Samsung paid 500 fake fans to attend Galaxy S6 launch event – report

“According to a report out of Shanghai, Samsung paid 500 people to pretend to be Samsung fans at a press conference held Friday in China to show off the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 edge,” Phone Arena reports.

“The 500 fake fans represented half of the 1000 who attended the event,” Phone Arena reports. “According to someone who recruited ‘fans’ for the manufacturer, Samsung was seeking people under 30 who looked like students.”

“They were each paid the equivalent of $4.80 USD once they stuck it out at the event for at least an hour,” Phone Arena reports. “The recruiters received the equivalent of $3.20 USD for each person they got to attend.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Fake “fans” for fake iPhones. How apropos!


  1. Is anyone surprise of this at a samsung event?.. well I am… but surprised that about 500 people attended with out getting paid. What a nightmare, and for those who did get paid, really? only 4.80 for sitting up and listen to a bunch of crap for about an hour? how little you value your time.

    1. I don’t know…but it certainly sounds plausible given Samsung’s history of slavish copying and general foul play. Samsung paid for good media reviews. Samsung cheated on performance benchmarks. Etc.

  2. “Phone Arena reports. “The recruiters received the equivalent of $3.20 USD for each person they got to attend.”

    The ‘recruiters will probably use the money to buy iPhones. Hint to ShameSkunk, most college kids can’t afford quality SmartPhones. 😀

  3. Here’s the part of the story that put a smile on my face . . .

    “The phoney fans were told to tell the press that they attended the event because they were Samsung fans or because they were interested in Sammy’s new phones. Yet, half of the people at the event were taking pictures of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge with an Apple iPhone.”

  4. Not surprising, they’ve done the Oscars with a fake self promotion, same with the London Olympics. It’s like they stopped reading after page one of ‘Business RDF…and Associated Risks’
    Wow…first non-redirect to*PrizeFun* in forever. What’s going on MDN? I don’t understand why someone can’t figure out which ads are responsible for the crap were being given.
    Uh uh…spoke too early, my other tab just redirected.

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