The ultimate Apple Watch comparison chart – models, bands, colors, cases

“Let me get this out of the way first: I am not a watch guy,” Rob Griffiths writes for The Robservatory. “I own a watch I use for running.

“I am fascinated by this new business Apple’s going into; the sheer number of products and prices is pretty amazing: By my count, Apple will be shipping 38 separate models of watches,” Griffiths writes. “There’s a gallery page at Apple’s site where you can page through all of the watches, and get the details on each specific model. You can also view the watches in the store, where you can find pricing info.”

“Both of these solutions, though, require lots of paging and scrolling to get all the details,” Griffiths writes. “I was curious as to how all the watches compared, so I pulled data from those sources and made one massive spreadsheet.”

There are some interesting facts hidden in all that data:
• The lightest watch isn’t any of the Watch Sport versions. Instead, it’s the Classic Buckle Apple Watch (56 grams), which is a full six grams lighter than the next-lightest watch.
• The heaviest watch—at a whopping 125 grams—is the Apple Watch Stainless Steel link (42mm in either stainless or space black). That may not sound like much, but 125 grams is over four ounces, or to put it another way, it’s like wearing a quarter-pound hamburger on your wrist (weight before cooking, of course). It’s also 2.2x as heavy as the lightest watch.
• Color adds weight: in the Watch Sport category, the bands’ weight varies by color. Black is 37g, then pink (42g), green (43g), blue (44g) and white (47g). So somewhat oddly, to go light, go with black.

The ultimate Apple Watch comparison chart is here.

MacDailyNews Note: With the Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, and Apple Watch Edition, the specific combinations currently seen on Apple’s website are only the pre-stocked combos available for launch.

However, you will be able to custom-build the exact Watch/Band combinations you desire.

When you actually do the calculations, [Apple Watch offers] millions and millions [of combinations]. We’ve always tried to make products that people don’t begrudgingly use but want to use, and I think that the bar for that is very high when it’s something that you wear and it’s something that you’re going to wear all day, every day. — Jony Ive

[Attribution: The Mac Observer. Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]

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  1. > However, you will be able to custom-build the exact Watch/Band combinations you desire.

    Within some “restrictions.” For example, the Sport version probably only allows choices of color for the synthetic band; you can’t match it with a Milanese Loop. Or choose the gold Edition version, and match it with a stainless steel Link Bracelet. This web page seems to show all the possible (allowed) combinations

        1. The bands are available at start of pre-order (April 10). So you can pre-order your band of choice (excluding the few that are exclusive) to go with your Watch of choice. For example, the Sport with the Milanese Loop or the Edition with the Link Bracelet. All bands fit the same and are interchangeable with any Apple Watch model.

          1. You can buy and use additional bands, but I don’t think you’ll be able mix and match so interchangeably when ordering the Apple Watch itself. Otherwise, why would Apple bother to show all those very specific choices on that web page? The choices are comprehensive, yet restrictive. For example, Sport comes with a choice of colorful synthetic bands, but no other choices. What’s shown there are the allowed combinations.

    1. Wait… wait… you can’t combine all bracelets and models? Also did you see how heavy the stainless steel version was? They actually compare it to wearing a 1/4 pounder hamburger on your wrist! This thing is shaping up to be a disaster… It’s not waterproof, heavy as hell (and it looks fat too), have to charge it every night, battery will die in 3 years or less, can’t combine it how you truly want and your iPhone does everything it can do but without you looking like a Dick (Tracy). Oh Apple… stick to what you do best… improving the products that were created under your former, better, CEO: Steve Jobs.

        1. My criticism is not comedy. I am a shareholder and long time consumer and as such I’ve allowed myself the liberty to raise concerns over what the company is churning out. You on the other hand try to stifle dissent with your myopic fanboy rhetoric. Help others not buy into this atrocity and push Apple to do what it does best… Great products and not half baked excuses to try and prove to the world that there is an Apple post-Steve Jobs.

          1. As a shareholder, you should call Tim rather than complain on this forum. If you don’t have enough shares for him to take your call, just sit back and thank your lucky stars that Apple management is smart enough to make money for you!

      1. Shadow: NO watch is waterproof, only water-resistant; for a stated depth and duration of time. No person is forced to select the heaviest possible watch combination. If a particular watch/band combination is too heavy for you pass it by and select a better combination for you. If the technology of an Apple Watch intimidates you, buy a watch brand better suited to you. 😀

        1. Apple Watch has stated that it can withstand incidental water splashes… translation you can’t swim with it. There are watches you can scuba dive with… making them waterproof. I despise people who think they know what Steve Jobs would have thought or said or felt… but would Steve allow a watch to go into the wild under the Apple banner that can’t be used under water? He went for thinness… that can’t be found here… weight… that can’t be found here… ease of use… that can’t be found here ( )… tell me one thing the Apple Watch can do that your iPhone can’t do better? Apple won’t even report Apple Watch sales… the true make or break product for Tim Cook and they won’t even say how many they’re selling?! It appears someone else is intimidated by Apple Watch… Apple itself.

            1. Long ago the claim “waterproof” as applied to watches was made illegal. Waterproof is ambiguous and relative. “Water-resistance” is a defined STANDARD. “Water-resistance” as a claim for watches is allowed, if, depth and duration are stated. Waterproof in normal use, ie, rain. Waterproof when swimming. Waterproof when scuba dining. To what depth? Too many claims for waterproof. One persons waterproof is another persons fail.

              Apple is not making a claim that their watches are intended for scuba diving, just for normal everyday wear.

              Perhaps in the future Apple will produce a watch for scuba diving, if so it will probably be much bulkier, with a much smaller market, probably priced between AW and AWE. 😀

            2. You know what? I researched it and it seems that you may be right. It’s like saying your mother is TECHNICALLY sociable with many anonymous men but LEGALLY she’s a prostitute. I get ya’. ☺

          1. You made some good point there The Shadow. I’ll put in my two cents.

            “Wait… wait… you can’t combine all bracelets and models?” So, how is that an issue?

            Weight of Stainless Steel: There is within the diversity of human kind those what will enjoy the weight of that arrangement. There is a lot of choice here, and along with that comes the tolerance of others to allow them to choose what they would like to wear. Obviously some combinations will be more popular than other and this should expect to shift.

            It’s not waterproof: I can handle that idea for now, but certainly something in the future to consider. This is still in my books a prototype entry disruption and I do expect and anticipate issues, who knows wrist might be a new term. There will be watches ruined by this.

            Have to charge it every night: Yes, well look this is a small wearable computer. It’s an honor to wear one and with such a cutting edge device taking care of it will be essential. Charging it nightly, keeping it dry. Humans can learn and adapt to technology. Blood does not boil at 43 miles per hour.

            Battery will die in 3 years or less: Non issue, battery is replaceable and goodness knows there are a lot of devices out there that follow this process.

            can’t combine it how you truly want: You mean like what precisely, like a pink Power Mac? There are a lot of combinations, have you gone to a store and physically tried them out, looked at them? Proof is in the pudding.

            your iPhone does everything it can do but without you looking like a Dick (Tracy).: Yes, so with the watch you look like Dick Tracy, with an iphone or an android one you look like a pocket fisher person. Big deal, non issue, at least to me.

            Thinness: Compare to what? It’s thin for a smart watch. Again weight, hey it’s going to weigh something, and certainly in the realm of something that can be worn on the wrist.

            The other thing is your constant Jobs comments. If the watch is a total bomb then they will bury it next to the Lisa and move on. You can wax nostalgia all you want about Steve Jobs, but the great man’s vision is to have imparted his psyche’s DNA into the company and part of that is to come up with new designs and new products. It’s a constant improvement. The watch is a quantum leap for Apple. They will learn from it, and from it they will move forward.

            1. Thank you! Actual and fair points against what me and many others are trying to say. I may not agree with everything (it’s all in the eye of the beholder… your options and yes my opinions too). The watch will sell… anything with the world’s most valuable brand on it will sell… but this device is nowhere near where it could have been. But thank you for answering back with actual counterpoints, engaging in open and proper debate and not with visceral, baseless, fanboy talking points.

            2. Apple watches aren’t for sale. Apple is one of the few companies that reports “units sold.” Just about all other corporations report “units shipped.” I’ll leave the reason for the discrepancy to your imagination. 😀

            3. You are welcome, I do hope this helps. The watch is what it is, the would could and should I don’t worry about but I strongly suspect that the process engaged within Apple features a lot of Steve Jobs’ vision. I can see that one issue you brought up (the water resistance) may have undergone quite some reactions with Steve Jobs saying to make it water resistant… or not.

              The device is nowhere near where it could have been is a worthy insight, however the hockey puck mouse is a Steve Job device that went well beyond where it should have been, and in my opinion it should have stayed on the drawing platform, it was a horrid design for a mouse. Yet that is what Apple does and that’s part of what makes them great, and humane.

              It’s not just the products that Apple produces, it’s the process. There are many companies that will copy Apple products, that’s to be expected. The real insightful companies will copy the process, that’s Apple’s real secret sauce. That’s a big part of Steve Jobs’ vision though it is not unique to him.

              Enjoy your weekend.

            4. My Citizen Titanium Ecodrive Chrono is 4.3oz (122g). Their stainless version is MUCH heavier. I wear it every day never feel like I’ve got some kind of boat anchor. Its thickness is probably 30% more than the Apple Watch. There are many watches bigger/heavier than Apple Watch.

      2. My dear chap I suggest you sell your shares now, sell your Macs and your iPhone/iPads and move to M$/android.
        At least then we will not have to read any more of your daft comments about what Steve would/wouldn’t have done.
        After all, with such nutty lines as, “stifle dissent with your myopic fanboy rhetoric…” you’re already sounding like a fandroid.

        The fact that you are a shareholder gives you no right to tell others in a public forum what to think. You hold sway with Apple, not us.

        Get a grip.
        Steve is gone but Apple is the most valuable company in the world.
        In a few months your shares will be up thanks to the Watch.

    2. The Apple Store is fairly self explanatory:

      The base Apple Sport at $349/399 includes both a small/medium and a medium/large sport band in white, blue, green, pink, or black. You cannot *substitute* another band, but you can order an *additional* sports band set for $49; an additional black classic buckle or Milanese loop for $149; or a link bracelet for $449. In the 38mm size, you can order an additional blue, pink, or brown modern buckle for $249. In the 42mm size, you can order an additional stone or blue leather loop for $149. The steel on the Milanese or link might not quite match the aluminum Sport Watch, but they will fit perfectly.

      In the “regular” Apple Watch, the base watch is $549/599, and that includes a white or black sport band (site doesn’t say, but I’m betting that is the same 2-band set as the Sport Watch). If you wish, you can buy any of the *additional* bands listed above for the same prices. You can also buy your watch paired with the black classic buckle for $649/699, which is exactly the same price as buying the watch with the sports band and an extra buckle band. Watches paired with the other bands come with a $50 discount over the watch+extra band price. There are also two Apple Watch bands available only as original equipment— the light brown leather loop and black stainless steel link bracelet. If you want one of these you have to order it with a matching watch.

      The Apple Watch Edition (rose or yellow gold) comes with a white or black sports band for $10000/12000. Any of the additional bands will also fit. If you prefer a unique band, you can order your 42mm yellow gold watch with a matching black or midnight blue classic buckle for $15,000. The yellow gold 38mm can be ordered with a matching bright red modern buckle for $17,000; the rose gold 38mm can be ordered with a rose gray modern buckle, also for $17,000.

      1. Obviously, I can’t do math. The black classic buckle paired with the Apple Watch is $100 more than when paired with the sports band, which is also a $50 discount.

  2. MDN Note quoting Jony Ive…

    > When you actually do the calculations, [Apple Watch offers] millions and millions [of combinations].

    Ive was likely referring to “millions and millions,” including software settings such as the watch face and other personal customizations, not just physical combinations of watch types and band types. Anyone with common sense can do a quick “good enough” ACTUAL calculation in their head to know that the number of physical combinations is NOT “millions” or even thousands; it’s barely hundreds.

    There are 12 types of watches, counting sizes and colors. For bands, there 5 synthetic band colors. I count 12 additional band types shown with the steel watch. And 4 more additional band types shown with the gold watch. Some seem to be available in one size only… In the spirit of “good enough,” I’ll use 20 as the number of band types (NOT distinguishing by size).

    12 (types of watches) X 20 (types of bands) = 240 combinations

    And that’s including combinations that are ridiculous. But including personal software customizations for each user, the possibilities are limitless… 🙂

  3. I do hope some people take the time to decipher water proof vs. water resistant, when it comes to watches.

    Currently it is acceptable that “A watch cannot be completely waterproof because it is made of many different parts”

    There are different water resistant ratings for watches based on atmospheres (1 atmosphere = 101325 Pascals):

    Rating Water-Resistant to Suitable for
    3 ATM 30 meters/100 feet Everyday use. No swimming.
    5 ATM 50 meters/165 feet Short periods of swimming. No diving or snorkeling.
    10 ATM 100 meters/330 feet Swimming and snorkeling.
    20 ATM 200 meters/660 feet High-impact water sports and some diving.
    Diver 150-200 meters/500-660 feet Scuba diving.

    Now to get into real watch waterproofing one could use a bathyscape. The bathyscape Trieste, made it to 10,916 meters (35,813 feet) still a bit short of the depth of the sea floor along the Mariana Trench around 11,034 m (36,200 ft) deep. At this depth the pressure is over 1000 atmosphere, something no watch on it’s own would be able to endure. The Trieste weighed 8 metric tons in water.

    The watch may look like a watch, wears like a watch but it is also a wearable computer and computers, like most electrical devices don’t like water touching the circuitry.

    The take home message: Keep your watch dry.

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