Apple’s stock in danger of back-to-back losses for first time in nearly six weeks

“Apple Inc.’s stock was down 1.3% in morning trade, putting it on track to suffer back-to-back losses for the first time in nearly six week,” Tomi Kilgore reports for MarketWatch.

“Apple’s stock has now lost 1.9% since closing a record high of $133 on Monday,” Kilgore reports. “The last time it fell for at least two straight sessions was when it declined 3.8% during a three-day losing streak ending Jan. 16.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Overreaction to recent events (see related articles below) that the average mom and pop investor does not fully understand and neither of which will negatively affect Apple in the long run.

Profit from the ignorance of the flock.

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    1. True. My AAPL shares lost some of their great gains. So, I picked up another 700 shares at $128.85. Tuff day. Going to have to hold off a few more days until it hits my $147.94 target price. I will sell some as it goes higher to diversify my over invested Apple holdings. For now, AAPL investments are doing great!

  1. No ascending stock will ever rise without a pause to rest. This is natural, this is expected. And in a sense, such occasional pauses are welcome because if the stock were to continue upward at a very high rate, it might well be setting itself up for a big drop at some point, and that would scare investors. By setting highs as Apple has done in the past few weeks, it has created a new resistance point. If it consolidates below that point for a period of weeks or months, then the next move to the upside will likely be strong.

  2. 2 days seems a realistic period upon which to make long term judgement about things. Why not judge it on an hours trading? I’m sure there are two consecutive hours when it went down.

  3. Six weeks ago, AAPL was at 109.80, now it’s at 131.0. It takes some very tortured logic to characterize anything about this as a “loss” or “danger.”

    If you take yours eye off the the minute-by-minute or day-by-day trader bullshit, and instead look at AAPL from any perspective relevant to an investor, the trend is overwhelmingly positive with AAPL.

  4. This is not news! Stocks do not go only in one direction – they go up and down on a daily basis. The general direction is the important thing.

    Perhaps we are in for a consolidation for a while. It could be for a few days or for some weeks.

    Normal – especially after repeated new highs. No big deal!

  5. Look at AAPL growth for 1 yr, 2yrs., or 5yrs. Then, go sell it
    on a headline targeted at shorties. There is always one.
    Anyone who sells on a headline should not be an investor.
    You can always expect some profit taking after a run-up based upon no real story or fact. Apple can dream much bigger than making a car and competing with dozens of experienced name brands unless it has hydrogen tech or something major up its sleeve. Noone has really captured the living room or China yet, so I think Apple has its focus there and will keep it. Even if the stock were to tank, the cash reserve keeps them sustained for a long, long time. Just look at M$…they haven’t done anything major in years now and are still forking out that dividend and sustaining themselves. Apple can sustain themselves tenfold with their cash and brand. I’m staying with AAPL longterm as always.

  6. Come on folks….. After such huge run its only 2 days of correction/ profit taking! Expect more..
    Its healty .. Its good ! Otherwise it may leed into huge instability!

    Slow and relatively steady is a good thing !

    All this sensationalized headlines and articles are either nonsense cry wolf or manipulation !

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