9 new Apple technologies for WWDC 2015

“Apple watchers know we’ve come a long way since 2014,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld, “which means developers at WWDC 2015 on June 8-12 will get to explore a host of new technologies they didn’t know existed last year.”

Evans writes, “Each is interesting in isolation, but together they comprise a program of platform potential to justify Apple’s Internet chief, Eddy Cue’s 2014 promise of ‘the best product pipeline I’ve ever seen in 25 years.'”

9 new Apple technologies for WWDC 2015:
• Wearables
• Enterprise
• Siri
• Medical
• Payments
• Force Touch
• Streaming Music
• Television
• One More Thing…

Each of the nine bullet points above discussed in the full article here.


  1. I am sorry, but is the “New” unheard of items in the categories? This is a hogwash article. No substance. But I will always take, one more thing. I will take “One More Thing” for 1000, Alex.

  2. How many times did Steve Jobs actually say “one more thing”? I know he introduced some great products with that, however he didn’t say that every time he was on stage. I don’t believe Tim Cook or anyone else at Apple has ever said it.

    1. Careful, most of the fanboys here don’t know what that is, and you don’t want to be criticizing Apple’s pathetic inability to replace HFS+ lest they start calling you a troll, typically with the empty accusation that you must be on the payroll of a a misspelled Samsung company .

      Apple has serious issues as it continues to ignore important Mac issues like its inefficient files system and instead focus more resources on becoming a fashion seller that only wants to serve people with appointments.

      1. Yep, right on Mike. Apple is becoming a volume based trinket seller. I for one will NEVER forgive the abandonment of Aperture, the fiasco that Apple TV has become (and that a third grader could have rectified years ago), the endless buggy updates that don’t fix the existing bugs, and the obsessiveness with “thinness” over practicality . The continuance of HFS+ is another example. I’m well aware that any criticism on this forum results in personal attacks and troll accusations, but Apple has moved a long way from when it produced well thought out and executed products. Perhaps it was the real prospect of going to the wall that focussed Apple employee’s minds so well in the old days.

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