Apple legal filing adds ‘Vehicles’ to its list of company activities

“Apple has officially added vehicles to the corporate documents describing the company’s activities, at least in Switzerland,” Ben Lovejoy reports for 9to5Mac.

“The company’s lawyers added the following paragraph,” Lovejoy reports, “reports Swiss site ApfelBlog.”

Vehicles; Apparatus for locomotion by land, air or water; electronic hardware components for motor vehicles, rail cars and locomotives, ships and aircraft; Anti-theft devices; Theft alarms for vehicles; Bicycles; Golf carts; Wheelchairs; Air pumps; Motorcycles; Aftermarket parts (after-market parts) and accessories for the aforesaid goods.

Read more in the full article here.

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    1. Or maybe the Bike, Motorcycle, Rail Car, Train, Plane, Ship, Golf Cart, or Wheelchair.

      All coming next year according to Gene Munster.

  1. Apple is clearly going to ACQUIRE Tesla…use the in home battery tech to really accelerate the internet of things idea, and make possible better commuting, and much more. Apple’s vision is TWENTY FIVE YEARS not 2 years. Is this not apparent yet?

    1. It doesn’t seem to be Apple’s m.o. to make big acquisitions like Tesla – it wouldn’t surprise me a bit (if they are making a car) if they grab a bunch of startups, pick off a few key Tesla employees, and make an end run around Tesla. Of course, Tesla is probably not even in Apple’s sights. If they do a car they will be going for the old guard’s throats (ala Microsoft), Tesla is small potatoes.

    2. I really admire Tesla and would LOVE a Model S.

      But, if Apple decides to manufacture vehicles (and this seems to confirm they will), I believe Tesla will end up like Palm. They have a good product, but in the grand scheme of things they won’t be able to compete very long against Apple.

    1. Here comes TrainPlay, PlanePlay, BoatPlay, WheelchairPlay….

      Guess what else, here comes Samsung TrainPlay, Samsung PlanePlay, Samsung BoatPlay, Samsung WheelchairPlay….

    1. Well spotted. Can’t really believe Apple intends to build most of those other things listed which thus doesn’t confirm they will build cars so far just shows that they are becoming a greater area of interest to Apple just formalises what we already know in reality. We can dream.

    2. Good point! Perhaps they are developing a new type of battery, fuel cell or some improved design for energy storage that can be used in any type of vehicle for propulsion?

  2. It actually reads “Vehicles; Apparatus for locomotion”
    It goes on to say “components for motor vehicles” & “accessories”
    I don’t think the wording actually excludes vehicle manufacture.

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