Barclays: Apple iPhone remains strong; sales likely to top 54 million units this quarter

“Sources in Apple’s supply chain are particularly bullish about iPhone sales to start 2015, leading investment firm Barclays Capital to say that its forecast of 54 million units for the current quarter is a ‘conservative’ estimate,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

At this week’s Mobile World Congress event, Barclays’ analyst Ben A. Reitzes spoke with sources in Apple’s supply chain regarding iPhone.

“The discussions have led Reitzes to conclude that sales of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus ‘remain very strong’ following a blockbuster holiday quarter,” Hughes reports. “Reitzes had previously given a forecast of 54 million units this quarter, but he now thinks that number could be on the low side.”

Hughes reports, “If Apple were to ship 54 million units in the March quarter, it would be a year over year increase of 24 percent.”

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  1. Some of the sales for this quarter is unfulfilled demand from the holiday quarter. So it will be a BIG quarter for iPhone. An ever-increasing number of enthusiastic potential Apple Watch customers, just in time for the Apple Watch launch, including a large percentage of former Android “big phone” users who are brand new to iPhone (so not already in the Apple Watch pool).

    1. For the last several years, if you wanted the latest Apple hardware, there were almost always some constraints during the holiday season.

      It would seem that Apple is attempting to ignore the traditional gangbusters holiday season in order to level their production and train people to buy Apple products in the first quarter …. or perhaps Cook isn’t the “supply chain genius” that MDN made him out to be. After all, Apple still retains Samsung as a critical supplier for most of its products. After all this time, that’s just weird.

  2. Both iPhone 6 models are significantly superior to all previous models. So I expect there are a much higher number of old iPhone owners upgrading this year as well as to the next Fall 2015 6S models. 😜😱😍

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