Apple Watch Edition’s 18-karat gold is twice as hard as standard gold

The 18-karat gold developed for Apple Watch Edition is up to twice as hard as standard gold.

Inspired by the inherent beauty of gold, Apple created Apple Watch Edition in 18-karat solid gold.

But, since it’s a soft metal, susceptible to nicks and scratches, Apple’s metallurgists engineered an entirely new alloy that’s up to twice as hard as standard gold.

This allowed Apple to achieve the exact hues of yellow and rose gold that the designers of Apple Watch Edition envisioned, without compromising on durability and, in fact, improving it.

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  1. This new gold is really innovative. . . but I’m surprised the patent application missed including jewelry in the claims. They talk about making cases for electronic devices when it can be applied to jewelry making as well and tie the invention over and patent the process for that purpose as well by adding it to the claims. The mixing of powdered gold and powdered ceramics, powdered sapphire, diamond, silicon carbide (moissanite), and other composite materials and then sintering them in a mould is a brilliant way of making gold and other precious metals into electronic cases AND jewelry. They should nail both down.

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