The 12 best beer apps for iPhone

“Most beer apps are dreadful, because most beer apps are made by people who have recently drunk a bunch of beer,” Dave Infante writes for Yahoo Food.

“Guard your dashboard against the digital scourge of useless suds software, and instead download one/several of these 12 brew-centric iPhone… apps, each of which actually enhances your drinking experience,” Infante writes. “I took these applications for a test-drive over the course of several long, swill-filled weekends, and hereby report that any (or all!) are worthy of any beer-drinker’s bandwidth.”

Infante writes, “Crack a brew, turn on your WiFi, and get you some.”

The 12 best beer apps for iPhone:
Any Beer ABV (free)
• Beer?! (free)
• BeerAdvocate (free)
• BreweryMap ($3.99)
• Elixr (free)
iBeer FREE (guess)
• Next Glass (free)
RateBeer / Beer Buddy ($3.99 each, functionally the same app, it seems)
SipSnapp (free)
TapHunter (free)
Untappd (free)

Read more about each app in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Mmm, Beer. A subject near and dear to our hearts, we already have some of these apps, but certainly look forward to trying out the ones we don’t!


    1. Figuring out what beer to drink actually is an aspect of what these apps are for, but they serve other purposes. They also help beer geeks to catalog the beers they have had, including tasting notes. More importantly, they are useful for finding bars and or breweries (to get said samples) when visiting a city for the first time. The BeerAdvocate app helped me find The Avenue Pub in New Orleans.

      To you point, I agree that sampling is important. But when I am traveling and I go a bottle shop, sampling is rarely an option. I like to try beers I can’t get in my home city and I consult Untappd in that situation.

  1. If you’re habitually drunk all beer tastes like nectar – even the one with urine in it. And the more drunk you get the better it tastes. That’s the great thing about beer and its endless procession of uncritical devotees.

  2. Hmmm… Obviously, Brazilian Banana Beer has not been sipped, gulped or skulled in this crowd…

    Close to motor oil… only come in 1 ltr bottles and it’s always a dare from someone to get you to drink one.

    Hmmm…. Beer – Stella…

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