Apple donates over $50 million to diversity efforts

“The stark lack of diversity in Silicon Valley is on the agenda at Apple’s annual shareholder meeting here today,” Jon Swartz reports for USA Today. “And Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook will give Rev. Jesse Jackson the floor before taking questions from investors.”

“n an interview with USA TODAY before his remarks, Jackson offered words of praise for the company, which is donating more than $50 million to non-profit organizations to increase the ranks of women and minorities in Silicon Valley and the tech industry, dominated by white and Asian men,” Swartz reports. “With its donation, Apple will support the Thurgood Marshall College Fund and the National Center for Women and Information Technology to help more women, minorities and veterans find work in tech. ‘The fund is not a cost to the company but value added,’ said Jackson, who vowed to continue to push tech firms to diversify their predominantly white male boards of directors.”

Read more in the full article here.

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    1. No, extremely bad for Apple. Once you pay the race pimp Je$$e, he never leaves. He continues to shake down your company whenever he or his family needs cash, jobs, or press. Rather than live with the fear of a lawsuit, Apple has caved to Je$$e’s demands and bought peace — for a time.

      Sadly, more and more large businesses do things like this to minimize disruptions to their business. They settle out of court; they pay off professional rioters like Je$$e and Sharpton; they sponsor floats in homosexual parades — almost anything, it seems just for some peace. It’s cowardly and far from the entrepreneurial spirit of Silicon Valley.

      Another year, and another bit more of Apple goes rotten.

      1. Responding to “Poster”: I’d like to see documentation and financial analysis of how Apple suffered at the hands of civil rights people.

        Then, I would like to see how Apple benefited from a diverse customer base, a diverse supplier base, good community relations, and just plain talking to people.

        Then, do some more math by comparing the 2 paragraphs.

        Apple has not suffered.


        Then we have the moral issue, which overrides the financial issue. Treating people with kindness is the only way to get real friends. We all can do better in this area.


        Last and not least, take a look in the mirror.

        1. Well good thing they didn’t give him the money then isn’t it?

          He delivered the announcement. He is not affiliated with either of the two groups Apple is funding with this.

          Interesting that folks are so full of hate for Mr. Jackson, they turn the narrative to him rather than discussing the actual organization who will be receiving this money..

    2. No, PUKE. Jesse Jackson is a race baiting huckster. This is not a “good thing for Apple”. If they want to be involved in any sort of diversity, keep that charlatan far away from it. This has zero legitimacy with him involved.

  1. … Jackson said he would address the need for more action this morning at the Apple shareholder meeting.

    “President Obama said in Selma (Ala.) this weekend ‘the march is not yet over,’ ” Jackson is scheduled to say in a statement. “In Silicon Valley, the march for diversity and inclusion is just beginning.” …

    LMFAO. In other words, get used to my face. Now that I’ve successfully extorted you for millions, you can bet I’ll stand here with my hand in your pocket until I get down to the pennies.

    1. Let’s not let facts get in the way of your diatribe now..

      Hate to burst your little farming at the mouth bubble, BUT… Apple didn’t give the money to Jesse, the two organizations listed are not run by him, nor affiliated with him. Apple simply invited him to give the announcement, likely because he is well regarded in minority populations. NOT for shakedown money you dolt.

  2. More “feel good” payouts to a politically correct goal which, in itself, is actually discriminatory.

    Say “no” to discrimination. There is no value in diversity if it handicaps people by virtue of their race, religion or gender.

  3. I am all for equal opportunity and equity, but not diversity quotas. Silicon Valley has historically been a meritocracy- not a nursery.

    Not one person should be denied a shot in higher ed and at good jobs, but they should not be able to keep he job unless they deliver the goods.

    Equity- not equality.

  4. I hope people know that no one in Silicon Valley is sitting at a conference table and saying, “How do we keep minorities and women out of here?” In fact it’s exactly the opposite.

    Grooming people for these kinds of jobs begins at home. Instilling the value of education, particularly math and science education won’t come from $$$$ donations to popular causes. It comes from telling people that education is your best and only way out of bad situations. No one owes you anything.

    1. Correctly spoken. It begins in the home. Yet I have known of parents pulling a gun on a high school coach because they didn’t think their child was getting enough time on the field. Never heard of a math teacher being threatened for not giving enough homework or making the tests too easy. Too many kids have star athlete dreams in the seventh grade and by the end of high school have no sports future, poor grades and no idea of what next.

      The only plan that pays off worse than the plan to be a professional athlete (which is a lot of work, no disrespect to professional athletes) is the plan to be a billionaire college dropout. We know and revere a few, but most college dropouts are not famous.

    1. Religion is the opiate of the masses, or simply: Religion is poison.

      Too many dead humans at the hands of religion, it is used to control, divide, and kill to this day, the sooner we are rid of it, the sooner the human race can move forward.

  5. Discrimination exists, sometimes in multiplicity. I wish my lifetime earnings in science and technology equalled those of my male counterparts. They do not. I am not an activist and do not cry about the injustice to myself, but I must support those who understand the tragedy of American industries de-incentivising those who could have been jewels of innovation but were marginalised or pushed out, to their infinite loss. Where would you all you guys be without Lynn Conway?

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