Apple’s next-gen iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus to feature Force Touch

“Apple’s 2015 family of iPhones are expected to adopt features first introduced in other Apple products, such as the dynamic Force Touch input found on the Apple Watch, but won’t include a recently-rumored multi-camera system,” Kasper Jade reports for AppleInsider.

“People familiar with development of Apple’s next-generation handsets — internally codenamed ‘N71’ for the 4.7-inch model and ‘N66’ for the 5.5-inch version — say they’re bound to hit the market under the expected ‘iPhone 6s’ naming convention and retain the same two screen sizes and casing enclosure designs first introduced this past September in the iPhone 6 lineup,” Jade reports. “Those customers clamoring for a return to a smaller iPhone in the 4-inch range won’t hear their cries answered — this year, at least.”

“Instead, those familiar with existing prototypes say Apple’s current plans call for both the new 4.7-inch model (N71) and the 5.5-inch ‘iPhone 6s Plus’ (N66) to gain Force Touch, a capability Apple debuted with the Apple Watch when it was announced in September,” Jade reports. “Apple has called Force Touch its ‘most significant new sensing capability since Multi‑Touch,’ lending some amount of credence to the idea that it could expand beyond the Apple Watch. Such a move could also require a corresponding switch to a flexible display material, however — electrodes surrounding the Apple Watch’s OLED display detect the level of deformation caused by the user’s press, a measurement not possible with rigid displays.”

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MacDailyNews Take: And Android, littered across a veritable junkyard full of disparate devices, will not be able to follow.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. And just like that, UVA has already banned ‘Forced Touch’ from the campus and banished it from the UVA NewSpeak Dictionary.

    Their next move….removing ‘dic’ from ‘dictionary’….

      1. No, you don’t get it…by a long shot.
        But you ARE a part of the problem, and nowhere near the solution.

        Let me help you a bit; Universities like UVA and the people who jump on that train, similar to the Duke rape case, actually do more harm to the real victims by diluting the reality with bullshit scenarios.

  2. Not making a 4 inch iPhone 6 is a mistake. Many people like the smaller form factor. They’re leaving money on the table (maybe in 2016 when the 5s has run its course)…

        1. And just where is my flip iPhone. Flip phones rule and Apple will be doomed if it does not make a small, button filled flip phone. My best buddy at Motorola says so. /s

    1. As much as I like my 6 Plus, I really miss the easier pocketablity of my old iPhone 4. I think when I’ve paid the plus off in two years I will downsize to whatever Apple has available at the time. I now wish I’d gone with the 6 like my wife did. Sometimes I long for the compactness of my ancient Motorola StarTac flipper, pull out antennae and all. 🙂

      1. Ever since my wife got an iPad air 2, she realised that she no longer needs an iPhone and that the perfect solution for her is a very cheap and compact dumb phone which she only uses for texts and voice calls.

        The iPad is always in her bag nearby, either at her side or never further away than the car, while her phone is very small and has a battery that lasts for a week or two between charges. As far as she’s concerned, she now has the best of both worlds.

        1. I bought the first iPad in 2010 and had the AT&T unlimited plan. Thought this was a great companion to my flip phone – think my combined bill was less than $65 a month. Now with the iPhone it’s nearer to $120, so I agree with your logic.

    2. Yes. I’m amongst those people. My actual 5S is already too big. The 4 was just perfect for my use. I’ll keep my 5S (for its touch ID) till Apple brings out a “small” iPhone…

  3. Ambient temperature sensor would also be a nice addition. A few Android devices already have it and it gets mileage. How hard can it be to add one, and how expensive could it be?

    1. Get yourself a Thermodo if you need the temperature that badly from your smartphone. Yes, a few Android smartphones do have temperature sensors but it’s not a fair way of looking at it. There are dozens of Android model smartphones with probably something that the iPhone doesn’t have. I’d think that’s inevitable. Maybe the accuracy levels aren’t quite up to Apple’s specs or maybe those sensors aren’t all that inexpensive to install. Maybe there isn’t that much demand for it. You’d have to ask Apple about that one. If that’s the case, why not an internal smoke or carbon monoxide detector, too.

    2. Why do you need an ambient temperature sensor? There are various weather apps with widget capability that’ll show the temperature for your geolocation, or, let’s face it, just sticking your head out of doors will tell you if it’s hot, cold or average!
      I usually check WeatherPro first thing in the morning as I’m getting up for the weather during the day, just to know what to wear, I don’t need more info than that, temperature-wise.

      1. Ambient temperature sensor can tell you what is the temperature in the room. One simple example that comes to mind is the climate control system (in)efficiency in my office building. We have been continuously complaining to the Facilities Management Division that their HVAC is not working well; some people are simply too hot in their offices, others are too cold. They consistently respond that their thermostats are state-of-the-art, the system is brand new (building just underwent gut-renovation) and all is good. Having an ambient temperature sensor would allow my colleagues and myself to automatically track the temperature at our desks (most of us have iPhones) and show daily/weekly/monthly trends to them.

        I’m sure there are plenty of people with creative ideas how to use ambient temperature sensor in apps.

        In Henry Ford’s time, there were many people who said “I don’t need a car, fast horse does everything I need to do”, but when Model T became widely available, they discovered that they definitely needed a car.

    1. The issue with this news report is that for now Force Touch is integrated with OLED screen. It might not be easy to to move it to less flexible LCD screen for iPhones. So this Force Touch may not come to iPhone this year all.

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