Apple Pay adds 39 more banks and credit unions

Apple Pay today added 39 banks and credit unions.

Over 180 banks and credit unions now support Apple Pay.

The latest additions to the Apple Pay family:

1st Advantage Federal Credit Union
American Savings Bank
Bank of Utah
Bellco Federal Credit Union
BMO Harris N.A.
Cambridge Savings Bank
Campus USA Credit Union
Centennial Bank
Citadel Federal Credit Union
Citizens Bank and Trust
Citizens Equity First Credit Union
Coastline Federal Credit Union
Community Choice Credit Union
Deseret First Federal Credit Union
ELS Federal Credit Union
Evansville Teachers Federal Credit Union
First Fidelity Bank
First Hawaiian Bank
Hilltop National Bank
Illinois State Police Federal Credit Union
JSC Federal Credit Union
Lafayette Federal Union
Logix Federal Credit Union
MidFirst Bank
Mission Federal Credit Union
Missoula Federa Credit Union
North Country Federal Credit Union
Northruo Grumman Federal Credit Union
Old National Bank
Point Loma Credit Union
Publix Employees Federal Credit Union
Robins Federal Credit Union
San Diego Credit Union
Stockman Bank of Montana
Technicolor Federal Credit Union
Truit Federal Credit Union
USAlliance Federal Credit Union
Utah Community Federal Credit Union

Apple Pay works with most of the major credit and debit cards from the top U.S. banks. Just add your participating cards and continue to get all the rewards, benefits, and security of your cards.

Apple’s full list of participating banks and credit unions is here.


  1. While this is nice, a huge amount is spent via corporate travel cards. I have noticed that my corporate bank does not support it’s corporate travel cards on Apple Pay, and looking at the list, no one else does either.

    Apple needs to figure this out because there’s a really big spend on those cards. Without support Apple losses an important part of it’s ecosystem for the enterprise.

  2. When will we see the next country? In Canada we heard that Apple Pay would come in March, but nothing happened. Apple Pay must expand, and more quickly.

    1. Yep. Getting a bit antsy about ALL these features that make me rush out to buy the latest iPhone only to be disappointed by the service NOT being available out side the US.

      Seems like we been waiting for iTunes Radio forever. Still no signs of that. Apple pay same thing.

    1. Nicely put tronny! You weren’t mean or disrespectful to the nice people on this site. You are showing promise. Keep up the good work.

      Of course tronny, you could have asked “What if the merchants get on board in a big way?” See the difference? A positive outlook rather than a negative one.

  3. Great to see this list of banks increasing, but how about a list of retailers? And more importantly locations of those retailers? For example, Chevron shows up as a supporting retailer, but I have yet to see a Chevron self-serv pump with an NFC reader (in Northern CA).

    This seems like a great idea for an app – I have seen the MasterCard Nearby app, but that only shows retailers with NFC devices that accept MasterCard, which included CurrentC locations…

    1. May I suggest that you frequent any and all stores that do support NFC payment and purchase at the ones that support Apple Pay and attempt to purchase at the ones that don’t support Apple Pay but just leave your ‘purchases’ at the cash register when they refuse your Apple Pay.

      If enough people do this, store owners will have to start accepting Apple Pay when they see the difference it makes in their sales.

      1. @Reality Check – that’s my point. If I knew which locations supported Apple Pay, I would frequent them. But, I am not to the point of abandoning purchases if a retailer does not accept Apple Pay – I hardly think it is the fault of the checkout clerk, nor is that clerk able to do anything about it.

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