The Dow welcomes Apple, the world’s most valuable company

“When the Dow Jones Industrial Average starts moving today with the opening bell at 9:30 a.m. New York time, it will have a slightly different look,” Paul Vigna reports for The Wall Street Journal.

“Apple Inc. starts trading today as a member of the index, replacing AT&T Inc., and while the high-tech leviathan currently sports a market-cap ($748.3 billion) twice the size of any other company in any other industry, it will have a slightly more modest spot in the price-weighted Dow,” Vigna reports. “After accounting for Visa Inc.’s 4-1 stock split, Apple’s stock, which closed Wednesday at $128.47, will give it the fifth-highest weighting in the index, behind Goldman Sachs Group Inc., 3M Co., IBM Corp., and Boeing Co.”

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    1. I think the only way this drives the price up is if Dow index funds are compelled to buy the stock. But I honestly don’t know how many such funds there are. I thought when it came to index funds, the S&P 500 was more popular.


  1. This is certainly nice to read.

    “Now the index will have another superstar among its cohort.”

    Tim Cook may not have the Jobs charisma on stage but he certainly isn’t a slouch in the overall leadership department.

    Of course the real test for me will be the success of the watch. If it’s a total disaster a total flop, I will have to rethink my position. If the watch sells and begins another disruptive revolution (signs are pointing that way) then…. well I’ve dropped hints but don’t want to spoil the surprise.

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