Here are the dates you can expect to get your Apple Watch

“You’re going to have to wait to get your Apple arm-candy fix,” Barbara Kollmeyer reports for MarketWatch. “That much appears to be clear as the indication is that preorders of Apple Inc.’s flashy electronic timepieces, which kicked off Friday, won’t be shipped to eager customers until sometime this summer.”

“Originally Apple had set an April 24 delivery date,” Kollmeyer reports. “But according to the Apple Store app, most of the watches won’t be available until, at the earliest, June, and at least one Apple Watch won’t be available until July.”

Kollmeyer reports, “If a three-month delay for the 42 millimeter space gray model doesn’t appeal to you, your best might bet might be the other Apple Watch models, which are currently showing shipping dates in four to six weeks.”

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MacDailyNews Take: With each report, it becomes clearer that not only using the iOS Apple Store app, with a favorited Watch, at exactly 12am PDT, but that choosing a Silver 42mm Sport with White band and then pairing it with a $49 Black Sport band bought later offered us a better chance than choosing the preorder config Space Black Sport with Black Sport Band which, as we guessed, would be quite a popular choice. (We were concerned about scratching the anodized Space Black to reveal silver aluminum with wear and simply preferred the contrast between the Silver and the Black band better.)

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  1. Barbara should be a novelist instead of writing for MarketWatch. Just in the first paragraph she writes “arm candy”, “Flashy”, “eager customers.” Not to mention her “…according to the Apple Store app, most of the watches won’t be available until, at the earliest, June, and at least one Apple Watch won’t be available until July.” Hey Babs, how many million Apple Watches will be in the wild in April and May, she doesn’t understand reporting versus writing.

  2. Six minutes into the pre-order window and my space gray/black band watch slipped into the “shipping by May 13-27” bracket.

    Six minutes. Son of a…

    1. 5 min put me into the same May 13-27 bracket. Instore pick up wasnt even an option!

      Just got back from a try on appt and the guy told me that any instore order would be placed on the same online ordering system ugh!!!! The space grey is even sexier in person. The steel with leather bands and Mickey watch face was also amazing.

    2. The email timestamp of my Apple receipt is 2:05 CDT. Same story: May 13-27. Space Gray Sport with Black went fast, especially since the Apple Store app connection to Apple was unavailable for several minutes after it was supposed to be.

      1. Exactly – 3 of my minutes the iOS portal to the store was unavailable. 2 additional minutes were spent ordering a beer (d’oh!) in the bar I was at.

        The beer was delicious though.

  3. It sucks but with all the hype not surprising they sold out fast.
    I’m with MDN. The apple store on my mac was not accessible until about 12.15AM. At around 12.10 I tried the iPhone app and was able to order. Took a screen shot of the order #. I still have not got a order confirmation but checking on the website shows the order has been placed and delivery in Mid May.
    It’s hard but we will need to be patient.

  4. re: MDN’s Take:

    You paid an extra $49 to have a bit of silver show between the band and face. And people want to question the Edition? There’s your answer!

  5. While it’s great for Apple’s growth, and stock, I kinda miss the days where you could casually stroll into a place after work on launch day, wait maybe 10 minutes at most, and get a brand new product and walk out the door. Now we have to struggle to get an order in at exactly midnight Pacific time and still wait months. Ridiculous. I had to wait a month to get my iPhone 6 Plus 128 GB Space Gray even though my email receipt was stamped 11:59pm day before preorder. I ordered my $1099 watch at 12:10am and have to wait until June. Ugh. Too many damn people. Even if Apple had a program where you pay $5000 a year for earlier access to ordering, too many people would probably even pay for that and that would be ruined too.

    1. I too had to had to wait a month for my unlocked T-Mobile 128 GB iPhone 6 Plus. But my order wasn’t placed until about 10am pre-order day morning by an Apple employee at my nearby Lis Gatos CA store as I spoke with her over the phone.💥😜😱😊

      Learned my lesson and spent last week quadruple checking everything was filled out and ready for last night atv12:01am to pull the trigger on 42mm Space Gray WATCH SPORT plus AppleCare+ immediately after the Apple Store went active. Did so and got April 24-May 8 order done in a matter of seconds not minutes.👀👍🏿😃😜

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