Apple ‘iPhone 7’ models likely to offer wireless charging

“Recent job listings by Apple point towards a stronger interest in wireless charging technologies, and potential inclusion in the iPhone 7,” Ewan Spence writes for Forbes. “Apple is hiring for a Santa Clara-based Senior Wireless Charging Design Engineer (reports The Motley Fool).”

“There’s no doubt that power is still a key feature of the modern smartphone. Maximizing the use of available power is one way to create a better mobile experience. Another is to make sure that it is incredibly quick and easy to recharge your mobile phone,” Spence writes. “”

“When could this happen? Well there are two issues that suggest to me that Apple is looking at the iPhone 7, rather than the upcoming ‘S’ update to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus,” Spence writes. “One issue is that of [physical] dimensions… The other issue in all of this is the timescale. The internals of the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus are likely very close to their final designs, and could shortly go into a small ‘beta’ production run for a decent sized batch of internal testing devices (ahead of a larger run that will seed the launch devices for September 2015).”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple will deploy it when they determine the technology is ready and up to Apple’s standards. Until then, we’re fine plugging in our iPhone 6 Plus units overnight as they last all day (and then some).


  1. “Apple will deploy it when they determine the technology is ready and up to Apple’s standards. Until then, we’re fine plugging in our iPhone 6 Plus units overnight as they last all day (and then some).”-MDN

    Good for you! I’m enjoying the convenience now. And when Apple does include it you will certainly extol the “innovation”.

    1. You come off like a typical robot! Open your eyes and focus on the reality. There are lots of reason to be concerned about people like you allowing a singular company to limit your need to further explore what other companies have to offer. Nation’s have crumbled due to their lack of foresight and respect for forces equal to if not greater than theirs.

      Home runs hit today have no bearing on anyone winning tomorrow.

    2. Doing it correctly and efficiently IS the innovation not using versions of an as yet mediocre implementation. Otherwise everyone would have been using, for example, touch authorisation on phones since Motorola introduced years ago. Instead it was dimly a gimmick that became a laughing stock part of the reason the company went from leader to irrelavence.

    1. No question wired charging is more efficient. Wireless charging is passive. Do I care abut efficiency overnight, or do I just lay down my phone and it’s full in the morning? Also, a desk dock can be used for intermittent charging during the day. But you’re absolutely right, for a fast charge wired is the best way. It’s not as if it’s either/or though.

  2. Wireless charging is a “solution” in search of a problem. It adds cost and provides inferior charging.

    Moreover, despite the wet dream that some people have that all data can be wirelessly transferred, Apple still needs to offer a wired data connector for the fastest most reliable syncing to Macs. That connector, Lightning, includes fast charging capability for a reason. For many of us, wires are far better than going all wireless.

    Finally, don’t forget about 3rd party accessories. Apple just completed a rather clumsy transition from the 30-pin Dock connector to Lightning. If Apple believed that all-wireless data and charging met usability standards, then Apple wouldn’t have bothered developing Lightning.

    For once I agree that it is wise for Apple not to jump behind its competitors and offer exactly what they do. In other areas, it seems Apple’s new strategy is to be a rapid follower rather than a true unique-capability innovator.

    For those who absolutely can’t stand wires, i am sure there are 3rd party charging accessories that can offer you what you seek.

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