Apple: No walk-in purchasing for Apple Watch – appointment or online orders only

“We knew the Apple Watch was going to be sold in limited quantities on launch day—we just didn’t know how limited, nor how long the limited supply might last,” David Murphy reports for PC Magazine.

“Apple has finally chimed in to give some additional details about the Apple Watch’s big April 24 release date, and you might not be too thrilled if you’re used to waltzing in to your local Apple Store and doing whatever you want,” Murphy reports. “Apple told CNET that all Apple Watch sales will require some kind of online reservation. You won’t be able to just walk into a store, grab one off the shelf, and buy it on April 24.”

And this isn’t just a launch day peculiarity,” Murphy reports. “Until Apple changes its mind—which it might not—all Apple Watch purchases will require you to make an online reservation if you plan to pick up the device at an Apple Store.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Get set up for the first second of Apple Watch preorders on April 10th and good luck!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Bill” for the heads up.]


  1. I bet It’ll be just like setting up a Genius Bar reservation. You’ll walk in, and set up an appointment and might have to wait a little bit for that appointment. If you don’t want to wait, set up your appointment before you show up. Walk ins will be taken care of.

      1. Of course they will push for it. Just like they do for Genius Bar reservations. But if they have an opening when you walk in, they will help the customer. Just as they do for the Genius Bar.

        1. Yeah! It’s surreal to me that a vast swath of biznizziz don’t give a rat’s about trust amidst our current self-destructive fake ‘capitalism’ era, aka our parasitism era. Example: DUH Target! You made a wad of cash for the 2013 Xmas season, but you utterly DESTROYED your customer’s trust in you. 110 million accounts stolen because you WILLFULLY ignored four distinct, perfectly stated and understood WARNINGS that your company network and ALL your POS POS card scanners were infected with account stealing malware. You turned away, twice, and screwed your customers. Now you’re being pounded with lawsuits. Just DUH. 😛

          Apparently the brain-curdling meme is:
          ‘Make massive buck$ today and screw the future, oh and the customers too.’
          I don’t get it. Thank gawd.

        1. You’d be an hour late if you are are on PST. You should now be on Pacific Daylight Savings Time, PDST.

          Better yet, join us in Hawaii if you want to order “earlier”.

  2. I can’t wait for the inevitable anal-cyst shock and awe sales figures for Apple Watch, way beyond their limited comprehension skills to understand. Another tech history making day for out favorite fruit company.

  3. Only a vile heretic could not see how this watch will change the world. Surely no other entity other than Apple could offer humankind such a momentous and epochal moment. I’ll buy two so I always have a fully charged Watch on my wrist. (body writhes slightly) ahh..I am sure if I wear it long enough then the spirit of Steve Jobs will speak to me through it. From there I will find inspiration. (body shimmies, then quakes slightly) oh Jobs..ahh… how many days, how many hours till the 24th.. (begins shaking violently) uhh..ahhh (falls to the floor writhing, foam bubbling between lips) uhh.. Apple.. praise Jobs…uhh

  4. There are 38 Apple Watch models (watch/band combinations), curated into three collections. For Apple Stores not selling the gold watches, there are still 30 models. During the initial release, Apple knows it will be impossible to stock adequate supply of each model at every Apple Store, so that you can “just walk into a store, grab one off the shelf, and buy it.” That was NOT going to happen, even if Apple “changes its mind.” Apple Watch is not some Samsung watch that no one wants… 🙂

    Therefore, Apple does NOT want huge lines on April 24th (with some folks “camping out”), only to have “99%” of the those people disappointed at not getting their desired Apple Watch. It’s a customer experience consideration. So, make an appointment to view the collection in person, and select your Apple Watch if you want to buy. If that model happens to be available, you take it home. Otherwise, it will be shipped to you or to the Apple Store for later pickup, when available. OR you can order it online to be shipped to you or to an Apple Store for pickup.

    This practice will also drastically reduce the “grey market” during the initial launch. When production capacity eventually catches up with demand, THEN Apple can “change its mind.”

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