Who’s ready for an Apple Watch?

“Who’s ready for an Apple Watch?” Jefferson Graham asks for USA Today. “The watch will be previewed Monday at a press event in San Francisco, starting at 1 p.m. ET. Apple CEO Tim Cook is expected to lead the presentation, as he usually does, followed by other Apple execs, and developers who will present apps they’ve created for the watch.”

“The watch, Cook’s first new product category since becoming CEO in 2011, is poised to become Apple’s most expensive product ever. While it starts at $350, few are expected to walk out of the stores paying less than $500 or $600, dressing it up with expensive step-up bands,” Graham reports. “The watch comes in three editions, with the top-of-the-line edition expected to garner anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000, easily dwarfing Apple’s current most expensive product, a tricked out $4,000 Mac Pro computer.”

MacDailyNews Take: A “tricked out” (fully loaded) Mac Pro costs upwards of $14,000. That took roughly 2.3 seconds of “research,” Jefferson.

“The Apple Watch does much of what an iPhone can do — reveal news alerts, incoming texts and e-mails, mapping directions and health information,” Graham reports. “Do we need this on our wrists?”

MacDailyNews Take: An automobile will transport people without the horse. Do we need this on our roads?

Graham reports, “We went out and spoke with consumers this week, and if they’re any indication, Apple has a tough sale. ‘I wouldn’t go out and buy one, but if someone gave it to me I’d wear one,’ says Jennifer Egilson, from British Columbia, Canada.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The lack of imagination possessed by some is depressing. It’s unsurprising that the world is generally a clusterfsck; filled with somnambulant morons, as it is. Normally, we’d get depressed, but not today! Today is Apple Watch Day! Get ready for Apple to yet again change the world! Even the dimmest of bulbs will soon see the light.

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  1. Again with the: The Apple Watch does much of what an iPhone can do.

    It’s not just iPhone junior! It’s not just a tethered little mirror of your iPhone. That was made clear MONTHS AGO! But some people are just too careless to bother doing their homework, as per usual. The pros fork over steaming cow pies while many of we amateurs in the field fork over the four course meal. Kind of something wrong about that.

  2. The tech “analysts” don’t analyze anything. It’s doubtful they even surf the internet, I’d speculate that they use their imagination, but their “reporting is unimaginative. Seems most likely the “analysts” “report” what others tell them to write. 😀

  3. Meh. It’s a beautiful thing, and I’m sure lots of people will get lots of use from it, but I see few advantages to having one. I have a perfectly good mechanical Seiko that I think is beautiful, doesn’t need charging or winding, is as accurate as I could possibly want; it’s currently one minute ten seconds fast over nearly six months, and it cost me what a base model Watch will cost.
    I cannot take phone calls at work, (my phone has to be locked away outside of the secure area I work in), use of any device that can connect to the Internet is banned, so having a watch that alerts me to things I cannot reply to until I finish work is pointless, and there are no other features that I can see that would be of use, with the possible exception of a means for telling me how many miles I walk every day.

  4. I would be interested at $250 Canadian but at $514 the actual price for the 42mm in Canada there is not a hope in hell. I’ll be spending $59 on a new battery for my 6th gen iPod Nano watch with Mickey Mouse face.

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