U.S. FCC OKs so-called ‘net neutrality’ rules on party-line vote

“Internet service providers like Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile now must act in the ‘public interest’ when providing a mobile connection to your home or phone, under rules approved Thursday by a divided Federal Communications Commission,” Anne Flaherty reports for The Associated Press. “The 3-2 vote was expected to trigger industry lawsuits that could take several years to resolve.”

“Opponents, including many congressional Republicans, said the FCC plan constitutes dangerous government overreach that would eventually drive up consumer costs and discourage industry investment. Republican FCC Commissioners Mike O’Rielly and Ajit Pai, who voted against the plan, alleged that President Barack Obama unfairly used his influence to push through the regulations, calling the plan a ‘half-baked, illogical, internally inconsistent and indefensible document,'” Flaherty reports. “Michael Powell, a former Republican FCC chairman who now runs the National Cable and Telecommunications Association, warned that consumers would almost immediately ‘bear the burden of new taxes and increased costs, and they will likely wait longer for faster and more innovative networks since investment will slow in the face of bureaucratic oversight.'”

“‘Read my lips. More Internet taxes are coming. It’s just a matter of when,'” Commissioner Pai said,” Flaherty reports. “By 2010, the FCC enacted open Internet rules, but the agency’s legal approach was eventually struck down. FCC officials are hoping to erase the legal ambiguity by no longer classifying the Internet as an ‘information service’ but a ‘telecommunications service’ subject to Title II of the 1934 Communications Act. That would dramatically expand regulators’ power over the industry by requiring providers to act in the public’s interest and enabling the FCC to fine companies found to be employing ‘unreasonable’ business practices. The FCC says it won’t apply some sections of Title II, including price controls. That means rates charged to customers for Internet access won’t be subject to preapproval. But the law allows the government to investigate if consumers complain that costs are unfair.”

Read more in the full article here.


      1. It’s the usual unimaginative litany of talking points. You’d think the political pundits and elected officials didn’t have brains.

        Time will tell what’s going to actually happen. But the first step is to let us read the damned thing!… As I further rant below.

        1. The new regulations give the FCC the power to regulate the content of the internet and restrict it to what is “just and reasonable”.

          Do you trust a government to have the ability to enforce that standard?

          Will you think the same way when Ted Cruz has appointed three of the five commissioners?

          1. Are you seriously implying that Ted Cruz should be the next President???

            If so, that’s a whole new level of stupidity that I’ve never seen before on this forum and you should just stop talking now.

            If not, sorry…misunderstood.

    1. Consequences are pure economics. As right now, each telco and cableco has every incentive to improve their network to compete for both business and consumer customers. NN essentially creates a gov sanctioned business collusion environment that none needs to improve their network, yet can still charge the same price. Everyone just offers the same BAD product without fear of loss of customer. As a telco/cableco guy, thank you FCC/Gov, job well done. You make my life easier and save us from any innovative disruptions.

      1. “Congress and the public have the right to review any specific proposal and decide whether or not it constitutes sound policy.” – then-Junior Senator Barack Hussein Obama in 2007

  1. The guy who has destroyed our health care freedom with a law based purely on lies now has ended freedom of speech with an executive order, fitting for the leader of a banana republic.

    1. USA TODAY:
      Q: How will new net neutrality rules affect me?
      A: The rules aim to ensure a high-quality Internet experience for all on home broadband Internet service. The proposed FCC regulations and draft legislation in Congress both aim to ensure that Internet content — be it streaming video, audio or other content — will be treated equally by Internet service providers.
      Without it, your Internet Service Provider(Mediacom, Comcast, Charter) could charge you extra for streaming too much music or video over YouTube, FaceBook, Netflix, etc. If they develope content, they could actually block your access to their competition’s.

      Opponents want Comcast to decide what you can see (unless you pay more).

      1. ” If they develope content, they could actually block your access to their competition’s.”

        NOTE this is WITHOUT the net neutrality rules.

        Net Neutrality actually protects YOUR freedom to access what you want.

        1. If the rules are so good, dispirit, why did the Obama administration refuse to let people read them before implementing them? Idiots like you are how tyrannies happen. Would you let George Bush take over the internet with rules nobody ever read or had a chance to comment on? I forgot, George Bush is not a Marxist.

          1. kent wrote: “If the rules are so good, dispirit, why did the Obama administration refuse to let people read them before implementing them?”

            The president had zero control over that decision. The commissioners of the FCC do NOT report to the president. Just as supreme court judges do not report to the president, despite the fact that each justice has been appointed by a president.

            The presidents request of the FCC that they support Net Neutrality was just a request and absolutely non binding. I’d guess the FCC report was not made public until they had finished the actual wording. Which would seem like a good idea.

            1. More stupidity from Democrat useful idiots. The Chairman was appointed by Obama and has said he talks to him frequently. The votes for the rules that were never made public all came from the Democrat appointees. The Democrats do know how to use phones but then maybe you are truly so stupid you don’t think these political appointees had any conversations with him or had any idea what he wanted. But then you believe too that the IRS senior executives who for years intentionally used the IRS powers to destroy conservative individuals and groups – you believe this person acted without the knowledge of the President, whose favorite book is Rules for Radicals, dedicated to Lucifer.

              You don’t think Obama knew, but you do think the Koch Brothers remotely control all Republicans.

            2. Do you remember how mad you were when Sarah Palin correctly described Obamacare as having death panels? And she nailed what a completely unaccomplished zero he is, with no achievements on his resume? Do you remember how mad you were that she was allowed to tell the truth? That is how mad I am.

            3. Go to the Pulitzer Prize-winning politifact.com and look up Palin.

              Here’s the link for you: politifact.com/personalities/sarah-palin

              First, note that Palin has a “more false than true” record.

              Next, click on her “Pants on Fire” link. You’ll find the Death Panels claim under there. Click it’s link and read the article to educate yourself on the Truth.

              Finally, come back here, realize that most of what you think (re: politics) was fed to you by liars like Palin, Cruz, Fox News, etc, and stop being an angry, ranting, mis-informed idiot.

              For the record, Politifact also tracks the media…Fox has BY FAR the worst record of the major networks.

            4. KaplanMike:Just let him rage until he strokes out. Then the death panels can decide whether or not it’s worthwhile to save him.

              Oh wait-there really aren’t death panels? Guess he’ll be saved by the healthcare that’s available to all thanks to the commie Muslim devil.

            5. DING!

              The FCC reports to CONGRESS…….. wait, they didn’t on NN.

              “The FCC’s new position on net neutrality is not only a monumental shift from chairman Wheeler’s original net neutrality proposal but also a large deviation from the light regulatory touch applied to broadband services since the Clinton administration,”


              Hmmm… Obama wants it changed… Wheeler CHANGES HIS STANCE…… and does NOT report to Congress.

              IF the FCC reported to Congress like they are supposed to do.. The changes would have been known. They did not, and it’s not made public.

              Thats where the problem is.

          1. Here is a name. Obama is a Marxist and he is proud of it. That means his goal is to destroy American capitalism and its best examples, like Apple Computer. And the shareholders who invested in it whose saving Obama now wants to target through
            banking regulations, like his internet theft. Name calling – yes I have names for idiot Democrats who voted for this Marxist piece of excrement. And these same people are very happy to call names – Democrats told jokes about Sarah Palin’s daughter being raped. And they encouraged Bush assassins to get to work. So a few names against the Marxist who just seized full control of the internet, which was working perfectly fine but soon will be a disaster. Like our dying health care system. If it takes names to get imbecile Democrats to wake up and quit spending all their time thinking of new sexual positions with newly named gender creations and spend instead a little time reading up on the Constitution and why if it is not defended then freedom is lost for a long time. But then, you most Democrats only care about their freedom to have sex with animals and to abort living babies even after they are born. I have even more names for the mongoloids who voted for this Muslim Marxist.

      1. I can only hope you will one day engage your brain and do at least some minimal critical thinking about the Marxist you voted for who seizes control of entire industries and national treasures (like the internet) with pure lies and secrecy. And this brilliant man Obama does this without having a single accomplishment on his resume. Not one. Yet his mindless followers stay loyal no matter how awful his actions – like this seizure of the internet and the denial of the citizenry the right to know what the FCC intends to do in advance so it can provide input. That is how our country is supposed to work. But you seem more comfortable with pure dictatorship. I can only hope that one day you actually use the brain God gave you.

        1. Kent – your absolute hatred of all things Democrat, and particularly of Obama, cannot be healthy. It would probably be a good idea for you to get professional medical help before you’re taken physically ill as well as mentally ill.
          You could use your posts from this board to show the doctors just how divorced from reality you are. For example, Obama is clearly not a Marxist (and it’s also clear you have no idea what a Marxist is); he has not seized control of entire industries; the internet is not a national treasure; your point about lies is moot since he didn’t seize control of anything; and he has any number of accomplishments on his resume. And that’s just from your first sentence.

          1. Here is a name. Obama is a Marxist and he is proud of it. That means his goal is to destroy American capitalism and its best examples, like Apple Computer. And the shareholders who invested in it whose saving Obama now wants to target through
            banking regulations, like his internet theft. Name calling – yes I have names for idiot Democrats who voted for this Marxist piece of excrement. And these same people are very happy to call names – Democrats told jokes about Sarah Palin’s daughter being raped. And they encouraged Bush assassins to get to work. So a few names against the Marxist who just seized full control of the internet, which was working perfectly fine but soon will be a disaster. Like our dying health care system. If it takes names to get imbecile Democrats to wake up and quit spending all their time thinking of new sexual positions with newly named gender creations and spend instead a little time reading up on the Constitution and why if it is not defended then freedom is lost for a long time. But then, you most Democrats only care about their freedom to have sex with animals and to abort living babies even after they are born. I have even more names for the mongoloids who voted for this Muslim Marxist.

          2. I do hate Marxist Democrats. If you have ever read a book you might know where Marxism leads – dead people in the streets, misery, despair, poverty, disease, mass starvation. No freedom. That is Cuba. That is what Obama loves. And his internet coup is an act too complicated for feeble liberal minds to take in. They worry about Comcast but don’t give a rats ass about liberty or private property or following the law or even having the opportunity to review “regulations” ( code words for government takeover) before the regulations take effect. Question for you – what kind of regime implements massive regulations with no opportunity for public review? Answer for weak minded Democrats – a dictatorship.

  2. As the folks at Ars Technica report: “This is no more a plan to regulate the Internet than the First Amendment is a plan to regulate free speech.”

    To me, this is nothing but good news.

    1. How would the idiots at ARS know that since nobody has had a chance to review the 350 pages?

      The same guy that is doing this took over the US healthcare system by using about 10 lies to convince the public. Every single major commitment of Obamacare was a pure lie. If a CEO lied about a product the way Obama and all the Democrats lied about Obamacare the private sector CEO would be in jail. The same liar put these rules together and that is why they were kept from the public because this is the least transparent and most dishonest administration in our country’s history.

      1. Clean up your language, show some respect, drop the self righteous contempt, and your arguments may go over a little better. As it is coming across as a profane petulant adolescent does your views no favors.

        1. I will do no such thing. I have contempt for Marxists. We would not have the internet or Apple Computer if not for free market capitalism. And we would not have freedom of speech if not for people who did not tolerate tyrants. Obama is a tyrant and I won’t tolerate him or the useful idiots who know nothing about why America is great but are intent on killing that greatness.

            1. If someone stole your car would you be angry?

              If someone raped your boyfriend (I think I got that one right) would you be angry.

              So, anger is sometimes the right emotion.

            2. Sometimes, yes,’t’s the right emotion, but for you it’s the ONLY emotion you ever display.

              Doing so 100% of the time just makes you seem like an irrational lunatic.

              Perhaps that’s accurate. If not, try being more rational and less angry in your posts and you’ll likely get better responses.

      2. Alright then, kent, let’s go ahead and hear about how your personal health care has suffered since the ACA took effect. Not other people’s anecdotes, let’s hear how YOUR health care experience has been affected.

        1. My healthcare went from costing $400 a month to $1400 a month for me and my wife. Now, you explain to me why you tolerate a President who sold Obamacare based on pure lies? You can’t keep your plan, you don’t save money, the deductibles are now starting at about $10,000, the quality is far worse, there are death panels. All these things were lied about.

          But then the country now is populated with idiots taught in public schools to hate freedom and to think Fidel Castro runs a cool country. Well, idiot, there would be no Apple Computer if Barack Obama and Nancy and Harry had been around at the time of the Founding. They don’t like freedom. They like sheep like you who accept rules about everything from people in Washington who have never accomplished a single thing in life, except ruining things.

          1. You are one crappy shopper. My insurance went from $365 a month to …. $410, with a deductible of $4500. I’m over 60, single and that’s with no ACA rebate and I’m in Texas, where the rates are higher than most. I just looked on the Exchange real quick and if the monthly rates are that high (even for a couple) then the deductibles are less than $1000 and there are NO plans with deductibles as high as $10,000. So I call BULLSHIT.

            And that slight increase in my monthly payment…if that means that tens of millions of people who had NO insurance before now HAVE insurance, that’s a trade I’ll gladly make. because eventually ALL of us will benefit from those folks not having to get their healthcare in Emergency rooms. But I doubt that anyone filled with that much hate and vitriol would give a damn about anyone but yourself. Even if it turns out that you’re cutting off your nose to spite your face. It’s the mindless anger that keeps you going.

        1. You are truly vacuous. You have no clue what is in the 350 pages since the Democrat FCC commissioners refused requests by the Republican commissioners to make the proposed regulations public for a 30 day period prior to the vote. So citizens and other interested parties could have input.

          But Democrats prefer secrecy and force. That is why they are so disgusting.

    1. The idiot posters on this board who are OK with 350 pages that nobody was allowed to read before they were implemented should be OK with Obama taking over Apple computer with a simple executive action.

      He is the most brilliant. And any company that makes $18 billion in one quarter is certainly more evil than Comcast. And it is not fair that Apple has all this money when federally subsidized solar companies are going bankrupt. So, Obama should take over Apple and let Eric Holder and the State Department spokeswomen run it. There is no reason for Apple to be able to steal so much money from working Americans. This will please Oldfatguy and ArnoldZiffel and Locutus. They are cool with government running everything. Let it nationalize Apple.

    2. @84 Mac Guy
      EVERYTHING!! Just like everything else that the Feds decided that they knew better than the people who elected the “Officials” to their jobs did. Money talks, shit walks. That’s always been the case since I was eligible to vote in 1963. How many of you have actually sat down and talked to the “representative” from your district you voted for or, an even a harder task, the Senator that was representing you?? Sure, there are websites for all of them BUT are the people manning those websites REALLY gonna pass on the notes received to the bimbo they are working for? Yeah, just like i thought, what comments agree with their agenda will be forwarded!! I’m glad I am going on 73 in September BUT I fear for the future of my 5 grandkids. . . . . .something all of you elder commentators should really concern yourselves with. “Net Neutrality” has NOTHING to do with the future of your family, to me, it is simply allowing or not allowing the “suppliers” to increase their profits as out (the little guys) expense. I’ve still got great lifetime friends in the UK from about 10 years worth of US Govt. sponsored official business tours who we still keep in constant contact with (all with iDevices). When I ask them about their Internet access most of them come back and say “20mb upload, 60mb download, £10 per month” in a remote North Yorkshire village. Yeah, I know, their Govt. is probably well into supplying it at a reduced cost. If that is the case, why are we getting screwed at our end??

      1. You are right to fear for your grandkids future. Obama and his party love communism. Obama is a student of Marx. They hate capitalism and love government control, as seen in this action today.

        As things stand now your grandchildren, and mine, will be living in a country that resembles Cuba, Soviet Russia, or Cambodia under Pol Pot. Democrat voters are so fucking stupid they will actually vote to have a government that will kill them. We are heading down that road, with a guy nobody bothered to even check out before voting for him. He did not even have to have a record of having done anything before running for President, because Democrats would elect a shit sandwich if it promised them free drugs and sex and free homes and free abortions and free sex changes and free sex change reversals. That is the mentality that is now running our country. And there is no opposition party to this Democrat fascism.

        1. Marxist…”I do not think that word means what you think it means”.
          -Longest stretch of consecutive months of positive job creation in over half a century.
          -Pulled us out of the death spiral of a Great Depression-Part II.
          -Unemployment from over 10% to less than 6%.
          -Stock market from 6600 to 18200.

          Any other President would be considered a paragon of Capitalism for results like that.

          1. Get your head out of your ass.

            Positive job creation and lowering unemployment is easy to do when millions with no jobs just give up looking for work.

            You never have the truly massive unemployed data and you never will with a Democratic Despot behind the wheel.

          2. http://www.usnews.com/opinion/blogs/economic-intelligence/2012/05/29/3-lies-about-jobs-and-the-unemployment-rate


            “Unemployed” are only counted while they are collecting the unemployment check.. Which does NOT last forever. the day they no longer collect the check… they are no longer counted.


            Older article, but not from a right leaning site..
            The published number, isn’t the actual number.

            1. I’m impressed that you’ve held on to those links for MORE THAN TWO AND A HALF YEARS without looking at any more recent data to see if what you are arguing is valid. That’s a serious commitment to blind ideology. But if those of us who live in fact-based reality look at all the data since then, we see that the job market improvements are NOT lies. In fact, it has finally gotten sufficiently better that now, even a large number of the “discouraged workers” are returning to the job market. And a large amount of the reduction in the work force is a matter of baby boomers retiring early. When the largest generation group has a significant # of people leave the job market, it makes a big dent in the # of people “counted”. We call that math and we call that looking at ALL the data, not some “cherry picked” stuff from 2 ½ years ago.

            2. “Simple search” for a simple mind. If you were REALLY interested in the truth and the facts, you would look at ALL the data (instead of cherry picking a single data point) and would have seen that the U6 rate peaked at about 17% in late 2009 and has been coming down steadily since, just like the U3 rate, which is more commonly used as the “official” number by every administration. So whichever measure you use, improvement has been dramatic, by any economic standard.

              And if you had any experience and/or understanding of these numbers, you would know that the U6 is ALWAYS 50% to 100% higher than the U3 number for obvious reasons. There are still a lot of “discouraged workers out there, but a lot less than back in 2009. The numbers don’t lie, or obfuscate, like you.

  3. Click to access DOC-331869A1.pdf

    Face it, GOP people. If this were a Republican FCC, it’d give the keys over to the telecoms. This regulation will forbid that. You can fight that, and I’m sure you will, in order to give more to our overlords. After all, we need what they trickle. Give the big dog the steak, and let him share with the little dogs. Right.

    1. I would certainly rather be at the mercy of many companies who offered choice (do you even know that Apple is a private company) than at the mercy of the Obama administration that lies about every single thing it does. If a private sector CEO lied as Obama did about “if you like your plan you can keep your plan and you will save $2500 a year and it will save the country money” the private CEO would be in jail, where the Marxist Obama should be.

          1. I once knew a person named Kurt. He was an asshole, almost as hateful and illogical as our wayward partisan water carrier Kent on this forum. Therefore, since your name is Kent, I shall reject you and everything you say.

            See how stupid your logic is when it is turned against you?

            1. I know this board has a lot of Marxists on it. And a strong crowd of pedophiles and Muslims. Like Mike. These people rationally like Obama. He is after all a Muslim, he likes young boys, and he is a Marxist.

      1. Apple is a publicly traded corporation, and I have dozens of alternatives if I decide not to use APPLE PRODUCTS> the same is not true for cable. My choices are Comcast, Comcast, and Comcast

  4. Imagine the roads in your town were paved, maintained, and owned by a giant corporation we’ll call RoadCorp.
    RoadCorp also owns several shopping malls, including the one in your town – TownMall.

    TownMall is nice. RoadCorp built awesome 8-lane highways with no stoplights, and all sorts of expressways and bypasses. You can get to TownMall super quick.

    But today you want to visit another little stripmall. Sadly, the only way to get to this stripmall involves a 2 lane road full of potholes, with 18 stoplights and a tollbooth at the end.

    Doesn’t seem fair. RoadCorp has an incentive to make sure you can get to their mall, but they don’t want to waste resources making sure you can get to other malls.


    Change “roads” to “the internet”, change ROADCORP to COMCAST, and malls to “content creators” and you have exactly the problem that the FCC is trying to prevent.

    COMCAST owns several content creators, NBC for example. Yet they charged netflix money to ensure that netflix streaming content made it to your house just as fast as NBC content.

    1. Very nicely stated Artist. Also might point out that during that time (since 2000) when the internet was “unregulated”, we went from (worldwide) 10th place in broadband speed to 16th. Where’s all that “market-driven internet investment” that was supposed to happen? Companies like Comcast have monopoly power and are NOT market driven. This is why the other ruling, allowing local municipalities to create their own networks, is almost as important. We might actually see REAL competition.

      I’ve iCal’ed all these doom and gloom forecasts from all these Comcast-lovin’, Obama-deranged fools. They’ll turn out to be just as delusional as all the ACA forecasts. Where’s the “death panels”, “skyrocketing healthcare costs” and “fewer people insured”? Crickets.

      1. Your analogy is fallacious. First of all, Internet providers exist in a competitive environment. They can only charge what the market will bear.

        You represent RoadCorp as a monopoly which means it can charge prices irrespective of the market.

        The fact of the matter is, the reason why we have it so good right now is that companies can make big investments in infrastructure with the potential to generate a return.

        Even if your analogy did apply and you didn’t allow RoadCorp to build better roads to its own mall, do you think it would invest capital to build better roads to another mall?

        No it wouldn’t, everyone would be stuck on crappy roads instead of a large number of wide roads and a few narrow roads. And lots of congestion.

        That’s what you get from Europe now.

        The problem with liberalism is that it doesn’t understand laws of basic economics that nothing is free. And the more you socialize something, the less of it you get. I know. I grew up in a country with these socialist ideals and things just got worse and more expensive instead of better and cheaper.

        1. “Competitive environment”? Over 30% of Americans have only ONE ISP choice. And Comcast wants to merge with Time Warner? Where’s the “competition”? And as I said above, in the previous 14 years of “unregulated internet” we went from 10th in the world in broadband speed to 16th. What YOU don’t understand is the difference between open markets and monopoly, even when it’s staring you in the face.

          1. For 30% of America there is probably not enough ROI to have a second wired (cable or fiber) ISP, even thought they most likely still have DSL, satellite and LTE to choose from.

            I know, you will argue the last three are not viable, even though they are more than likely faster than the hard-line service offered just 5 years ago.

            Nevermind then. Anyone who spews rankings that have no population-density equivalence doesn’t understand how broadband works or how competition is keeping each level of service looking to the future for faster and more reliable delivery.

            Oh, well. For most on the left, it’s all about “how fast can you serve ME NOW!!!???”

    2. Suppose you had a communication system that was wide open worked extremely well. Then a guy came along who had never done anything honest in his life and he had 350 pages that he said would improve this communication system. You said to him, “let me read what is in the document”. And this guy, who just recently destroyed an entire national health system, said, “no, I can’t let you read what is in here. You are not smart enough to digest our plans due to their brilliance. My health care guru, Jon Gruber, in fact told me you were stupid”. So, you decided given his track record of failure and lying that you would give him a chance to take over the communication network. The next day you received a bill for $100 for next months internet from the government.

  5. You guys are drinking the Kool Aid. If this was such a good thing, why not release the proposed rules and allow for public comment?

    Obamacare is a perfect example of passing something before everyone got to see what was in it, has internal inconsistencies (42 waivers, delays), adds new taxes and costs and made a bad situation worse for the people who have to use it (over 50% who got subsidies will have to pay back some of it) and the high deductibles.

    We could have just covered more poor people under Medicare for a lot less money and fixed the rest of the system with a bipartisan approach that is patient centered – not drug company centered.

    This FCC ruling is another perfect example of an opaque Presidency that does not know how to negotiate and compromise to get stuff passed but prefers brinkmanship and continual overreach.

    The batting average for this Admin before the Supreme Court has been laughable and I expect that this will be another ruling that gets tossed in the dustbin of federal overreach.

  6. We know exactly what the ‘Republicans’ are going to spew. All is evident above. But we also know that many ‘Democrats’ love to regulate beyond the point of sanity.

    What I want is the damned 322 page document we We The People can actually SEE what the FCC approved today! That it has still even after the vote, NOT been published is pure oligarchy behavior. FSCK THAT! Hand it over Mr. Wheeler! DAMMIT!

    (Hopefully it’s in our hands by the time you read this).

    1. Derek – the Republicans agreed with you. The two Republican commissioners voted against this. They also requested that the Commission publish these a month before the vote so the citizen and user community could review these and comment. The Obama Chairman shot this down.

      All Democrat appointees voted for this 332 page mystery document.

      I assume you are a Democrat. Your party believes in secrecy and issuing commands. Maybe you should re-evaluate your affiliations since you seem to be someone who prizes their freedom. I don’t find that characteristic in any Democrats I encounter.

      1. ‘Assume makes an ass of U and ME.’ I don’t play on the 1 dimensional political scale. I don’t think left vs right. I think as sanely and practically as possible while pointing out that both Republicans AND Democrats are now worthless, corrupt relics. These days I am entirely pro-third parties.

  7. MDN posited it did not know exactly how things should be done until recently when the “so called” popped up in story after story. Also the emphasis on the party line vote- something that happened frequently when industry butt boy Michael Powell was head of the Bush Era FCC, just the other way.

    Where is the editorial from MDN stating what they think should be or have been done? It is easy to criticize, but the ISPs brought this on themselves.

  8. I really beginning to wonder if Kent is really just putting all of us on.

    His statements are so off the wall, so extreme and illogical, that it would be far easier to believe that he’s just some troll enjoying seeing us all hot and bothered.

    Someone who doesn’t believe a word he’s saying. Perhaps he’s really a democrat just trying to give the wingnuts a bad name? If so he’s probably succeeded

  9. MRC reports two groups (Soros’ Open Society and The Ford Foundation) donated in excess of 195 millions to pro-net neutrality groups to buy FCC regulation of the internet.

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