How Apple Watch will hurt Google’s search business

“Regardless of the way search initially manifests itself on Apple Watch, it is going to make Google Search less and less important,” E. Werner Reschke writes for T-GAAP.

“Google Search, which is the lifeblood of revenue for Google, is a one-size-fits-all approach to finding information,” Reschke writes. “Apple continues to push the envelop, first with Siri, then with OS X Spotlight, to change the search paradigm.”

“If Apple Watch uses Siri or uses some stripped down form of Spotlight, look out Google. Here comes another culture changing, personal device that will not need Google Search to be useful,” Reschke writes. “Apple continues to migrate search away from Google without necessarily going directly at Google. It is clever, but more than that, it is working.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yes, Apple Watch does indeed have Siri. From Apple’s Apple Watch webpages:

Siri. Closer and more useful than ever. Having Siri with you at all times means you can access it that much more quickly and conveniently. And be even more spontaneous with your requests. Simply raise your wrist and say “Hey, Siri,” or press and hold the Digital Crown to dictate messages, get turn-by-turn directions, or stay up to date on your events. You’ll get an instant response to your query… Turn-by-turn. Getting to your destination is much easier with Apple Watch. Just ask Siri for directions and Maps will guide the way.


  1. Don’t worry, Apple will help make up for the loss by paying billions to Google with their new iPhone search deal, the same way they line Scamsung’s pockets.

    1. I hope not. Why would Apple need to pay Google for search? Anyone can set their browser to use any search engine they want. Am I wrong? Apple would be wise to use the number two search engine Bing simply to lessen Google’s ability to sink billions of dollars of R&D into Android OS. As an Apple shareholder, I’m completely against Apple supporting a rival OS platform with that much market share. What does Apple gain from Google at all? Apple can afford to part ways from Google like it did with Adobe.

    2. The Samsung and Google situations are substantially different. Apple has to source a significant number of processors and other components from Samsung in order to produce the iPhones and iPads needed to fulfill demand. Search is a service and, to some degree, Apple can afford to shift to a “lesser brand” in order to promote its strategic objectives, then work to improve the lesser option to make it more competitive. That is exactly the move that Apple took with Apple Maps. And Apple will very likely do something along the same lines with Google Search unless Google gives in completely to Apple’s demands in order to secure a new iOS contract.

        1. I don’t see Apple staying with Google, either. But I suppose that there might be some set of conditions under which Apple might consider it.

          I did not specify money, because Apple has plenty of money and does not manage by the dollar, anyway. That is why I said “Apple demands.”

  2. Then again … it wouldn’t be the first time Apple obsoleted older “solutions” with unexpected twists.

    Writing, spreadsheets, presentations, video and so much more used to be paid apps.

    One could argue Apple is not actually targeting Google. Apple is merely supplying better ways for consumers to access information.

    It is Google which failed to see the need for a hardware based ecosystem to feed its core.

  3. It’s hardly some insurmountable problem for Google. People can just be like, “Hey Siri, open Google.”

    If the Apple Watch didn’t have apps or web access, I could understand this. But realistically, any popular new gadget with web access will probably help Google more than harm it.

    1. Kayan, I agree for now, but as people evolve, which happens even if slowly, they look for faster ways to get what they want.

      Google has always had so many garbaged results that I use mostly other search engines with phrase requests.

      Life is too short to go through 20 or 40 hits for an answer.

    2. You grossly undercount the value of having default search. While many do search through Siri a vast number of iPhone users do not, and their search results are the most prime search territory on the web by a very wide margin. If Google loses this contract and I expect they will, you can expect their search revenue to dive bomb.

  4. Google’s share price has been climbing steadily since last quarter’s missed numbers. I’ve seen no negatives to Google’s price targets. Not Yosemite search, no renewing of Safari’s Google default search or AppleWatch Siri search. Nothing at all is being said that is considered a hindrance to Google Search growth. Since falling below $500 a little over a month ago, Google share price has risen about $100. I’m sure Wall Street believes Google’s wireless business will be far more successful than AppleWatch will ever be.

    1. Yes, and you are aware that one of the worlds largest Hedge funds dumped half their Apple holdings and purchased Microsoft just before Apple skyrocketed and MS dropped?

      I would not put a lot of value in the opinions of Wall Street analysts.

  5. How is having different search results going to mesh with their new Continuity paradigm? I guess you won’t be able to continue a search query between say Siri and Safari. Maybe I misunderstand Continuity and it is just a system that allows you to move ‘work’ between systems as long as it is the same App on the devices you’re performing it on..

  6. I think everyone thought that Apple “going nuclear” on Google was going to be one or two multi-megaton blasts. Instead it has been a whole bunch of smaller tactical nuclear blasts that frighten Google and its allies into stupid knee-jerk responses. Interestingly, the strategy of Apple is to keep things under wraps until they have something ready. The response of the other guys is to telegraph their best FUD products showing Apple exactly what they have in the pipeline. Apple announces; knees jerk; Apple gets to see what the other guys have. Repeat. FD: I’m long AAPL.

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