The 4-inch iPhone 6c: Who’s it for?

“Rumors of a new 4-inch iPhone 6c are once again making the rounds,” Neil Cybart writes for Above Avalon.

“The idea of Apple expanding the iPhone line to include simultaneous development of three different screen sizes is intriguing because it may be the missing piece that allows Apple to reposition the iPhone line for a more sustainable future,” Cybart writes. “Given current smartphone market dynamics, it would be in Apple’s best interest to continue expanding the iPhone line as the product matures.”

“Not only would an updated iPhone with a 4-inch screen appeal to a certain segment of the market, but Apple could position the new model as a way to begin differentiating the iPhone line according to its primary distinguishing feature: screen size,” Cybart writes. “Apple wouldn’t reduce the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus by $100 this year, but instead sell a new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus for the same $649 and $749, respectively. The iPhone 6c would be positioned as the device for those who want to spend less money on an iPhone while the iPhone 5s would occupy the ‘free with carrier contract’ bucket.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Cybart seems to assume that the “iPhone 6c” would be a “new” device rather than what most expect, basically an iPhone 5s in a plastic… er, hard-coated polycarbonate case. (A “leak” today suggests either possibility.)

For those who desire a 4-inch iPhone: Would you choose a 4-inch iPhone 6c if it had a current Apple A-series processor and other “iPhone 6s” series specs? Would you still choose it with iPhone 6 series specs? What if it came with iPhone 5s-class specs? Let us know below and in our latest poll (left column on main site or in app menu).

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  1. I had an iPhone 6 for a week – and gave it back. It was way too uncomfortable for me to hold and use it with one hand.
    Scored a sweet deal on an iphone 5s 64GB and am so far not inclined to update this autumn – probably wait another year, so I’d appreciate an iPhone 6S / 7 with 4″ (and at least 64 GB).

    I’m not tiny at 6 feet tall and 190 pounds, but the 5S just feels so much more natural…

    1. @matty
      I had a similar problem for the first 10-14 days with my 6. Not only the size, but the curved edges, was surprisingly enough of a difference that I repeatedly fumbled the phone when taking it out of my pocket. After the 14 day mark, it was no longer a problem. Of course, then I left it in my pocket and put it through a wash cycle…DOH!

  2. Different people have different needs. Not everyone surfs endlessly on their phones and some of those that do are quite content to have a smaller, more compact and portable phone.

    I think the 4″ size is a must and I just hope they put NFC in it for Pay… (Of course, I’m sticking with my 6, but I think there should be a choice- my sister just bought a 5s because the 6 was too big for her…)

    1. 4″ iPhone is ABSOLUTELY a MUST…

      I’m telling you, If they don’t release a new smaller iPhone, Apple HAS NO SHOT at becoming the world’s most valuable company and selling a record number of iPhones and reporting the most profitable quarter in the history of business…

      Oh….. wait..

  3. The 6c needs to be as small as possible — with a screen even as small as 3.5/3.75 inches — with guts as close as possible to the 6.

    As you say, keep the 5s as the ‘free with contract’ model, but make sure that the new, smaller version of the 6 keeps up with the larger models, as best it can given its smaller size.

    The polycarbonate doesn’t bother me since I’ll put an Incipeo cover on it, as I have all four of my previous iPhone models.

    I want a smooth, Incipeo black cover over a small iPhone 6 that I can unobtrusively carry in my left front pant’s pocket.

  4. For me: the original iPhone size is just THE perfect size for my use.
    I’m looking forward that iPhone mini and will buy it as soon obsolescence has doomed my actual 5s.

    1. Agreed. And i’d prefer a metal casing and of a thickness and cured edges of the original – with the spare volume taken by the biggest battery that can be fitted inside

  5. I too returned my 6. It’s simply too wide. The old size was good enough all these years, suddenly customers that prefer are relegated to Apple leftovers? This is ridiculous.

    It needs to Spec out with as current a tech as the new 6 when it comes out.

  6. I like the original 4″ design, it fits in my hand. I don’t like being forced into a two handed phone just to have the better technology. It’s a phone, not a tablet

    1. I have no problems with the size of the iPhone 6, as i tend to have a chest pocket on my shirt or jacket.

      But whoever the idiot was who thought it was a great idea to put the volume controls exactly opposite the power button needs his head examined! Stuuuuuuupid!

    1. Yes, you are so right. Apple is in the habit of butchering everything they touch up. I mean, just look like no one, i mean, nobody, ever, follows their design or hardware type.
      Apple, give it up, you are doomed baby!

    2. The new MacBook as with all of its generations is a base model. 80% of the users will never use more than 10% of its power capabilities. Other than taking away the MagSafe feature that probably saved tens of thousands of laptops from premature death falls, I like most people rarely use any of the ports on my laptop. Desktops are for ports.

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