The effect of Apple Pay on mobile and online stores: Ka-ching!

“According to Tim Cook, Apple Pay is now available through 2,500 credit-card issuers and more than 700,000 brick-and-mortar stores,” Jim Dalrymple reports for Fortune.

“But there’s a whole world of mobile and online retailing that we haven’t heard much about,” Dalrymple reports. “So I made a few calls.”

“Apple Pay has already become the No. 1 payment method at, says Prat Vemana, who runs Staples’ e-commerce business,” Dalrymple reports. “On the website, 30% of all transactions on eligible devices are now completed with Apple Pay and conversions on those devices are up 109%.”

More success stories in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: This thing keeps snowballing! And, just wait until Apple Watch hits the streets! Apple Pay is going to be a lot bigger than most people expected when it was unveiled.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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    1. The analysts claim Apple Pay doesn’t move Apple’s needle enough. But then, again, what does? I don’t think they’re blind but maybe a little impatient and a lot greedy. Apple Pay hasn’t been out that long but yet Wall Street is still griping it’s not expanding fast enough. No one said boo about Google Wallet’s slow growth over three years time but bitch and gripe about Apple Pay not growing fast enough in six months. Go figure. Apple is being judged by different standards than other companies.

    1. Subway, McDonalds, Walgreens, Toys R Us, and a local food market for me. I figure more will come on board when they get their new credit card readers for the chip switchover, but they seem to be taking their sweet time. I haven’t seen one card reader upgraded anywhere I shop. Isn’t the deadline in October? There’s going to be a mad rush come the fall.


    1. The simplest way to make it work would be like this: Use your iPhone to authorize your Mac. Authorization would be held securely by OS X. Then it’s just one-click to buy with Apple Pay. Purchases made this way would show up as notifications on your iPhone, and you can quickly deauthorize the Mac from the phone, if necessary.

      Now, how to do that technically is where Apple’s engineering brilliance would have to come in.


  1. We need it in more stores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am itching to use my apple pay… But not enough mechants around are accepting it yet……
    Come on merchants.. Get on board ..!!!! Hurry !!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Whole Foods
      Save Mart
      Home Depot
      All take it. Any store with an NFC terminal. If they don’t have the tech, always ask them why they don’t take  Pay yet. Repeat that question every time you check out.

      Plus ask management and call corporate HQ of any chain that doesn’t have it. Just called Trader Joe’s today and they said they’re thinking about it and say requests for it are increasing lately. 💥😃👀

  2. While many here have expressed desire for Apple to launch Apple Search to compete with Google, part of “search” includes being able to find products to purchase (and then doing so), which is where Amazon currently leads.

    Apple could do some serious damage to both Google and Amazon by launching a search service that included shopping and that included Apple Pay.

    Products get submitted and listed on individual pages with ratings and reviews, while buying options provide a list of merchants to choose from, all available via Apple Pay.

  3. $176.87 worth of groceries left at register – thought they took Appke Pay and found out NO we don’t ….

    I had no cash or cc do I left the cart and walked out …..

    Manager chased after me and said they would hold while I went home and got cc …. Said ok but never returned!

  4. Still having trouble getting people to set up  Pay. Even my own son refuses to take the minute to set it up on his iPad Air 2. Says he’s too busy. 😩
    Today he could have used  Pay to order his Bumper by Actionproof at Indiegogo, but instead he had to enter and expose all his credit card info which took more time than it would have taken him to set up his  Pay. Makes no sense. 😱😣😡

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