offer 10,000$ at a Christy auction.

      PS need the /s…… that is if you are NOT a troll. If you are one, excuse me, ignore the above and troll away to an android site. There the prices are totally right. LOL

      1. Nope I meant $20 bucks. I think this will be Mr. Cook’s product that does not make it. Everybody who has been at the helm at Apple has had at least one. If the watch interface is so important a piece of equipment, somebody is going to come up with the wireless equivalent to FireWire or ThunderBolt. Then the watch can be a personal statement (once again) and it will work with all phones, laptops, and desktops. The watch can be brand independent. I have non-Apple displays at home and non-Apple mice. I would love to see a Tag-Huer where you see the time piece below until the phone rings. Then the crystal darkens and becomes a display showing you who is calling.

        1. There is absolutely no evidence to support your belief that the Apple Watch will prove to be a failure. On the contrary, initial sales are excellent and the overall tone of the reviews is that the Apple Watch is a solid and polished first-generation product.

          Time will tell…and you are likely to be proven wrong.

    1. I’m suing!

      (I anticipate each Sport purchaser to receive $7.87 in settlement monies in 5 years when this class action suit is settled. THAT will teach Apple! Corporate bullies!)

  2. Alright! now this provides even more customization. I’ll trade my s/m black piece for your white m/l piece and now I can do an all black strap or a custom black/white strap. 😉

  3. there is also the aluminium/steel issue as well.

    You can’t mix steel straps with sport, made from Al, straps as they are chemically incomparable.

    As far as I can tell, if you buy a sport you can only use the sport strap.

    This puts me off buying the sport and after my visit to the apple shop I’m not sure I like the steel watch.

    I’d like a sport watch with the option of a leather strap. This is really puttin me off buying right now.

    1. It is certainly possible to run into galvanic corrosion issues when you place two dissimilar metals in contact in the presence of an electrolyte, such as sweat. Ships have battled this problem for a long, long time and use sacrificial zinc anodes to control the problem.

      But galvanic corrosion depends on a number of factors, and it is unclear to me why are you so certain that you cannot mix and match bands with the Apple Sport. What is the basis of your assertion?

      1. My physical intuition, initially and then I asked a watch ‘genius’ who confirmed that he’s been told not to sell steel straps for use on the sport watch.

        There is nothing on the apple web sight to do with this, yet. But I do note that I can’t order a sports watch with one of the steel option straps…

        I must also note that I really hope this is not the case. As I want the lightness of the Al watch with the comfort of the leather strap for non-sport activities.

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