“I was out taking a walk this afternoon. I had my iPhone, and my headphones, and I was listening to music. When I do this, I listen to music in different ways, depending on my mood. Sometimes I pick an album and listen to it in order. Sometimes I shuffle all my songs,” Kirk McElhearn writes for Kirkville. “And sometimes, like today, I shuffle songs until I find one I like, then I create a Genius playlist from it and listen to that.”

“Apple’s Genius examines the music in your iTunes library and compares it with the libraries of others to create playlists of ‘songs that sound great together,'” McElhearn writes. “Essentially, Genius looks to see what you have in common with other music listeners, and crunches numbers to find the songs that will work in a playlist based on what different people have in common.”

McElhearn writes, “If Apple can leverage this technology in it music streaming service, they may have the most personal of all streaming services, giving them a big edge in the market.”

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