Apple Watch fails to excite investors, AAPL shares slapped on the wrist

“Investors gave Apple a slap on the wrist Tuesday, a day after the company detailed its upcoming Apple Watch release,” Patrick Seitz reports for Investor’s Business Daily.

“Apple stock was down more than 2% in early afternoon trading on the stock market today,” Seitz reports. “Apple revealed pricing and applications for the Apple Watch, which will launch on April 24 in nine countries, with models ranging from $349 to $17,000.”

“Pacific Crest Securities analyst Andy Hargreaves said the Apple Watch is the world’s best smartwatch, but questioned if the world actually wants smartwatches,” Seitz reports. “‘The Watch’s primary functional value seems to be the convenience of being able to do certain tasks without taking your phone out of your pocket,’ Hargreaves said. ‘This is nice, but does not appear game-changing since people are likely to continue carrying iPhones for the foreseeable future.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yes, Apple Watch allows wearers to do certain tasks without taking their iPhone out of their pocket – thereby saving significant amounts of time during a normal day. Watch and see.

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    1. Clueless!

      Almost without fail, preliminary new product hype sends stocks up and announcements cause short term buyers to take profits.

      What is so unusual about this?

    2. Balderdash. Profit taking merely. The smart money will not stay out for long. When was the last time Apple invested so much for a flop? I will be ordering one as soon as I can, I suspect there are more than a few more million who will too. The world market for this is HUGE. Even if they only sold a couple of million in each country, this will be a smashing success. And the ecosystem grows….

    3. And today . . .

      AAPL = -2.07% [NASDAQ = -1.67% / DJIA = -1.85%]
      NOK = -2.93%
      GOOG = -2.43%
      AMZN = -2.39%
      NFLX = -2.37%
      PCLN = -2.13%
      MSFT = -1.91%

      So, oh-so-wise splatterific, what failures do you see on the horizon for the other companies and indices sampled above today? Troll. Ordure for brains.

      1. Update as of tuesday 3/10/15 close of trading:
        AAPL down 2.06%
        DJIA down 1.77%

        While using a simple reason to explain many complex moves of the market index is seldom accurate, it is fair to say that the announcements on March 9 did not attract a significant amount of new investment to AAPL. Perhaps all the rabid Apple fans pulled out $17k of stock so they could order their new Apple jewelry. If that’s not the case, then all those proposing that the Watch is going to be a massive hit might be overstating reality. The watch is a high priced accessory, and not a necessity. The new MacBook in a relatively high priced fashion-first netbook, again not a necessity. Apple is degrading from a world-class computing company into a fashion house.

    4. Yeah because the stock markets been right so often when it comes to Apple eh Bunkie? Your name bespeaks perfectly your brain’s thought processes and lack of historical perspective.

      JADAH – Just Another Doofus Apple Hater

      Saving you a BIG piece of Humble Pie.

    1. I’m thinking about buying 50 shares, and selling them when I have enough PPOFIT to buy the steel Apple Watch. Probably happen soon after pre-orders start, when Apple announces how many are already “sold” before sales even start.

      The only problem… Once I own AAPL shares, I have a hard time selling. 🙂

  1. Wrong. The Apple Watch hype combined with the stellar performance last quarter plus the unknown factor with the Apple Car rumor resulted in the stock peaking to $133. Then the profit takers jumped in which has driven the stock back down.

    1. Yes, at the moment the Dow is down 1.85% as opposed to Apple’s 1.67%, so they’ve decided to take it out on their non-Apple stocks even more than they’re punishing Apple.

  2. Apple traders or investors are a strange group. If this was any other company that just introduced two new products and one huge initiative which benefits all of mankind their stock would be soaring a minimum of 10 percent.

    In addition, for months and months the investment community wished for Apple to innovate and develop further revenue streams, which is exactly what they have accomplished, but instead of a justly reward the stock gets punished. This reminds me of the reveal in September of 2013 when Apple answered the critics by releasing the less expensive iPhone 5c. The stock got pummeled because the critics complained the 5c wasn’t cheap enough. Then a few months later it was known the 5c was the second best selling smartphone (after the 5s). Now these same losers are complaining the Apple Watch Edition is too expensive, so the stock sells off.

    1. Most of those complaining AppleWatch Edition is too expensive likely weren’t going to buy it at half the price. What’s to complain about? Either they want an AppleWatch or they don’t. Apple actually does have consumers over a barrel as none of the other smartwatches work with an iPhone. I’m only concerned as whether AppleWatch will be useful to me or not. If I needed a Fenix 3 and have to pay $600 for it, I’ll do it. I’m not going to Garmin and start whining how they’re charging too much for their best fitness device.

      All the bitching and griping from the analysts about AppleWatch doesn’t really mean much. We simply have to wait and see the rate of consumer sales when it’s available. Consumers have a different mindset about Apple products than these wankers who think they know everything about tech and consumer buying habits.

      I think today’s stock sell-off was a general market sell-off and not Apple-specific. It’s hardly a blip. I’m hoping Apple will have better than expected iPhone sales this quarter and that will lift the stock back to the $130 mark. I think Apple is doing pretty well. It may not be Icahn’s ideal price but it’s satisfactory from my point of view. There’s still plenty of time for Apple to make more money this year.

  3. It’ll be interesting to see what happens when AAPL becomes part of the DJIA, since all Dow-linked index funds will have to add shares.

    The market was predicted to steeply drop on Monday because of Sian stocks, strong dollar, interest rates increases, blah, blah, blah. It didn’t and no one was held accountable for being wrong. A day later it does drop a little bit, and all the same reasons are given again. Lazy, lazy, lazy ….

  4. Wait… An overpriced wristwatch, whose battery lasts only 3 years, that you have to charge daily, that’s not waterproof, that’s not a stand alone device, whose key benefit seems to be that you won’t have to take your phone out of your pocket (that’s always been such a drag…), with a chubby chassis, that will be obsolete by a substantially better design in a year’s time by a company mired in recent fiascoes (Maps, iPhone 5C, iOS 8.0.1, late/lame roll out of iMacs and MacPros to name a few), who is still riding on the products that were created on its former CEO’s watch (no pun intended), drove down the stock price?! Get out of town…

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